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  1. Hi guys, One item for sale here, UK only. NBA Live 06 for 360 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201267386226?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Easy 960GS
  2. So I realize a lot of people are getting mad at this game. Some of the complaints are understandable such as lag, bad score streaks, guns, etc. Some of the others are just sour due to their inability to adapt to the new game mechanics. That is where this thread comes in, I have combined a list of tips from various websites, forums, and tips from myself and my friends into a list to help both new and experienced players get used to the game and provide some helpful information that can improve your skill. 1. [ASSAULT RIFLES DOMINATE] If you've been playing since the first day, then you should already know this. The game has debatable balancing so far. It's making it so if you're using anything but an AR the enemy will eat your bullets like no tomorrow. The BAL is arguably the best gun in the game so far. (Funny how the best gun in the game is the one you have to work the least amount for.) You can still use SMGs, just play a smarter way with them, don't rush straight into their faces like in previous CoD games. Learn to flank and take different routes. 2. [Watch out for fast reloading] If you double-tap x, you end up reloading your gun faster at the cost of emptying the rest of your magazine. Basically if you double-tap x with bullets still in your magazine YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF THOSE BULLETS. This feature is not a glitch, so you need to be careful not to use it unless you're in a sticky situation. Sledgehammer says they are working on a patch to fix the timing on this because if you're like me sometimes you'll rapidly press x without thinking, due to all the excitement and chaos going on in the game. 3. [Use the firing range] A fantastic feature SH added to AW is the firing range. Use this. It will help you. You can get in some serious practice and learn how a gun performs if you test it right. Testing grenades and Exo-movements can be useful here as well. And the icing on the cake? It's fast. You can get in and out of the firing range instantly. 4. [HE'S EATING MY BULLETS!] As much as we all hate the lag, there is nothing we can do about it at this point. However to make it easier on yourself, avoid situations where the connection will come heavily into play. Avoid direct gunfights, flank, go the path less-traveled and you will tear up the enemy team. Chances are you're already getting shot in the back most of the time, so try something else. 5. [The Exo-suit is both your friend and your enemy] For whatever reason SH decided it would be a good idea to punish people who actually move around. You show up on the enemy radar whenever you use any type of Exo-movement. You need to decide on one of two play styles: Conservative or aggresive. If you play conservatively only use your Exo when you need to, such as getting on top of buildings or traversing an area quickly, and hope that nobody notices you. Play carefully and tactically with your Exo and you should be fine. If you choose to play aggressively- the way I do- then RUN BLAST SUPPRESOR. You have no idea how good this perk will be to you if you like moving around a lot and getting things done. Dash around your enemy in the middle of a gun fight, jump, do everything you can to mess up their aim and gain the advantage. A bit of advice for both play styles is don't be so obvious when you move around, people can see you very clearly if you're not careful. So don't go dashing around everywhere if it's not necessary, this is still Call of Duty and you can play it like so, the ground is not made of lava, people. 6. [Ditch most of your Score Streaks] Yes, I'm serious. Get rid of all the high score streaks because the majority of them are not very good. The UAV and the Carepackage are some of the only good streaks in the game and I would suggest running either one or both of them. This works in your favor even more because they count as points in the pick 13 system, making it so you can put more points into other areas of your class. 7. [Question whether you really need the Exo-Launcher or not] People move around in this game fast. Really fast. So you need to decide whether it's really a good idea to run the launcher when you're trying to hit people moving around the map at high speeds and if you decide to do so, run something you can detonate quickly, like a semtex because waiting for a grenade to explode and kill an enemy is not going to work out well for you. Free up the space or use them, you decide. 8. [Ditch the secondaries] You'll never use them. Unless it's a launcher and you're a team player you'll never end up using your secondaries, especially since the pistols here aren't the same as they are in Black Ops 2. The more points the better. 9. [Choose your perks and attachments wisely] Now with all these points whatever should I run? Choose what works best for you, read the perks, understand how they work and which ones you need most. Some things you should know are: Toughness reduces flinch by 25%/66% depending on how you measure the flinch. 25% angular, 66% vertical. These are estimations. (This perk is useless if you play in the hardcore playlist like I do.) Foregrip reduces recoil based on how much the gun originally has, thus, the more recoil a gun has the more useful foregrip is. Use foregrip on the most inaccurate weapons. (BAL, HBAR SMGs.) Quickdraw makes a big difference in this game considering the lag and constant movement. Use it. Stock makes a big difference for ARs and LMGs. It also decreases accuracy depending on the gun, attachments, and speed at which you're moving while ADS. Gung-Ho is no joke, it's a deadly perk in the right hands, with very few drawbacks. The main one being that there is a delay when you try to ADS while sprinting, quickdraw does not help that delay very much combined with this perk. 10. [Look up] There tends to be a lot of people on top of buildings or dashing over you in this game, keep an eye out for this sort of stuff and check the roof of buildings frequently for these type of players, you may even come across the occasional camper. 11. [Turn up your brightness] Don't set it how the game wants you to, that's asking for trouble. You will come across people in several dark areas in this game, sometimes they may even be sitting in a corner. It doesn't help when the players blend in with these dark areas, so you need to combat this by increasing your brightness settings. The lighting in this game will screw you over bad, so you need to fight back. 12. [Work on your accuracy] This game will separate the accurate from the sprayers with all these Exo-movements. Start working on your accuracy so you can shoot down people dashing through the sky or near you. You need to be able to keep up with people moving around everywhere so you can actually kill them. I can't really offer any specific tips for this. 13. [Honorable Mentions] Play solo, stay away from your team and their "teammate lag". (But still play the objective.) Run the UAV, modify it and don't run any other streak. Run Coldblooded to stay off of certain sights and other equipment. Sell Gun Variants you don't like/will never use for XP. Exo-Ping is useful if there is a lot of Exo-movement going around. THE EM1 IS NOT MEANT FOR RUSHING, play defensively and suppress your enemies, just don't camp. It hip-fires like a beast too. (Post-patch, the EM1 doesn't play by these rules any longer, it just melts your opponent. RDS, Foregrip, and Quickdraw/Stock. Lightweight, Gung-Ho/Cold-Blooded, and Blast Suppressor. Modify this setup to your liking and you should do pretty good. 14. [Suggested tips from other players] This is where you can say what works for you. I'll put it in this list for everyone to see and put your name next to the tip. 15. [Warnings/Glitches & Bugs] The ping bar does not seem to accurately depict connection. (Patched?) There seems to be a fast reloading glitch, where even if you don't double-tap x it still empties the remainder of your mag. (Patched.) The auto-mantle function is acting weirdly, sometimes it may look like you didn't make it on top of a building and 1-2 seconds later, you're instantly on top of it. There is a glitch where your emblem gets deleted if you prestige. (Patched.) There are other numerous glitches that occur when you prestige, such as weapon challenges resetting. (Ex. If you have 100 Headshots it goes back down to 0.) (Patched.) There is a glitch on the map Horizon, where someone can get inside the elevator room and kill people. Hit detection does not register from the other side of the wall so trying to fight them head-on is useless. (Patched.) There is a glitch on the map Comeback, where someone can get inside the window and shoot you. (Patched.) There is a glitch on the map Retreat, where someone can get on top of the roof of the largest building (Near the pool.) and shoot you. (Patched.) Out-of-Bounds glitches on various other maps. (Some are patched, but new exploits are found frequently.) Camos are still glitched in some ways, such as diamond camo unlocking when you don't even have any of your guns gold. If there's anything else I should add let me know. Hopefully this helps the majority of players out. Don't quit playing so soon, you just need to adapt to the game. Because when you do, it's really fun.
  3. its been a while but If anyone has these weapons and is willing to do a trade so i could obtain them on the file, please message me gametag is ultrar2g
  4. I think that if we get a certain amount of achievements, then MS should award us with something, maybe a trophy, or maybe some MS points, or even exclusive clothing for our avatars... What do you think?
  5. You can redeem 100 bing points for 100 mp starting next week (Nov-14) You get 20 for signing up and 60 for searching around the site! http://www.discoverbing.com/rewards/web
  6. With all the upcoming games coming out, my wallet needs some savings. How long do you think an average playthrough would be for this game? Thanks
  7. First of I would like to start by saying hello. My name is Joshua, but all my friends just call me Josh. I am 24 years old. I have many different interests, so instead of just listing every single one, I will list my top 4 favorites, in hopes not to bore you as much and yet give you some insight into the real me; Reading, Gaming, Shopping, and cooking. I love to come home from work and either relax by reading a good book, playing an awesome game, or even watching an great movie with the love of my life. Up until about a week ago, I had never had the chance of playing a 360. I had always been a Playstation sort of guy. My PS3's Blue Ray play decided to finally crap out about a week ago, after four long years great years of playtime the day before thanks giving. My boyfriend, (yeah that's right I said boyfriend, get over it ), gave me his 360 and all his games as an early Christmas present. Woot! (Now I need to figure out something real nice to get him this year... but that's another matter. xD ) Anyways... I just recently purchased an Xbox Live membership. I am looking forward to meeting loads of interesting people, making great friends, and having fun playing with others online. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, feel free to pm me. ^^ Sorry if this isn't really all that good, but I have never really been all that great at talking/typing about myself. -.- I hope that this wasn't to boring for any of you here, and that I didn't waste anyone's time. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  8. As the topic says the beta for the 360 is finally available for download.
  9. I am making this to keep track of a list of all the 5 star items that people come across, and i would really appreciate it if you could post the items that u have come across that are 5 star. and if you can the chapter and difficulty you obtained them on. I will add anything new onto a list, with the chapter+Difficulty. - Ancient Armor, Death's Hard Mode Chest - Winged Boots, Dracula's Hard Mode Chest - Death's Robe, Death's Hard Mode Chest - Dracula's Tunic, Dracula's Hard Mode Chest - Valmanway, Dracula's Hard Mode Chest - Claimb Solais, Chapter 6 Hard Mode - Simon's Plate - Dracula's Hard Mode Chest.
  10. Hello; I've had New Vegas for quiet some time now, (around a few months after launch) and have had no issues as far as game corruption or anything of that sort goes, until today. I recently finished Old World Blues about 2 weeks ago and got my level up to 45, and only had to find about 15 more Star Caps to have officially gotten all the achievements, and had over 140 thousand caps to without glitching, attained over time, to get ready for the gambling achievement, and quite a few cards for the Caravan ones, so I was about to 100 the game. Anyways, when I was playing on my character, I had went on a search for the rare weapons for my friend to show him where they were at (on my character) and when I found a few, I went and made a save in the Lucky 38 Suite, and I had one before I entered Black Mountain Cave to find a rare weapon. When I went downstairs to leave New Vegas, the game suddenly crashed, as in not moving, dashboarding, etc, and forced me to restart. I didn't think nothing of it, and when I loaded up my save the other night, the game just loaded and then freezes (no dashboard available) and I tried clearing my cache, un-installing DLC, taking out patches from the HDD (which for some reason takes forever to register on my 360) and un-installed and re-installed it back to my HDD. I started a new character to get the NCR and Hardcore done in one run, and that one loaded and saved just fine, and I have no issues when loading that one. (which I finished on Hardcore last night ) When I tried to play on the other character (and I got rid of all my compulsive saves from my other one earlier, thanks to me playing Half-Life and saving every 10-20 minutes. I REALLY would like to keep my character as I had all my stats where I wanted them, perks, tons of money, lots of rare items, and only a few Star Caps left to find. I'm going to copy it over to one of my flashdrives for a minute and see if that even helps. (and there was no issues with the Data it said on my HDD stats.) So if there are any solutions, other than start over my search (and it's not like I don't know how to use the wiki ;P) for Star Caps on my new character, and thankfully I gave her 9 luck for the Caravan and Gambling. (even though my other one had 9 to on her's; use the NV Medical Clinic to boost it if you've got some spare caps. ) Any help is great.
  11. Hey y'all. As you probably know the new xbox will be coming out in the next year or so and I'd rather not pay for it. I feel gaming in general for me will have to become more casual for my life is going become really busy for me in the next few years. I thought that I would skip this coming generation and just spend time finishing up this generation's titles. I have this aluminum box that can hold a hundred discs and I'm trying to find which hundred discs I want to play for not necessarily the rest of my life but for many years to come. I am working on the list now and I will post a rough draft later. I was hoping y'all as the Xbox 360 community would suggest the games you think is necessary for this list or, if you have the time and the will, a list of your own. These games can exist already or be in development, as long as they will play on the xbox sometime in the future. Thank you for time. Sincerely, Rojo the Ginger
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm completely new to the Xbox 360 world. I had the original Xbox over a decade ago and since having kids have only played the Nintendo Wii. Our Wii just died last month and wasn't willing to buy the new WiiU. My brother-in-law bought the new Xbox One and gave us his old Xbox 360. I mostly play games with my 6 & 4 year old so kids games are what I'll mostly be reviewing and asking questions about My 6-yr old son loves any Lego game and my 4-yr old is just happy to be included in anything. New game suggestions are always welcome!
  13. I was wondering if anybody knows if gearbox is going to realease a 4th DLC for Borderlands. If anybody knows can they please tell me because I haven't heard anything for it. but a rumor was circling over Xbox Live that they were going to realease a 4th one in the near future.
  14. Ok so I am an avid Xbox fan. I wouldnt dream of getting rid of my xbox and personally I think its one of the best investments you can make. Well anyway to get to the point of things. My friend bought himself a 360 tonight and as any PS3 fan would say...."I hope it doesnt Red Ring". I told him that he should quit worrying and of course he didnt. We get back to my house and hook it up and wouldnt you know..."Red Ring" I dont know whether to laugh at his misfortune or feel bad. Hope karma doesnt pay me a visit.
  15. hello, i'm relocating to New Zealand from the UK, and i'm planning to pack my 360, monitor and (dare i say it) wii in a suitcase and through it on the plane. It's a bit insane, and i doubt any of them will make it... so does anyone have any advise, or personal experience that can help? cheers matt
  16. Is it just me or did microsoft own everyone at e3. I am not a fanboy as i have every console however i feel after reading about sony's e3 conference that i made a wise decision to love my 360 more. Admittingly GT5 looked good. However compared to 360's exclusive line-up such as ; L4D2 , Star Wars OR, Crackdown 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Joyrider, Mass Effect 2[obviously this is not considering the pc releases]. Microsoft just killed everyone TOTALLLYY!!! Please discuss as much as possible. BTW PROJECT NATAL...... AWESOMEEEEEE!!!! A reviewer talked about how perfect Burnout Natal worked showed this is totally Microsoft's Year APB LOOKZ AMAZING TOO... it's everything home is missing. An open world where everyone is a person yet with the feelings of a sandbox title .
  17. TriX

    Cheap Deals

    The UK Store Zavvi Has Gone Into Admin And Therefore They Have Very Cheap 360 Deals. I Went Today And Picked Up A Wireless Elite Black Pad For Less Than £20 . Also 120gb Harddrive Available For £60 . Also Get 12 Months Live For A Mere £25
  18. I was wanting to know how many and what games have came out that involve the September 11th attacks or the war that is going on in Iraq today. Before this gets taken the wrong way I dont want to kill my own people or bomb the world trade centers I was just wanting to know what games touched on that issue. The only one I have played is Army Of Two.
  19. I was wanting to know is there a way I can move my gamerscore, achievements, and saved games to another gamer profile or gamertag? My current xbox live account is messing up on me by saying that I cant use prepaid xbox live subscriptions because I used my credit card to buy 1 month of xbox live through my xbox 360 and now that I dont have any money in that account I cant get anymore live.
  20. I was wanting to know how can I record videos of myself playing Call Of Duty 4 like some of the people on YouTube. People have told me you have to buy a cable and plug it into your computer from your xbox but I was wanting to know if there are any other ways and how much is the cable and what is it called?
  21. I was wanting to know how do you take an enemy to a drop zone? What controls do you use? and How many drop zones are they? Thanks.
  22. Hey everyone my name is Killer Kira 94 i have had my xbox since the release of the xbox 360 I play many games and have just started out with achievement hunting. if you got any tips for me it would be gratefully appreciated games i am playing right now are Borderlands and saints row 2 but soon i will have all of the latest xbox 360 releases. You can add me on xbox live my gamertags are: Killer Kira 94 & HeadXhunter1994 im always looking for new people to play online with and just have a real fun time playing some xbox 360.
  23. Is there anywhere I can buy a female to female adapter for the 12-pin DVD drives' power cable?
  24. When i go to look at my acheivements in my profile it says the following : My Stats: Achievements: ##X360A_OF# (0%) Points:: ##X360A_OF# (0%) Achievements: Points: ##X360A_OF# (N/A %}) ##X360A_OF# (N/A %}) Game Name Any ideas on how i could get this to display my achievements ? Thank you for your help!
  25. I've heard of putting your gamertag on your desktop but does anyone know anywhere that you can make your gamertag your wallpaper and it would update just like it would on xbox.com. just asking
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