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  1. GT: Live4Life Game: Halo Wars 2 Thanks for doing the giveaway!!
  2. If anyone still needs this 4 player achievement please message me. I have 2 controllers. Please have 2 controllers. GT: Live4Life
  3. I'm looking for all online achievements. Add me: GT: Live4Life
  4. Looking to get "Buddy Bust" and "Friendly Race." My gamertag is Live4Life. Send me a message so I know what game you want to boost.
  5. Having the same problem. Only first level popped for me.
  6. Looking for all boostable online achievements. Send me a fr and a message so I know you are wanting to boost Killer Instinct. Thanks!
  7. Im interested in boosting the Ranked win achievements. Send me a FR amd a message if interested.
  8. Looking to get these as well. GT: Live4Life
  9. Hey guys. I know that the multiplayer servers are going down next week. Does this mean all of the achievements will become unobtainable or just the multi-player? Thanks for any info.
  10. In your Walkthru for Adera (Win 8) you mentioned deleting your old save game to get the achievement for rapid clicking. Could you tell me where the save file is found and the file name please? Thanks!!

  11. Anyone who could help me with Spellslinger and possibly the 3 player achievement. I have a boost account so I only need 1 other person.
  12. OK cool. I'm gonna go ahead and pick it up, and sink some time into this one. Thanks for the quick reply!
  13. Does anyone know if this game uses dedicated servers? I thought I remembered hearing the servers for the original PS3 game (Demon Souls) had servers being shut down. I was thinking about grabbing this game, but I don't want to have to rush for fears that the servers would be shut down and I would not be able to complete the achievements. Thanks!
  14. I have no idea how this happened, but I started the game, adopted a pet, went thru all the tutorials including the talent show. When the talent show ended, 3 achievements popped, but beginner was not one of them. Any ideas how to get it to unlock?
  15. Someone message me if you'd like to boost the online win. If you send a friend request, please also send a message to let me know it's to boost this achievement. Got it! Thanks to chrislocalboy!!
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