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  1. Like I said, i stopped playing after finding out that you can't concede properly. Better to just play real magic on MTGO instead.
  2. Well that stinks, I always quit when I'm losing. Why waste time, you know? After reading this I'll probably just won't play anymore at all.
  3. This game is the worst dotp-game yet, and it's just not the pay 2 win-model. It lacks fun multiplayer modes, challenges and the card pool is just embarrassing. I'm quite dissapointed and I have every right to be. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the game, but that's just because I love magic enough to overlook all these mistakes.
  4. Can't really expect more from a $20-game to be honest. Plus, nobody ever cared about graphics in Trials.
  5. I've made a Rager montage, it won't help you with achievement but I hope it can entertain someone. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi5ShfNaXS0]Gears of War Judgement - Rager Breechshot Overrun montage - YouTube[/ame]
  6. They do! You get 4x XP with tickets + VIP.
  7. Baird is so frustrating to play against, his turret is too overpowered and takes no skill what so ever to get kills with. Spamming Booshkas with Cole is pretty much the same deal. So those are the 2 I'm using until they nerf it Rager is the most fun to play on the locust, I love just hanging in the back popping heads.
  8. I got the VIP-pass and bought some double XP tickets, that gives 4x XP on the VIP-playlists. It really helps out but leveling to 50 still takes like 8-10 hours playing overrun for me. I'm voting 8/10 because of the superstar achievement, I'm done with the first two chapters on insane and I've missed 3 stars on 3 parts. That's even after some co-op replaying.
  9. Pretty sure they won't get any ribbons, but it seems that their executions, headshots and gibs fills your stars faster. I can't say for sure though, it's just the impression I get (GIB, EXECUTION, HEADSHOT will show up below the starbar whenever a bot does any of it.). And since I've been getting 3 stars on a couple of missions without doing anything but shooting a few enemies with my lancer while the bots go ape shit with gnashers, I would assume it counts.
  10. It seems that you can die and restart checkpoints AND take as long as you need to complete the parts* without it affecting your star rating but as stated, going down but not out will deplete your stars. *Except for when the declassified mission requires you to complete a part within a certain time limit.
  11. Yes, this is all true. All players are gonna have to be on insane in order to get onyx stars. Remember that the bots are allowed to go DBNO and it won't affect your star rating as well. Gotta just abuse those bots as much as you can, they can take a lot of hits before going down and they often do executions and gibs to help with the stars. I don't think it's a good idea to play more than 2 people on insane because of this, unless someone finds another path to victory. I've played chapter 1-2 on solo insane and up to about half the 2nd chapter on duo and some of the parts where easier solo and some was easier duo. I rather just play co-op though, gets so tedious to go solo. Oh, and 3 stars on insane is far from a guarentee, so make sure to stack those ribbons, gibs, executions and headshots!
  12. Public Survival is set to Hardcore by default, and yes, it is a dumb move. Even casual would probably pose a challenge in public.
  13. There are 126 stars to earn in the game so you will get 40 pretty fast. No worries.
  14. It's ridiculous that the public survival is set to Hardcore difficulty, that's just way too hard to complete with randoms and without proper teamwork. Highest I ever got was 8, and that's like halfway to beating 10.
  15. Current event: Domination with Breechshots and Spot Grenades. Edit: A bit glitchy, seems that you can still play with the Gnasher. Counts towards War Supporter though, 1/5 to bronze.
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