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  1. Given what you said I think that 5-10 section is correct. Following vid tutorials would probably get you the full 1000. It a a pity that most of the walk through are either collectible guides or level specific achievement vids.
  2. I think with certain games you need to be clear about completion time. Rime for example I played through without any assistance. Then I realised I missed 400+ GS by missing certain parts of a level. The third chapter for example took me two hours just to get back to the point I missed an collectible/achievement. That said even 5 hours is just a ridiculous estimate even if you are following a guide. I would say 7-12 hours following video guides.
  3. I am glad to see that my Windows Phone and Win 8 threads are going to get some attention. Never got back round to updating them as the games starting drying up. They are still quite a few games that are missing and also some of the lists needs to be updated due to unobtainable games, price changes, etc but are still more or less relevant. I was thinking of creating a Windows/Windows Phone 10 list as there is now more and content appearing but would that be something that is going to happen here as well anyway?
  4. 7 from me as well because of the Master achievement. Would be about 4 or 5 otherwise because of the boss fights, especially Viper.
  5. So I too was finding this extremely difficult coming no higher than about 3rd or 4th in a race but I changed something that I haven't done since Colin McRae Rally 3 or 4. I changed to the cockpit view and then found that making the small adjustments required to stay on track far, far easier. I even managed to get first on Monte Carlo. I realise that the cockpit view is something that some if not most of you use anyway but I have got so used to using external cams in racing games just to keep an eye on other cars that I have played every Dirt game that way. I also can't believe how much more fun it actually is.
  6. I had this happen to me but it seemed to be related with the Modern Mix (Stardock software) application I had installed which allowed you to resize Windows 8 apps so you could run it next to another Window as Windows has always done but decided that wasn't a feature users wanted any longer. Rant over! To fix it I had to reset the settings which basically made it fit the window to my screen resolution so my guess is that your devices it resized itself somehow. You will probably need to uninstall completely plus all related files in appdata folder and then reinstall.
  7. So finally got this list updated for the first time in ages but only found that I needed to add five games. Anyone notice anything I am missing?
  8. It is awful and so are the Touch controls on the Win8 version to the point where I just couldn't play it. However using a keyboard was much easier. Perhaps you could use a keyboard using an OTG cable. Not sure it works but worth a try.
  9. Cheers Jurax. Been a while but finally updated yesterday. Missed 2 or 3 though.
  10. Barcelona corrected. Thanks for the positive feedback. It does make a change. Edit: I will try to update ASAP.
  11. The achievements are broken and I definitely do not find it easy.
  12. Cheers. I think I was told quite some time ago that it had been delisted but I think it was that it just got replaced on WP8. Game readded.
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