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  1. Hey mcnichoj, I just bought the Australian versions of the 360 and the One from ozgameshop.com. They shipped pretty quickly and should be here in a few days. May want to try there as another option.
  2. how do you update a game? my phone didnt tell me that there was an update to text twist 2 and im not running the newest version yet?
  3. Thanks Mango, I checked out that link to the ebay page for the Taiwan version of Carnival Games and the auction ended with no other new ones posted. I emailed the person and asked if they still have copies of the game or can get one. Hopefully I can have one sent! Does anyone know if you can use the American Kinect Sensor and connect it to another region xbox to play those Kinect games? I have a Kinect for my US console and was wondering if I could just connect it to my JP console to play that Carnival Games or if I have to buy a JP Kinect.
  4. lol.... I've been frozen for thirty years...throw me a frickin' bone here! But if you are willing to sell it, msg me with your price
  5. does anyone know where to get the Taiwan version? Ive looked on amazon.jp as well and no luck. I guess I will check amazon china or ebay??
  6. I am also very interested in getting the two JP versions of DR games as I finally got my JP console. Is there still a way of obtaining these? Through Sanger or any other way?
  7. agree, that is exactly what I did when I got my PAL console and when I finally get my NTSC-J console on Thursday, I will use my other power supply for it as well :-)
  8. Does anyone know of a member or anyone really that lives in Japan that is willing to purchase used or new games and ship them to the US? I have a list of members from the UK, Germany and Canada that are willing to purchase those region games and ship them, however, I am currently in the process of getting a Japanese console (finally!) and dont know anyone that lives there and willing to purchase games.
  9. I was wondering if anyone knew of a member or anyone really that lives in Japan and is willing to purchase games and ship them to the US? I have a list going with someone from the UK, Germany and Canada that I use to get my games for those regions. As I am currently getting a Japanese console (finally!), I need someone from that area of the world to get games (used or new) and can ship them. Please message me on here or XBL with any help.
  10. Hey Touch, Ill send you a FR when I get home from work today and when you get a chance either today or sometime this weekend, would you be up for the EA Moderator achieve? Been getting back into NFS games since I have been playing The Run.
  11. Hey man, I see you're a fellow Stacker. Thanks for the FR.

  12. Thanks Owen, I will add you to both. I love stacking titles myself, although recently I havent had the time I would like to dedicate to gaming. I have a EU console and am in the market for a NTSC-J console to play japanese games.
  13. I agree, I havent had any problems popping achievements for it so far, but I am learning some really helpful information regarding the play every song achieve. I will hopefully be able to try that this weekend along with the sat night fever, early morning workout and all those "time" related ones. Anyone interested in starting a guide and roadmap for this one?
  14. Hey Nick, how much was the russian version of Mafia 2? can that be played on a PAL console or only an NTSC-J console?
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