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  1. GTAV does have suprisingly okay graphics however as the poster said, the amount of jaggies (because of the non-existent anti-aliasing) makes the game look really bad while you play it.
  2. if you liked mafia 2 , i think Joe's Adventures worths the price but not the Jimmy dlc or the car&clothing packs
  3. hmm im going to try it but it looks like it'll take a lot of time and when i turn off my Tv my xbox also shuts off so i can't do this while i'm sleeping
  4. Great guide , seriously one of the best i've seen here
  5. nice work. but a mask guide is needed in my opinion
  6. i may go for 1000G on this.. dont know
  7. all of the trailers state 'november 2010' so its not exactly November 2
  8. what about the 'kill a zombie with every weapon' achs?
  9. So i started a new game with my level and lets say i killed 6 phsycos at my first playtrough and killed 5 different ones at my second playtrough.. will i get the ach? about killing zombies with weapons achs; will i get the ach if i just did the remain ones? Thanks
  10. if this game's ach difficulty is 6 then i dont know what would be 10
  11. So i'm on case 5 right now and got her all of the gifts EXCEPT the tiger.. didnt know about it until now.. Its a long shot but would the ach unlock if i bring the tiger to her by loading my case 1 save?
  12. got the goddamn ach finally thanks TC
  13. trying it right now.. and it works cops are not getting in.
  14. thanks a lot. i'm playing at hard and was dying at this part. gonna try your method right away.
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