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Found 1 result

  1. I thought I'd post this bit of info... seeing this game is going to be free very soon, and gamers visiting here will want to know this. Whether you are just trying to get the bike part back to the garage, or especially if you are using the cart to boost zombie kills... there are some techniques to learn in controlling the cart. When you first get the cart, the game will tell you to press the B button to "PUSH Utility Cart ." To "actually" push the cart (after grabbing the handle)... you need to press the button! If you are NOT behind the cart (by the handle), or if the cart is not properly setting on its wheels... you will ONLY be able to "pick-up" the cart when pressing . You CAN NOT attack zombies with the cart while you are picking it up - only when it is pushed! While you are holding the cart by the handle, you can either: PUSH IT, PUSH IT AND TURN IT, or TURN IT. As simple and straight-forward as that may seem... the cart is easily upset by any obstacle (except for zombies) that is immovable (buildings, cars, fire plugs, trees, high curbs, etc.). You can jam some objects under the front of the cart (dead zombies, trash cans, potted plants, etc.) that won't make you lose control of the cart, but it will slow it down some, as well as make more noise (not that noise matters). Changing direction or moving the cart side-to-side will usually dislodge things stuck in front. Most of the time, pushing the cart around town is fairly effortless. However, if you get jammed-up against an immovable object... it is usually in the presence of multiple zombies, and getting the cart going again can be difficult, not to mention you could get killed if while trying to get the cart going again if you aren't careful! SPECIAL NOTE: Female zombies ALWAYS die with one hit of the bike cart. It doesn't matter if it's one of the slim (former) hotties in a mini-skirt, or one of the fatties: they only take one hit! Some of the other zombies will also die in one hit. These seem to be the "older, one-foot-in-the-grave zombies!" The soldier-zombies & deputy-sheriff-zombies seem to always take multiple hits. Aim for the zombie bitches!!! Plan your path! Don't head straight into a car, building or fence... just to get a zombie - there's more than 753 of them in town (and no one knows for sure where they're all coming from)!! If you are about to get into a position where you can't make a wide enough turn to go back the way you came without hitting something... JUST STOP (stop pressing ). While you are still holding the handle of the cart, turn BOTH thumbsticks in the same direction (left OR right, it doesn't matter). You will bring about the direction of the cart WHILE maintaining your view of the direction the cart is facing! This will allow you to "turn around" in a tight space (or otherwise, do a 180). If you don't know what a 180 is... it's what Microsoft has done to many of their original policies, regarding the features of the upcoming Xbox One! Anyway... to get back on track... doing a "Stop & Turn" with the cart will allow you to turn around in about an 8 to 10 foot radius, as opposed to just pushing and turning the cart (without stopping)... which takes about the width of a street! This is the KEY to mastering the cart. If the cart does get upset and need to be righted... make sure the area is clear of zombies before trying to pick it up and set it down again. When you aren't pushing/holding the cart... the zombies will tend to walk right through the cart, knocking it over as they try to get to you (this makes it nearly impossible to grab the handle and start pushing it again). That's about it! One final thing... don't push the cart onto the sidewalk where you return the cart to the garage - unless that's what you're ready to do. Once you get it close to that building/door... a cut-scene will ensue, and you won't be able to push the cart anymore! Also, if you head to the end of town at the end of the open road... a cut-scene will play, and when the game returns control to you, you will NOT be pushing the cart anymore (and you will have to grab the handle again - hopefully, zombies weren't right on your ass as you did that)!
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