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  1. Looking to play halo 2 or halo 4 on legendary and get all skulls and terminals.
  2. Looking to get halo 4 legendary done or halo 1 laso. I'm willing to try halo 4 laso as well. GT: Dannnnn_the_man (5 n's)
  3. Looking to run through halo 1 and 2 on legendary, experienced halo player. GT: Dannnnn the man (5 n's in dan) I'll be on most of today.
  4. Just logged onto halo 4 to get to my 130 and instantly it popped 4 for 110. 2000g's w00t!
  5. Ya this took me about 20 tries or so on the newest update. It was certainly challenging and annoying. A queen will barely do any damage and then you get 3 hit by the little xenos. And when they get close it moves you camera and screws you up. You gotta get a little lucky with chaining it.
  6. You'll have better luck if you go into the achievement trading thread at the top of this sub forum. Goodluck mate <3 I'm trying to finish all of them as well. I just need 1 achievement in halo wars, and need to finish halo 1 ann. and for the god dam halo 4 achievements to not be glitched.
  7. The sad thing is that i'd love to play this playlist and finish off my achievements. But the rest of the achievements are glitched for me....so please 343...fix the god dam achievements. People have been waiting for monthes and monthes now.
  8. Bud take a second before instantly posting and look at the other threads, there is threads made for this. Jesus...
  9. I generally hate doing this type of stuff but i really just want to finish the game. I realize though this petition has little chance in doing anything but i will sign anyways.
  10. Don't know but i ended up buying the game and have gotten a lot of the achievements done. If you would like to boost with me we can do that.
  11. still looking to boost, i sent a friend request to you to. Vicks it said your list was full though.
  12. Havn't played the game yet, love halo and willing to play legendary or do whatever with anyone. Campaign or online boosting! Im down. Gamertag: Dannnnn_the_man (5n's in dan)
  13. Just wondering if i can get this game and play the online and get the achievements.
  14. Character: Sam B. Looking for 4 player quest achievement. Gamertag: Dannnnn_the_man
  15. Looking for a group to get most of the castle achievements. Gamertag: Dannnnn_the_man
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