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  1. :uzi:I mean, I know that cheats disable the 100% completion in R* games, but I do remember that this game was the only you could complete it 100% with cheats. Also, Can someone tell me how much does it weight? I need a hard drive, but if it is not heavy I can use an Usb
  2. A description and some notes will be added soon ;-) But in short: This guide will help you to completed the game in less than 2 playthroughs in about 2h 30min. 1st Playthrough (All Endings, Chapters 1-11/14, Miscellaneous) The Introduction (Chapter 01/14) - Selfish - Help - Achievement 01/20: Cause and Effect The Garage (Chapter 02/14) - Yes - Okay - Never mind - Take pepper spray - Use pepper spray - Drive The Crew (Chapter 03/14) - Do it - Play cool - Steal away - Stay calm - What's in it for me? - Push it - Achievement 02/20: Fair Share The Auction (Chapter 04/14) - Agree - Let her - Let her - Achievement 03/20: Shill Bidder - Do as told - Play along - Do - Enter wrong key - Achievement 04/20: Sabotage The Getaway (Chapter 05/14) - Keep quiet - Mr. Woe - Convince her - Take her The Chinese Restaurant (Chapter 06/14) - Fortune cookie - Take one - Believe - Okay The 2-Star Hotel (Chapter 07/14) - Kiss - Achievement 05/20: Star-Crossed Lovers - Explain - Open window - Break it! - Trust The Streets (Chapter 08/14) - Trust her - Believe - Keep calm - Keep calm - Achievement 06/20: Even Tempered The Hospital (Chapter 09/14) - Achievement 07/20: Good Karma - Physical pressure - Threaten him - Remove oxygen - Stop - Achievement 08/20: Interrogation Hainsworth's (Chapter 10/14) - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Decline - Cut and run - Go home - Achievement 09/20: The Coward - Note: The achievement 'The Coward' seems to unlock already after choosing 'Cut and run' - before actually making the decision to 'Go home' like the achievement description states. - Ending 1/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Accept - Go to the Tchois - Achievement 10/20: The Lion's Den - Ending 2/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Accept - Go to Parr's The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Toss bowl over to him - Achievement 11/20: The Ploy - Ending 3/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Go - Accept - Go to Parr's The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Place on table - Achievement 12/20: The Fool - Ending 4/7 - Achievement 13/20: Proficient Storyteller EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME Hainsworth's - Sneak to elevator - Go up - Continue - No - Wait The Showdown (Parr's Residence) (Chapter 11/14) - Intimidate him - Keep intimidating - Let him - Shoot him - Achievement 14/20: The Frenzy - Ending 5/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Intimidate him - Keep intimidating - Stop him - Accept - Achievement 15/20: The Bribe - Ending 6/7 EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - RESUME GAME The Showdown (Parr's Residence) - Intimidate him - Keep intimidating - Stop him - Reject - Achievement 16/20: The Delivery - Ending 7/7 - Achievement 17/20: Expert Storyteller EXIT GAME (once the achievement unlocks) - NEW GAME 2nd Playthrough (Chapters 12-14/14, Miscellaneous) The Introduction - Selfish - Help The Garage - No - No - Go to check - Drop it - Drive The Crew - Do it - Play cool - Steal away - Stay calm - Okay The Auction - Agree - Let her - Let her - Prevent - Up - Enter offices - Achievement 18/20: Office Clerk - Alert staff - Keep quiet - Ignore The Getaway - Keep quiet - Keep quiet - Keep quiet - Mr. Woe - Convince her - Take her The Chinese Restaurant - Fortune cookie - Take one - Believe - Better plan - Go to police - Go to police The Detective (Chapter 12/14) - Mention May-Ling - No The 5-Star Hotel (Chapter 13/14) - No - The short one - Protect her - Protect her - Keep protecting - Keep protecting - Achievement 19/20: Protector The Streets - Keep calm - Keep calm The Hospital (Chapter 14/14) - Achievement 20/20: Choices Matter Congratulations on your completion!
  3. Just like the title says, able to go on any time every day, happy to help out with your achievements.
  4. I know these have been posted here and many other places, but I made a spreadsheet because I personally like to see everything at once. If you would find it helpful as well, here it is: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Ag3xEY3llDsodHpfTlBibE1PMUlvNmFZeVVNbnVhZHc&hl=en&output=html
  5. By the way, this is my first Guide... Be kind:woop: Made by MadCor. With help from TheMasta7. Overview: -Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 -Offline: 50 -Online: Few Offline ones you can do. -Approximate amount of time to 1000:gsicon:: 15-20 Hours -Minimum number of playthroughs needed:UNKOWN -Number of missable achievements: None -Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats -Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes -Glitchy achievements: No -Unobtainable achievements: No -Extra equipment needed?: Kinect, A second human being Introduction: Welcome to Kinect Sports. For the best experience, you should have 6-10 ft. of space between you and your TV for absolute accuracy. It could be the difference between Winning against a Champion. You may also want to stretch out, because you're going to have to jump around and move a lot. Don't be surprised if you sore the next day! There are 6 different activities which include(Soccer, Boxing, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, and Table Tennis. Each sport has three different Computer Difficulties. Beginner, Amateur, Professional, and Champion. This will likely be your first experience with the Kinect sensor so you'll be able to look past some of the repetitiveness of the game. Oh and, Take a Break if you feel tired or sore. [ATTACH]5437[/ATTACH]In Training - 10:gsicon: Reach level 10 and earn the Amateur badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5438[/ATTACH]Turned Pro - 20:gsicon: Reach level 20 and earn the Professional badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5440[/ATTACH]People's Champion - 30:gsicon: Reach level 30 and earn the Champion badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5439[/ATTACH]Master Class - 40:gsicon: Reach level 40 and earn the Master badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5441[/ATTACH]Sports Star - 50:gsicon: Reach level 50 and earn the Legendary badge When you play the game a level bar pops up after each game showing your level. All you have to do is Win. Champion gives you more while Beginner gives less. But there is a Technique that takes sometime but effective, Well untill around level 30. Play the mini games such as Paddle Panic, Score 1 point and then just hold your hands up until the end, then play again and get 2 and so-on and so-on. This does get boring but if your a Hardcore Achievement getter... Should be no Problem.
  6. Is it just the Tomb Raider Anniversary game because I thought that was an actual game not DLC ? Will not getting the DLC not allow me to 100% it because when I check achievements it sometimes says --/23 and other times it says --/33 ?
  7. Cliff Harrison Vehicle reported as stolen-Truth Motive for flight-Doubt Vehicle purchase details-Truth Richard Coombs Details of transaction-Truth Description of suspect-Truth Association with Marquee-Truth (Option to ask about only pops if you examine the backside of the pink slip on his desk) Check payment details-Doubt Suspicious transaction-Doubt James Belasco Stolen auto courier-Doubt Association with Archer-Lie/Present Archers' ownership papers Auto theft racket-Doubt Stolen vehicles warehoused-Doubt Jean Archer Stolen Kaiser Frazer-Doubt Association with Belasco-Lie/Present Belasco's ownership papers Stolen auto courier-Doubt Gordon Leitvol Knowledge of theft racket-Doubt Pink slip supply-Doubt Coombs auto deliveries-Doubt Bigelow Pink slip supply-Doubt Association with Leitvol-Lie/present note from Ray Pinker Gordon Leitvol Deliveries to Industrial St.-Lie/Present betting slips
  8. So, I couldn't find a single thread or forum on this entire site based solely on people asking to boost achievements. Yes this site references achievements, and to be specific each game has their own thread in order to make this work, but me and a friend were playing some random games this morning and I realized there was no thread on this site allowing gamers to ask to boost old games. Like a couple examples being; I am looking to 100% Castle Crashers, but no one plays online, and I am also looking to 100% Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels, but no one plays, and I am assuming no one goes on those game's threads either.
  9. Haven't played this game in ages, was thinking of re-buying it, because I remember how much god damn fun it was; specifically the multiplayer. I won't bother with the purchase if there's no matches to be found on my lazy Sundays. Let me know! Thanks!
  10. First, I'd like to say that this game is fan-fucking-tastic. Extremely grateful it came free with Gold, or else I may have never gave it a chance. Its only problem is glitchy achievements. I had to beat Calaca three times to finally unlock El Savior, which was really frustrating. I'm missing four achievements, three of them are the tedious ones (side quests, 100%, hard mode), and Poncho'd Out. I defeated Poncho and the achievement didn't unlock, so I quit and did it again.. Still didn't unlock. Problem is, now the door to the Gym is closed, so there's no trying again. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did it pop up randomly at some point? Or am I fucked? Also if anyone can leave a link to a forum that contains a map of each location and all the secrets in the comment section, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks
  11. I understand many people are worried about doing or not doing something in single player that will prevent them from recieving the 100% game completion stat, please post your worries and have them solved by the people who know!
  12. So I've tried playing a 4-Player band on hard with me as the drummer playing No Sleep Till Brooklyn. My friends who were playing with me could not keep up with the 'extreme difficulty' of the song, so I am requesting anyone on here who can... ALMOST CERTAINLY beat this song 100% on guitar on hard (or expert if you're just that awesome). P.S. I can 100% this song on drums easily - I did this 6 or 7 times in a row while playing with my friends, who always missed that one note or so. My gamertag is: Dragon Ninja92 Add me, play with me, gamerscore with me. ~~ Cheers
  13. Hello all, I have found a very good glitch which allows an account with out the following achievements: 100% All Red Bricks All Gold bricks All Characters All Minikits To be unlocked by someone who has completed these. What you have to do is have both accounts on the same Xbox with the save. Then Sign the player who did the 100% legit into profile one and use HIS save. Sign in the other account that wants the achievement on the second profile. Have Player 1 (Donor account) drop out in the cantina before playing a level. Then play any level on Freeplay with player 2 complete the level and guess what! A sweet and easy 340G! Works a treat as I have used my profile to get it for two of my friends.
  14. Im not looking forwar to doing the pigeons, but thats my last thing for 100%. How long did it take you to shoot all 200 pigeons?
  15. I have finished story mode and done some assasins missions. after about like 5 missions my mission icon went away and i did not get the achievement. is this a glitch? do i have to start story again? please help
  16. Is there any way i can get this achievement without starting a new game, i have finished the campaign and i went to the correct location there was no red truck and i tried getting the first car, was not there. Any way or not?
  17. Hi. I'm really getting annoyed with the gallery mode i have it on 97% and i have completed all stories to 100% got all achievements, completed score attack and all the arcades and i still haven't got all the gallery... im also lvl 42 online if that matters.. i just need special illustration #2 #7 and #33 can anyone help me... my gamertag is zombieplague666 if you wanna msg me or just post in this thread. I will take any and all advice that is given... I REALLY NEED THIS! thanks
  18. Hello. I have made this thread to help people who have struggled to get 100% and who have also had to search through lots and lots of threads trying to find the answer. I have made this thread to just clear things up. 1. Make sure you follow KindredPOKER's guide. Link below: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=194270 2. If you follow this guide you will be able to get 100% on all 6 Levels. 3. You do not need to worry about the "Super Bonus Levels", as all of these are done when you 100% the first 6 Levels. 4. On the "Creator" level you will be at about 4-5% once you have the 5 achievements that are in there. 5. You then need to go onto "Level Builder". 6. Chose a blank square and press A. 7. Select Create. 8. You then need to ignore the tutorials and select 1 of the 7 levels. 9. Select "Start With Empty Level" 10. Once you are in the level press Y. 11. Select the gold coin. 12. You now need to buy every blacked out item on that page. 13. Be careful, as some items have more than 1 thing you need to buy. 14. You will notice these as they will change between the items you can have. 15. Make sure you buy everything on that page, you will know when you have because nothing will be blacked out. 16. Once this is done press RB. 17. Do the same on this page. 18. Rinse & Repeat until you come to the first page again. 19. Once you have bought everything press y. 20. Press RB again. 21. Press right and select the "Road Baseplates". 22. Now do the same here. 23. Rise & Repeat until you come back to the first one. 24. Once this is done press Y twice. 25. Press start and then "Exit Builder". 26. Select "Save And Exit" 27. You now need to do this with the remaining 6 levels. Once you have done all 7 levels you will have 100% on the Creator section. If it doesn't say 100% or the acheievement hasn't popped you will need to go back in and make sure you have bought everything. As some of them, like I said before, have more than one thing you need to buy and you might of just missed it. Hope this helps. JAGUAR SK1LLS.
  19. So I earned the 100% completion back in January but I booted up my Xbox last night and saw that the game was no longer listed as fully complete. Now I didn't buy the dlc and I think that this may have something to do with it.... Has anyone else had this issue or has seen this weird glitch?
  20. i noticed some people had a picture that said how many retail games they completed and arcade games and showed a picture of each game. i think it was from 360voice.com or something. please help i want that! http://card.mygamercard.net/nxe/lemonlimes249.png this is the only one i know how to do
  21. Sick of trying to keep track of what you've done and what you have left to do. The guide will let you keep track of exactly what you have done already and what you still have to do. I have done in Excel 2007 & 2003. Find 2007 version here & 2003 version here. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7402351/Red%20Dead%20Guide.png Please reply to this post to keep this on the first page of the forum
  22. Im going for the 100%, wish me luck as this is the first difficult 100% I have gone for. My hardest 100% was CoD4, which was crazy easy. If anyone wants to help out or play just send me a FR and message saying peace walker, until then I will be playing pub matches. I can't wait!
  23. Just want to know if, as i have complete the game 100% on normal mode, can i go into the pause menu, switch difficulty to superhero and replay all missions to get the superhero achievement, or do you need to start a new game??
  24. A huge thanks to Subliminal Cuts over at TrueAchievements for finding this gem. Someone called Bryan at Video Games Made Me Do It (VGMMDI) has created videos for getting all areas, collectables and secrets (including all codes) which have come in very useful for finding everything I've missed. Here's a link to the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDEFD7A3A81550EB7&feature=plcp Each video covers a different section so that you can just jump to the ones you're missing, though if you can't get to an area/through a door that he's shown, you might need to backtrack in case you've missed anything (e.g. lowering the water).
  25. Hey, I just completed the storyline and I'm about to start the search for all the collectibles needed for the 100% complete achievement. I'm having a hard time getting started since there's so many different characters needed to access a lot of them. Is there a list for the characters needed in order to collect the 200 gold bricks, 20 red bricks, 96 crest pieces, 60 SIP's? For now I only got internet access via my phone and I've tried searching for a list, but with no luck. Thanks,
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