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Found 16 results

  1. Or is it just there for free golf when purchased?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to this website and I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me get all of the assassin's creed multiplayer achievements. I don't have a lot of friends that have xbox live and I'm looking for some new ones. My gamer tag is krazigemini. Send me a message if you ever want to play!
  3. Hey Peeps 1.) I've done alot of google searching and so far i've come up with nothing. Does anyone know what the Achievements will be & when they'll be uploaded onto the site? 2.) Let me know what Achievements you would like to see in the game. I'll Look Forward To Reading Your Comments!
  4. Ohhh how i wish i could get 1000G of a Guitar hero Game, ive come so close too many times, and i desperately wanted to get 1000G off of The Newest One, Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. But, as usual there are not enough players playing in online quickplay or competitive matches, and because of these People, i and many others are being denied our achievements that we all worked hard for.
  5. Me ( DFT Alien) and my buddy ( DFT StorM) are looking for some players to play some games with. We have played together for many years and some of them were competitively through Gears of War. We are passed that now and really just want to find some chill guys who can get on and get play some games with us. We play all kinds ranging from RPG's like Mass Effect to Multiplayer like COD. We seem to always be running short on players when it comes to co-op games and are really looking to add a fourth or fifth person to the mix so we can get achievements and play the games. We also, collect blu rays and sometimes watch them together over Live. ( We used to live together) You don't have to do that, but the type of guys we are mainly looking for are matured (Ages 18-and on). It would be nice if you had a job or someway to get the games that come out like we do. Reply or message me if you are interested. You do not have to be some pro gamer, we honestly just want people to play co-op games with and have some fun. My GS is 54K and his is 80+K. Would love to find some new gamers out there!
  6. I'm looking for players to boost with on Dead Rock to get the ANARCHY MASTER achievement and hopefully FINAL ECHO. GT is: JAM R0LY P0LY (zeros not o's) am online all day today and probs tomorrow. msg me if your interested.
  7. Here is a Full Playlist of one of the best games released this year so far. I can't stop playing it. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgjpzoXRO9c&list=PLA4D023556ECCA369&index=1&feature=plpp_video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgjpzoXRO9c&list=PLA4D023556ECCA369&index=1&feature=plpp_video[/ame]
  8. So I am new to this website and I am loving it but I'm getting kind of tired of scrolling through all my games just to keep track of them on this achievement site so i was wondering if there is an easier way to do this. Does this site have that Capability or can it. Seriously I love this site it is so helpful for all gamers out there because it shows you achievements and also doesn't spoil it for you but I just want to know if this is possible
  9. Hi! I'm looking to unlock some achievements these days, as this game is so awesome, and I really enjoy playing it. I'll post the achievement and a comment, regarding the difficulties I'm facing: Key to the City -- 100G After finishing the storyline, do I only have to find and kill all those pigeons, or are there any important choices or something like this in the main story, which I'll also have to complete, eventually by starting a new game? Endangered Species -- 50G Is there any map which could help me finding all those pigeons? Under the Radar -- 40G Which helicopter should I use? I tried with the Hunter, or however the one found at the airport is called, but I messed up big time. Should I use the police helicopter, or is there a good guide on this achievement? Dare Devil -- 30G Again, is there any map showing the position of the Insane Stunt Jumps? And should I use a bike for this? I tried with many cars, but I failed, and got a Not Good Enough message. Liberty City Minute -- 30G Well... I guess I'll start a new game on this one, and complete it as fast as possible. It should not be hard, because if I play 6 hours a day, I have one working week to finish the game, and, judging from my previous game, it should be more than enough. Also, are there any problems if I use some cheats, to speed the game up a bit? And do cut-scenes count? Rolled Over -- 30G I guess I'll use a light car, and mess the things up a bit at the airport on a ramp, to get this achievement. Wheelie Rider -- 30G Pretty easy, I'd say, but are there any recommendations on the bike I should use? I haven't ridden many bikes (about three, and finished the game twice), but I have noticed the fact that there are bikes which react better at wheelies, while there are others which I could not even have them start a wheelie (the PCJ 600, if I recall). Chain Reaction -- 20G This looks pretty ugly. I think that a car needs 10 seconds to explode. How on Earth should I make 10 cars explode in 10 seconds?!? oO Liberty City (5) -- 20G Which friends are those? Are they talking about the ones who appear on the radar as a man icon, or the ones who you can actually entertain, like Roman or Little Jacob? You Got The Message -- 20G I haven't played GTA4 in a while, and two days ago, I started trying to unlock achievements, so I don't remember if I have to activate the missions, or do I only check the message and try localizing the car myself, based on the text? I checked a message, and there was so button or something. Finish Him -- 15G What does melee counter mean? Do I have to dodge the attack (A button) and then attack back (X, Y or B buttons), or how do I perform a melee counter? Also, do they have to be done in a row, or can I miss some dodges? King of QUB3D -- 15G I could not unlock this achievements, and I've spent a lot of time on it. I confess, though, that I was never a good Tetirs player. Manhunt -- 15G I don't have the console in front of me right now, so I've got a question: do I access the Most Wanted list from a police computer, and select the guy, or do I see the guy, and make some research on him, like introducing his name on the police database and see where I can found him? Sightseer -- 5G Where do I find the sightseeing tour(s)? I have not found any. oO No More Strangers -- 5G What does random character mean? Again, are we talking about about the man icons on the radar, or about the main characters of the storyline? I have finished the storyline and have not got this achievement. What other characters are there? Thanks in advance!
  10. I some time try a achievements out from the list and just can't get it And then i find out that it is a DLC :-D LOL It will be a good ideer if there was split between the game and the DLC for a better overview ? It will safe time trying for something you can't get Or change the color of the ikon
  11. Anyone doing this mission, invite me i will give you 50% of the cash earned. If you are doing this restart leave your gt below i will message you, or add me.
  12. I´ve been noticing sometimes i don´t usually enjoy gaming as much if there is absolutely no chance i will get an achievement. U might think im just stupid but whats ur general opinion on this: Are achievements breaking or at least changing the way we play games? Can u imagine gaming without them? DO u miss those times were u could only play for fun? Just remember all the comments about me not enjoying plain gaming and being a complete douche because of it are welcome but if u dont have anything interesting to say u might as well keep it to urself
  13. Hello everyone! I have been playing Xbox since April of 2011 and my first achievements were in Black Ops on the 360. I have over 70,000 gamerscore and hope to increase it when next gen hits.
  14. When I sign in to my Xbox live account it works properly. When the game loads and I began to play it was fine. My achievements popped up at the bottom. But, when I look at my profile it asks me to "connect to Xbox live". I select this and I get an error. I test the connection and it works. I look and see if the achievements were really given to me but instead it says I didn't play the game. What is the worst part is that I select the game in the achievements tab and it shows that I have the achievements that I earned. But the gamerscore doesn't equal what I should have as a gamerscore. If you know a solution, it would be great if you could contact me by emailing me at [email protected] Or you can just reply to me here.Thank you.
  15. Hey if you wanna boost the multiplayer achievements just message me on xbox 360. Have Red Faction in the message at my GT Confused n1NJA
  16. In everyone's honest opinion, how difficult was it to get all 50 of them? I want to accomplish this feat, but I'm horrible at Skyrim and I get lost easily, even with maps and whatever. But for a lot you guys, you're experts, so I'd like your opinion and maybe some tips that can help me not be a lame idiot. Also, I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong place, I'm new around here.
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