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Found 2 results

  1. http://i.imgur.com/ZoEMh2o.jpg Overview: -Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 -Offline: 26/30 (365:gsicon:) -Online: 4/30 (35:gsicon:) -Approximate amount of time to 400:gsicon:: 30+ Hours -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 -Number of missable achievements: None -Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats. -Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes -Glitchy achievements: Melee Master, Weapons Master -Unobtainable achievements? Jail Breaker (Fixed with Title Update.) -Extra equipment needed? None. A second controller and a mic would be helpful for local and online co-op respectively. Introduction: Welcome to Battleblock Theater. Fans of 2D platformers, puzzles, co-op, multiplayer brawlers and poop jokes alike will find much to enjoy here. Normal Story: Doing the story for the first time on solo is recommended, but co-op is fine as well. The story is paced well giving you time to learn all of the games mechanics, co-op being marginally more difficult due to sometimes finicky co-op mechanics.Try to collect as much gems and yarn as possible. After completing a typical playthrough you should have earned roughly enough items to unlock all of the weapons, and complete one set of characters. Encores and Story Mop Up: Encores are challenge levels, three are unlocked after completing each world. I would recommend completing the story mode before attempting these. After completing all of the encores you will unlock an achievement and a moderate amount of satisfaction. Depending on how much you plan on playing the arena modes, replaying normal levels and collecting missed items and improving ranks may be necessary to earn enough gems to unlock all of the characters. Arena, Trading and Community Levels: The four achievements that require online are can all be done by joining or hosting a public game and having random players join. Arena VS wins done both online and offline will count toward the achievements All that is needed here is one win in each arena VS game mode, as Finales and encores completed in the story mode will count toward the 100 wins. The arena VS are time to use all of the melee moves and weapons, as well as some other special moves that can only be done in specific gametypes. Insane Story: Insane story mode is identical to normal story, apart from the fact that a player death will force you to restart the level. Having all weapons unlocked and being familiar with the levels and gameplay mechanics will be a big help here. Mop Up and Gem Farming Even after completing the story four times it is still unlikely you will have enough gems to unlock everything. It will be necessary to go back to story levels and increase your score, play/farm arena mode, or play enough of the Furbottom's Feature levels to get enough gems to complete the game. Credits Distractor08 - For carrying me through insane co-op, and showing the glory of the bubble and some other gameplay tips.
  2. Hi i'm looking for star heads. please read the lists below. What i'm after: Tiny Monkey Scuba Steve The Nose Knows What i'm offering: 101 Yarn 100 Gems All Weapons Any normal head Sausage Alien Hominid Castle Crasher Cybermonday aka the present The Tiny Battery Tiny Cyclops The Robot Message me what you would like and what your offering. My Gamertag On Xbox Live Is LORD CREEPER LC No yarn or gem offers. Interested in the listed heads only. Thanks.
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