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  1. Looking for a partner to do the insane run and other co-op campaign achievements this coming week. GT: LanEvoIX Thanks,
  2. Thanks, just got it. I could swear I've done specials over it multiple times, because that's one of the spots marked on the map. But this time it counted, thankfully, it was driving me insane! Many thanks!
  3. Hi, Could somebody please point me to where in the level the giant grate is? I've been looking for hours, can't for the life of me find it. That's the last goal I need to complete the career. There's this video that helped me find valve #2 that I was missing, but it doesn't seem to include any giant grate in it. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UczrWpZwN-c]Tony Hawk's Skateboarding Walkthrough - Downhill Jam [HD] - YouTube[/ame] Many thanks,
  4. Great guide, thanks. Followed it very closely and all achievements unlocked when they should. Don't know why so many people had trouble, can only assume they overlooked something, or maybe didn't finish the level properly. Anyway, hope y'all have it sorted out by now. Yes there are a few typos and wrong collectible descriptions here and there, the formatting could have been better too, but the accuracy and shortness of the descriptions are commendable. Many thanks.
  5. Just bought on the GoD sale, very cool game. It's a little annoying having to run several times each competition to get every collectible, but otherwise having a great time. Definitely worth 400msp. I realize it's a very old topic, but opinion might help people on the fence about getting on the sale.
  6. Hi, just unlocked this, the last one of the Ryo's records I needed. I also used the Supra level 2 + plus body aero, no tune, casual. But it was not even close to being easy. Took me several attempts, and had to do a damn perfect run to be able to get it. So many near misses, it was an extremely tense race =D Thanks for the tips!
  7. I've been wasting so much time driving around looking for vehicles, stopping at gun shops to buy ammo and armor, doing the 10 vehicles explosions and other stuff. If i used cheats up until now I think I could've trimmed 20 hours off my play time. Never realized I could spawn things.... Well, I think I paid my dues with GTA, will spawn vehicles from now on to make it go by quicker, still need to do 30 jumps and some 15% more for key to the city. Thanks OP.
  8. Nice work, thanks for the guide. The first game was very good. Had I noticed it, I would've bought it day one. Edit: I also agree that 2~4 hours is very unlikely. I'd say 4h with a guide, 8h without one. I'm working my way through medium, and had to restart several times already to perfect a strategy through trial and error. Also, for the close call achievement, the solution is wrong. It's not cumulative, you have to kill a creep very close to the exit to get a 50x multiplier in a single kill (hence the name close call). Keep it up! Thanks again.
  9. So....It's out now. How do you like it? I am very skeptical about new WP7 games nowadays... Want to grab it, but day 1 buys have been proven risky
  10. Just chiming in to confirm that it might have been patched, or I'm incredibly (un?)lucky, because that was my first achievement. I lost three hearts and had to use bullets on fourth roll =/ At least got the achievement right away, didn't have to actively seek it at all.
  11. Buying it right now. Can always trust x360a to know what game is worth our time and money. This one apparently is, judging what you've been discussing. So thanks for discussing! Edit.: Great game, and had little problem getting all the achievements. Highly recommend it, specially discounted as it is.
  12. Want to get this, but kind of worried since the TextTwist 2 fiasco. I'm not willing to buy a game I cannot complete. Not that I need to complete every single game, but knowing I can't no matter what is off-putting. The lack of activity here on the forums for such a high profile release is scary too.
  13. I happened to me twice so far, when moving to zone 2, and then again to zone 3. I also had another glitch that worked for my benefit. I was trying to build a 200 blocks tall tower in quick play, got 350 or so and nothing, so I lost my lives on purpose, went to the achievements screen to check out the description (which made me realize I couldn't use powerups) then select Quick Game again, and the game resumed, instead of starting from scratch, and the achievement popped instantly. Well, glitches are bad, but at least these are not making my life harder than it should be, but I'd prefer that they didn't happen anyway.
  14. Thanks a lot, extremely useful guide! Well done.
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