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  1. I'm looking for a partner to do the Still Alive achievement with. It's the only one I have left and my only partner for the game got rid of his copy before we could sit down and do it. I'll help with any other Portal 2 related achievements you need. Leave a message. GT: Kuroi Shichi (space inbetween) Thanks in advance!
  2. Looking to boost all Online Achievements Will be online all day today. GT: Kuroi Shichi (case-sensitive, and space between the first name and second) Please PM explaining what it's for.
  3. Looking to boost 3-Fer. Will return any achievement in this game. GT: Kuroi Shichi (space between) I'll be on pretty much all day.
  4. >> Wow, it's been almost a year and still no patch. I wish I would've know about this a month ago when I got this game. I sent an email and I'm calling myself to try and get any additional information and maybe a refund. This is ridiculous. It's a fun game, but have 224/225; 180/200 and 19/20 makes me annoyed... A completion that's never to be... I wish Microsoft could just pop this achievement for us, so we could get our completion...
  5. Actually, the opening scene doesn't count against you. It's actually something simpler, more common, and very likely. First off, I have the actual strategy guide. And it has a section dedicated to the Pacifist achievement. If you hacked any turrets or sentries, and they killed an enemy, that counts against you for the Pacifist Achievement! The only exceptions to kills are the opening scene, the bosses, and any robotic enemies. It's a little annoying but that's probably what happened to everyone who didn't get it. Hope this clears things up
  6. I have completed this game on my phone and it even shows up as 10/10 and 50/50 on my Xbox Live phone hub. But on my Xbox dashboard, it only shows me with 45/50 and 9/10, which is weird. Does anyone know how/why this happens? And if so, what is the fix?
  7. Epicly awesome flyer! I had always been on the threshold of 185,000 (my personal high score was 183,700...) But once he was doing the flying, it just pushed it WAY over the edge. By the end of the fourth level, I was over 135,000. Epic. Unlocked it by the end of the fifth level. Epic, epic, epic! I owe this guy an achievement, to be sure. Final score total: 278, 940 (56th OVERALL on the leaderboards) Epic help. Thanks a lot!
  8. Bomberlamb Best place for this is 6-2. You can move one of the bigger explosions (brighter colored bomb block) and it'll cause a chain reaction, which will count. If put in the middle of a set of five, and it'll go up three and down three, for a max of 25. There's a spot with only immovable heavy ones, and if you move it, then jump on it, it'll give you the achievement, no problem.
  9. I'd like to point out a few good areas for certain achievements: You don't have to go home... You can actually get this on Day 5, if you talk to everyone and your friends leave. The achievement will unlock when it's just you, Boss and Erica. Push It To the Limit! Anytime there are five in a row, it's easy, but Level 5-2 (Quadrangle) has several places for this. Have an Ice Day Any of the level 5 areas are good, but there's a nice spot on 5-2 where it's already set-up for you. All you have to do is pull it once, and go to the other side and push it. It's at the bottom level. I Can Fly! This can be done on the first level you get these (5-1, I think). It doesn't have to be the same one, just bounce on three different springs in rapid enough succession. In fact, I tried to bounce three times on the same one (make sure you face away from the ice blocks it'll force you to grab) and it didn't unlock until I jumped onto another one. Take Your Time Any level with moveable heavy blocks, makes this doable, but the beginning of 5-2 has an easy place for this, just pull it out once, then back and forth 9 times, and Achievement Unlocked. Hope these helped!!
  10. This guy was amusing. Can't wait for the morning, to pick it up~
  11. I need this achievement and am willing to help. GT: Kuroi Shichi (yes there is a space) Thanks in advance to any help~
  12. EDIT: Problem solved. Apparently the coding won't let you have two controllers on at the same time. Yes, even if you are on one account and have a guitar plugged in (the issue) It won't let you even CREATE a new save file.
  13. I need the viral achievement, if anyone is willing to help with that. And help with any other achievement you're willing to help with. I will return the favor in this game/any other game in my library. FR or message! GT: Kuroi Shichi (space in between two names)
  14. Looking to boost the online stuff for Army of Two before the servers closed. Willing to boost in return. Any and all are appreciated. GT: Kuroi Shichi (space in between)
  15. Need... A lot~ Willing to help with whatever anyone else needs (and not just this game~) On a lot tomorrow. (Random times) Send me a message and FR to play! GT: Kuroi Shichi
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