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  1. Does anyone know if the infinite health glitch still works in this version? I had a bitch of a time trying to kill the supreme hunter and after two hours of attempts, I went online and found the glitch and I was able to beat him in less than two minutes. Would make going through on hard again a cakewalk.
  2. As the title states. I unlocked all 47 medals and my achievement didn't unlock. I even continued my act 3 save and killed the first four enemies and looted the one I could. Still didn't pop. I had glitched the deep breath medal accidentally by picking up the documents in act 1. I used the cloud save trick to get it and redid act 3 for the collectibles again. I didn't clear the cache when I did the cloud save trick as the guide I read made no mention of clearing it. I really hope someone can help tell me what I need to do to unlock this stupid achievement as I really do not want to do what would effectively be a third run through of this shitty game... Edit: also apparently medals and collectibles don't carry over. At least for me. I tried starting a new game to see if that might trigger something and it did. It triggered 24 of my medals to vanish. So I guess the only thing I can do is erase everything and redo it all from scratch. Again. Fuck dark energy and fuck this shifty excuse for a game.
  3. I wanted to see if anyone would be generous enough to dupe a few high level items so I can solo torment and level my other characters faster. I've been soloing t2 with my wizard but it's slow and I'm not finding anything good enough to up my dmg and life high enough to make t3 and up viable. I'm not asking anything specific just whatever you think can help. I will gladly help with anything I can in return. My gamer tag is Casan0vaRodeo, send me a pm if you wouldn't mind helping Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone would be willing to gift me all of the legendary weapons, I had managed to get up to 37 of them myself and with a few friends however, in an effort to reactivate my streak on trueachievements, I had accidentally deleted profile and items instead of just my profile. I lost my save data in all my 200+ games. Fable 3 is one of my most hated games and I'm really not looking forward to having to replay through the entire game and then still have to try and boost this to get this god awful achievement. I would be entirely willing to help out with any other mutual game that you need to boost as Im sure gifting all 50 would take a considerable amount of time and I would absolutely return all of them. I know Darkened Night has many gamers queued up and requesting his help so I'd rather not continue putting pressure on him to help so if anyone else could assist me I would be extremely grateful. My GT is casan0varodeo if you would be willing to help
  5. i desperately need help with this game. I do not understand why it is so MASSIVELY more difficult than ANY other dynasty warriors game I've ever played and I for the life of me cannot beat it. I'm currently stuck at cheng du of chapter 4 for shu's story. This game is deader than dirt but if anyone still plays this any help would be massively appreciated. my gt is Casan0vaRodeo send me a message on xbl if you would care to help thanks
  6. In the same area there's also a well that'll sometimes spawn as the "Quality Well" which has enemies named after the QA team. Another little hidden gem as well.
  7. Not at all. Witch doctor's attack spells are very limited compared to the necromancers. The necro could curse enemies to heal you when they attack you or damage themselves or just amplify the damage enemies receive, the necro could also explode corpses for physical or poison damage, cast poison novas, homing bone missiles, bones spears etc etc. The witch doctor's abilities while somewhat similar are not nearly as good IMO. Plus the necromancer could have upwards of 20+ minions summoned at once while the witch doctor is lucky to have 7 at once.
  8. omg i just died lol i was furious when they killed my dog. :uzi: as everyone else has said, Mass effect, RDR, the end of Medal of Honor (reminded me of the movie Lions for Lambs) far cry 2 had some mildly sad parts in the ending and if any of your buddies died can't really think of any others rn
  9. I don't know why it only has 100, that's just what it was set to when I made it but who knows if enough people actually do sign it maybe something could happen.
  10. Hello x360a, as many of you have probably heard, whether RPG/dungeon crawler fans or not, Blizzard has announced they are bringing Diablo 3 to consoles. I however, and many others, were very disappointed in Diablo 3. Especially after waiting ten years for it to come out. It is due to this fact that I am starting a petition to get Blizzard to release the original Diablo or Diablo 2 with or without the Lord of Destruction expansion on consoles. I have started this petition on change.org and am requesting any and all help my fellow gamers here on x360a can offer. If you are an RPG fan please help try and bring one of the greatest action RPG's ever made to consoles just by signing this petition. https://www.change.org/petitions/blizzard-entertainment-bring-diablo-or-diablo-ii-and-lod-to-consoles# I hope you guys can support this endeavor and hopefully get this noticed. Thank you and I hope to see your signatures soon!
  11. Upon going back to mission selection for challenges I missed, I noticed the game will not save your progress so you can come back later. No matter what unless I select a new mission the game has me set at the end of shattered mountain. My question is this fixable? For example is there a way for me to load up a different level, leave and come back to it without having to restart the whole level again? Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. So I was doing the mission to kill the doctor in Bowa-Seko for the APR (the 11/12 buddy mission) It appears that I accidentally shot and killed Frank. My issue is that Marty, my rescue buddy didn't move up to replace Frank as my best buddy so I can subvert the last mission. I have no best buddy and Marty as my rescue buddy. Despite the fact that I have Nasreen, Andre and Xianyong all chillin in the bar. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. thank you so much I was losing my mind trying to figure this one out
  14. Hi all, I watched an old video over on trueachievements showing a glitch that could be used to get the survive 20 rounds with no perks achievement on der riese quite easily, I was only interested in it cause I am not particularly good at zombies. I read in the comments that it had been patched so I figured clearing my system cache might make it so I could use the glitch. However the only map I can play is nacht der untoten by going into mission select, was wondering if anyone could offer an explanation?
  15. Just curious if anyone can confirm if divinity 2 is safe spider and bug wise or if anyone can point me to any other RPGs with out spiders and stuff. Just to reiterate I've already completed fallout, fable and mass effect. Thanks for any extra help guys
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