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  1. FYI the fight Club stopped giving me chemicals, it changed to something else.
  2. So far, I found a fight club on a boat which gives me about 45 chemicals each time.
  3. I need over 300 chemicals, but it seems I only get like 15-20 for each of my missions (I'm in memory 5). Any faster way to farm???
  4. I think the best way to see the shell merchant is to mediate to 6 am. I guess a fish merchant sells his stuff early in the morning so the sun doesn't ruin fish
  5. he "should" be able to stay a new game in a separate slot and select the last chapter, I think it's at like 92% story completion.
  6. I knew you were Canadian from the voice on your videos L0lz
  7. Tell your mum thanks for calling Techland and I'm glad to see her information turned out to be true thanks Cheevo's mum.
  8. I was stuck at 94% as well. What finally unlocked it for me was walking around a random part on the northwest of the slums map. From what I recall, I was west of a big huge tower on the outside of a fence, in a grassy area. It just unlocked for no reason, and I recall this happening to someone else I read about.
  9. I was able to make a new save from 92% in an empty slot.
  10. Now it's back near the beginning again. It was confusing because I thought I could go back into my save at 100%, and I don't have any other save in old Town, so now I have to push through part of the game again to be able to finish the collectibles... At least I got the 100 % side quest achievement already.
  11. I got the Cheevo before the launch was even presented as a quest. My safe houses are stuck at 94% tho.
  12. If you die in the middle of doing the steps to unlock a safe house, it could make the counter not go up. I'm sure I died a few times at the beginning when i was very weak. I'm going to wait until new game plus to unlock all the first ones again.
  13. You need to make sure you are dropping the right item. If you stay the wheel with the item on the right, it is the top item that needs to be dropped on the list when you hit the menu button.
  14. Says the people conversing on an Internet forum that specializes in obtaining useless electronic achievement trophies that have no real world benefits.
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