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Found 1 result

  1. I've played every Dynasty Warrior game since DW2 was a release title on the PS2. I know the strategy of Hu Lao Gate - avoid Lu Bu and just accomplish the main objective. Ok, this time, the objective is to take out that huge weapon thingie, guarded by Diao Chan, and Zhang Liao...and Lu Bu. So...how do you do it? Even if I manage to use my strike force to take out Diao Chan and Zhang Liao, I can't put a dent into Bi Xie. I even tried using a lantern and sniping at it with a bow, but I can't do anything to it. Heck, my arrows don't even hit unless I'm right next to it, which pretty much means I die. I'm using Guan Yu who's at level 16. I'm even playing on Easy, and it's still kicking my ***. Am I missing something here, or does this game require some serious grinding just to get anywhere?
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