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  1. No need to patronise me. I have been following this and Microsoft have released numerous videos and statements hyping up backwards compatibility only to let us all down. I only hype things based on what I have seen, and I saw various videos and statements from Microsoft concerning backward compatibility evidently exaggerating on how good it was going to be and in the process releasing things such as a voting system to get people hyped. Microsoft did that and fooled people in my view. Also how can you say they never made profit from this? Like I said they marketed backward compatibility as a prime selling point for the console and hyped it up through videos, voting system, etc, and there’s no doubt many would have got an xbox due to it and there’s also no doubt that they too are let down. It's not that surprising, we live in a world where profit is put over people everywhere. There’s no doubt that the developers are only holding back the games due to them having profit in mind. And the guy in charge of this did say to major nelson in one of the update videos that there was going to be multiple games coming each week. To me it’s just been a complete let down and if people don’t complain then nothing will happen. The gaming industry has been ravaged by corporations and developers that don’t care for the gamers they just care about making profit at the expense of the gamer and this is just another example of it in my view.
  2. They promoted it too much then. I remember a few months back they said they were going to be releasing multiple games evey week. What happened? What was the point of that voting system when most of the games people want aren't even available? This isn't a case of just people over-hyping things, they are the ones who over-hyped this and used it as a selling point for the console and marketed it as though it was going to be something which it clearly isn't. What is happening here is another clear case of profit over people once again.
  3. True, they hyped up this backwards compatibility way too much
  4. I hope that this isn't going in the direction it sems to be. Rather than just release the games and make them backwards compaitible it looks like they are being awkward about it and trying to profit before thinking about releasing the games. Why do you think it's taking so long to release the games we all want and have been voting for? Profit over what people want. The disease of Capitalism strikes again and it's infecting everything.
  5. Metro Redux 9.5/10 Really good games full of atmosphere. Love the books too.
  6. Yeah, this sale is horrible. It looks even more pathetic when you compare it to steam sales too.
  7. Well i'm enjoying it and I have played the older games. It is a shame how they removed the single player elements from R6 but this game can get really intense and no other game has done that for me in quite a long time. There are all sorts of tactical approaches you can utilise with your teammates and there is quite a lot of depth there. It seems like the general consensus is that overall people are enjoying the game. If you look on the steam user reviews for the game you'll see that and most of the reviews are positive and the negative ones are mainly there because of the connection errors and such not for the actual gameplay.
  8. True although i'm not having that many problems. Good thing the game is one of the best tactical shooters out there so that makes up for it.
  9. Sometimes it has not let me choose my operator either. It doesn't do it consistently though.
  10. Such a shitty car. It handles like a fucking hovercraft.
  11. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/images/avatars/Misc/misc-05.jpg
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I've looked into the online aspect of the game and i'm quite disappointed. Considering that the game is short I was hoping for a good online system but it doesn't really look that way unfortunately. Yeah, I will most likely be renting the game now considering I have already completed what seems almost three quarters of the game in just the 10 hour trial haha. I did have fun in those 10 hours though, but there's definitely room for improvement.
  13. The way I got it was I had to buy upgrades for suspension,tyres,etc and the upgrades allowed me to move the sliders literally all the way to the left or right. If you haven't bought the items it won't let you move the slider all the way across. I just moved the very top slider all the way to drift and that was enough.
  14. Hello I have just finished the 10 hour EA Access trial for this game. I feel as though I progressed a lot in those 10 hours. I didn't really free roam I just kept teleporting to the missions for the different crew members and have already finished the sprint missions and I think i'm close to the end for some of the others too. I'm surprised at how fast you can progress in the game to be honest. I managed to get up to rank 37 and got 435/1000G for it. Although I wasn't really going for achievements just by looking at the list it looks like you would get all of them just by completing the game so it looks like it would be an easy completion. Anyway here are my positives and negitives for the game: Positives: - The graphics/art style of the game look really nice. It really reminds me of the Underground games. - The drifting is good and I like all the tuning options available for it aswell as the car performance upgrades. - The car visual customisation what's actually there is good and you can make cars look really nice. - The cars sound great. - Easy gamerscore (Perhaps too easy ) Negatives: - Always online. Due to this you can't pause the game which is frustrating. - EA servers sometimes kicked me from the game. - Framerate drops. I was getting fps drops every now and then. - I feel as though there could be more cusomisation options available. There doesn't seem to be much choice for things like spoilers, side-skirts, front & rear bumber modifications, etc. There was more customisation options in the older games(Underground 1&2, Most Wanted, etc.) Also no neon lights? - No drag racing? - There should be more circuit racing. It seems like there is more of an emphasis on time trials and drifting here and while they are good i'd have liked to have seen more circuit races. - The soundtrack could be better. All I heard was generic DnB. - Crew members constantly ringing you up can get a bit annoying - The police are pitiful(Then again this could be either a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about them. I felt as though they could have been implemented better). As for the story and cutscenes I feel indifferent towards it. I feel as though it could be better and less cheesy but then again it does add immersion so there are both positives and negatives there. Also I haven't even managed to look into the online aspect much yet but I hope it is made simple so you can just join a lobby of whatever type of race you want and then just race. So far i'd give the game an 8/10. It's a big improvement on Rivals in my opinion. What does everyone else think? Cheers mates
  15. "Connection Lost - The connection to the EA Servers has been lost or cannot be established. Please check your internet connection or try again later." -_-
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