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  1. What are your most epic moments in gaming? My question is inspired by this article http://n4g.com/gaming/News-384276.aspx It talks about 5 epic moments in gaming. What would you say yours are? I think Mass Effect alone had like 10 epic moments but if you had to choose moments from different games what would you say? I'm interested to see what people think
  2. Ok I was playing with my friend tonight. We played one game (all pro, 7 min quarters) and I unlocked some achievements at the end jus fine. We played another game, on all pro, 7 min quarters and in the game I caused LT to fumble and recovered a fumble yet I didn't get either achievement. I was on All Pro at 7 min quarters, wtf?
  3. Hey I know we're not supposed to be putting links in our posts cuz it's considered spam and all but I thought this article may help you guys and benefit you guys while you're playing the game/going for achievements. It's called 10 Things You Should Know Before Playing Shadow Complex. http://n4g.com/News-378779.aspx Like I said, sorry for posting a link, if a mod wants to delete it that's fine but I thought this article could be useful to some of you.
  4. Before I go to Ilos what should I do? I just landed back at the Citadel and they grounded the Normandy but the Captain said he could get me back on and to Ilos. Before I go to Ilos though is there anything I should do in the Citadel? Like I don't have either ally achievement yet, will I get those in Ilos or should I go some Citadel side missions. Anything else I should do before I go to Ilos. Apparently since I'm already in the Citadel I can't travel anywhere but Ilos so am I screwed for the ally achievements?
  5. Anyone know how to download this? It wont work for me
  6. Hey guys, in our interview with Bethesda we got tons of new information on Point Lookout. Check out the interview here: http://www.gogaminggiant.com/2009/06/fallout-3-point-lookout-interview/ Some things that we found out are: -Set in South East Maryland -You take a boat to get there -It will be tough for lower level players to complete it -Main quest is four hours -Half a dozen side quests and much more, check out the full interview. Enjoy! Just thought I'd share it since I know you guys are big Fallout fans
  7. Ok I'm on Feros and I'm in the Exo-Geni place. So I'm at the part where you walk up the stairs and see a Krogan Battlemaster talking to this AI and there's a cutscene. Then he turns around, sees you and you have to kill him. Then you use Elizabeth's badge to gain access to the AI and gain all types of information. Now after that I'm stuck. Where do I go? I'm assuming I don't go back down the stairs from where I came from, and I can't go up the next flight because the stairs are broken. Like there's no where to go!!! Any help?
  8. Matt Jo

    Uh wait.....

    Ya know the achievement for beating the game with consuming less then 10 people. What about the people on the street who are marked for the Web of Intrigue. Not the storyline people, but the random people you find on the street who are in the Web of Intrigue, do they count?
  9. Matt Jo

    Free roam

    Once u beat the game can you still roam around the city going for various achievements, or once you beat the game is that it? Are there any achievements you must get before you beat the last mission?
  10. Is this achievement glitched for anyone else? I know I have played way more than 20 matches but it still won't unlock
  11. Matt Jo

    The Paramour

    I do get them to love me and I can't always get them to follow wit just the COme Back to My Place expression
  12. Im giving one away for Colloseum help.
  13. Matt Jo

    The Paramour

    I just can't get this achievement. I've gotten one person to have sex wit me but it's not workin nemore. I do the Come With Me expression than the follow me and I lead them to my bed but it just gives me the option to rest, that's it. What am I doing wrong?
  14. 1)For the having sex 25 times achievement, I get someone to love me, than I do the come back to my place expression than I do the follow me expression yet when I lead them to the bed it only gives me the option to sleep and rest not to have sex. What am I doing wrong? 2)Will anyone help me with the Colosseum achievements? I simply do not see how it's possible to get 20k or a 10x multiplier. My highest multiplier was 3x and my highest score was like 2500. Can neone plz help me? 3)For the demon doors achievement does anyone have a save right before the got the last one?
  15. For achievements like the collectible ones, if I join someone else's game who has them will I get them automatically since it says "see another hero do so" how does that work? Do I have to see the person collect each item or what? Im referring to the new DLC achieves btw
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