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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys, I think I may have screwed myself over, but I figured I'd check with you before I restart the entire level. I'm in Siren Alley and have gone to Plaza Hedone. I've gotten all of the other recordings and realized I've left the Plasma Shipment recording over near the mermaid lounge. The maintenance door is shooting sparks and not opening. Is the anyway I can get back there to get it before reversing the pumps and having to race out. Any help is appreciated
  2. I need some decent people to play with on here. Add me. In the request write Bio2 so I'll know who you are. Ill be on all night.
  3. I have heard they are going to make a playlist for the new maps but when are they going to make it? Also how much do the maps come up for you guys?
  4. this is my first ever thread so please forgive anything wrong/out of place. All im looking for is five people, (preferably UK based to avoid time problems) who are looking for the aqua incognito and territorial achievements, and can work well in a group to avoid unnessecary hassle. just post your gamertag and what times you'll be avaliable to play
  5. I want to see how many others, like me, dislike bioshock 1& 2. I think they are terrible games. Just saying a game is original doesn't make it original. it's not much different from anyother game. Half the plasmids are completely useless and the only good ones are fire lightning & ice (all elements). Might as well throw in earth wind and grass/nature powers with it. Useless powers to 'fill' the game isn't original. The setting of rapture is ridiculous and would of all flooded by now. Splicers apparently kill eachother when ur not around. Hence dead bodies everywhere. But they all seem on the same team when ur around. In bioshock2 the splicers don't dare attack a normal big daddy but they'll single handidly attempt to attack you (the taller bigger more well equipped big daddy). Many weapons suck so much ass u tend to stick with only 2 or 3 guns in every game. MG shotgun and a rocket or pistol. Everything in this game that's spost to be 'original' sucks. That doesn't make it a good game. I could degrade bioshock all day but im just wanting other ppls opinions
  6. sorry if there's already a post of this i didn't see one. but here's an easy way of getting the look at you, hacker and master hacker achievement if you want it ASAP. Ok what you do is go up to any vending machine and hack it, then hit the red bar to set off the security. once the security is on to you hack 2 of the bots with the hacking tool and watch em' take out the oncoming security forces. when a bot gets too beat up rinse and repeat. you can also max out the security research tract using this method too.
  7. Looking for some help boosting to 40 along with several trials. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to go back to MW2.
  8. Alright, so, I've played through all of the DLC for Minervas Den and I have been awarded all of the achievements except for 'Garbage Collection' and 'Adam Addict' And I can't figure out why. I have been given both of the teddy bear presents from the little sisters, which WOULD indicate that I 'resolved' all of them. Also, when I destroy the 10th vaccume bot it EVEN SAYS that I've done so, but no achievements. Help me!!
  9. what's up, guys? Anyway I got that nifty Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition thing (which was a pain in the ass to acquire, i finally had to get Best Buy to special order it for me) and while I love the game (I've probably played through it ten times), it's rather pissing em off as well. So I didn't get all the achievements on my first playthrough of the Rapture Edition. I started a new game with the new game plus feature which is pretty cool, but some of the achievements aren't unlocking while some are (for instance, the Irony! achievement unlocked which is acquired by photographing Sander Cohen's corpse while achievements such as Weapon Specialist, Research PhD, Ammo Inventor, and Tonic Collector seem to be locked away forever). My best guess is these achievements aren't available in the new game plus feature, which in my opinion is rather a rip off. Has anyone else had any experience with these? Thank you.
  10. I have the GFWL version of BioShock 2, and I am planning on getting the X360 version; will getting it create a second BioShock 2 entry in my Achievements list?
  11. I Plan on getting both of these from gamefly, but i wanna know, Which is better and why.
  12. I got the Platinum Trophy on this on PlayStation 3 relatively easy, along the way I found a glitch where if you stand in front of a Gene Bank and have (at least) one more plasmid than you have slots, make sure you have the one like Houdini online, (I can't remember the name) press the plansmid button then straight away, press the button to use the Gene Bank. Once on the Gene Bank, swap the plasmid you just used for something else so leave the Houdini plasmid in the Bank. If done correctly then you should be invisible, press the plasmid button again to go back to your body. From then on, you will be invincible untill you reach the next level or pick up, harvest, rescue, or collect Adam with a Little Sister then the glitch will stop. It can be done as many times as you want though so just keep doing it at the beggining of levels and you should do it. Hope this has helped you guys, happy achievement hunting!
  13. awesome video for all collectibles in bioshock 2 remastered [ame] [/ame] credits go to PS4Trophies
  14. I'm not looking to boost Bioshock 2, but I'm looking for a group to play together with so that we can get all the achievements as not many people are playing this anymore. I haven't decided on session times or anything, as I'm waiting to find people first before setting dates and stuff. send me a message with 'Bioshock 2' in it to: xTOOHIGH2SNIPEx
  15. If so, add Sagerox99. I'm trying to get those final achievements, including the ones that require you to play on the new maps. Also, I'll help you with any other achievements for the game. I beat the campaign 6 times. I'm pro
  16. So basically, I purchased a physical copy, so I could still get Xbox achievements through amazon, I've now done all achievements except Minerva's Den... So I'm stuck at 1250/1380G. Does anyone have a GFWL version of Minerva's Den? If so could I grab it from your GFWL Marketplace or your gamefiles? I'm not sure how to obtain it, but anyone who has it I am willing to pay the money the DLC actually costs to get my hands on that final gamerscore! I'd also like to note, does getting the Steam version of Minerva's Den, then moving it over into the GFWL version work? Thanks & Help maybe? - Will
  17. In the level where you are walking around the museum about Andrew Ryan you will find a robotic version of him behind a desk and a 9 iron in the corner . Pick up the 9-iron using telekinesis and launch it at Ryan's head and boom you have the achievement. --Brought to you by phoxknight--
  18. So, I was trying to survive a Gather. I set Mini-Turrents around to protect the Little Sister and hid in the corner. Then got the achievement out of nowhere! I had no other hacked security. Thus, proving that Mini-Turrents do count for the achievement. and my setup was something like this... So, the easiest and fastest was is making your setup like the one above.
  19. I am thinking about getting Bioshock 2 but I haven't played the first one. Does it matter if i play the Bioshock before Bioshock 2 or will it be the same experience? Thanks
  20. Plasmids:woop: ★★★ = Must Have ★★ = Useful★ = Not Worth It Cyclone Trap Level 1★★Throws lesser enemies into the air and drops 'em like ragdolls, letting you attack them while they're limp. Doesn't work against bigger enemies, maybe useful when preparing for a gather.Level 2★You can set a trap and turn it into, say, a fire pit with a blast of Incinerate! but it seems a bit much work for little effect. Still doesn't pick up bigger enemies.Level 3★Lets you set traps on the walls and ceiling. For what purpose, we don't know. Seems pointless, are we wrong? Decoy Level 1★★★Gives enemies something else to shoot out. Good for distracting crowds of splicers, or even big daddies and big sisters. Unfortunately only lasts until you shoot the enemy to get their attention on you.Level 2★★★The dummy you create can reflect damage at enemies, making it more useful, especially against big daddies and big sisters.Level 3★★Reflect damage also heals you. Very useful in big, difficult fights, but not terribly applicable to casual shooting and exploring. Electro Bolt Level 1★★★Found during gameplay, in the stage Adonis Luxury Resort. Vital to opening occasional doors, good for stunning, but uses a lot of EVE for little payoff.Level 2★★★Stun effect chains between enemies, stunning multiple splicers with one charged shot. Not too shabby, but still uses lots of EVE.Level 3★★Gives you a steady stream of shocking power for a continuous stun, but it drains EVE so quickly that it barely stuns longer than a charged shot from Electro Bolt 2. Bleh. Hypnotize Level 1★★Good for talking a splicer into attacking a big daddy for you. The splicer will die, but at least deal some damage to the daddy before you go at him. Not terribly useful, though.Level 2★★Tag a splicer with a charged shot and he'll follow you around until he dies. Pretty useful, especially at distracting bigger enemies like daddies and big sisters. Don't expect him to live long, though. Wears off eventually, but takes a long time.Level 3★★Just like Hypnotize 2, except it now works on big daddies. Very useful in fights against big sisters, but otherwise probably overkill unless you're really against fighting on your own. Wears off eventually, but takes a long time. Incinerate! Level 1★★★Purchased during gameplay, in the stage Ryan Amusements. Possibly the best attack plasmid. Enemies on fire will spread the fire to other splicers, and generally don't attack you while they flail around. Good for stopping big daddies, brute splicers and alpha series.Level 2★★Gives you a more powerful, bigger blast of Incinerate! when charged, but isn't, in our opinion, really worth it.Level 3★★Good for catching lots of enemies on fire at once, but it burns through EVE so quickly that it's only useful if you've got your EVE storage increased. Insect Swarm Level 1★★Useful against big enemies. Doesn't deal a lot of damage, but does do a lot of distracting and it lasts a pretty long time. Keep a big daddy busy with the swarm and unload.Level 2★Not really sure how this is more effective than the standard swarm. May be better about moving from one enemy to the next, but since it's most useful against big enemies, this usefulness is pretty moot.Level 3★Bodies that you kill with the swarm become proximity mines to swarm others that walk by. Seems kinda pointless to us. Scout Level 1★★Good for checking out for enemies up ahead, or for setting plasmid-based traps in rooms where you expect a tough fight. Tough to do a lot of damage with it, so consider it more for exploration.Level 2★Gives the added benefit of allowing you to hack security measures. Could be useful for moving into splicer-infested areas with a camera or turret and turning it against them before you (the physical you) shows up. Security Command Level 1★★Good for directing your security bots or cameras when they're annoyingly doing a bad job of picking up enemies. Costs almost no EVE, so it's decently useful.Level 2★★★Allows you to expend the rest of your current EVE meter to summon a security bot to follow you. Useful, but you can get security bots by triggering alarms and hacking them instead.Level 3★★Allows you to summon a powered-up version of a security bot. Good for creating more long-lasting distractions for big daddies and big sisters. Summon Eleanor Level 1★★★Uber-powerful, but it costs an entire EVE meter (or whatever EVE you've got left in your current meter). Long-lasting and very effective in big fights where you have too many enemies to keep track of. Telekinesis Level 1★★★Found during gameplay, in the stage The Atlantic Express. Great for intercepting and tossing back explosive items from big daddies and alpha series enemies. Also lets you pick up items that are out of reach, and won't even use your EVE meter so long as you don't throw the item (press the reload button to drop an item you can't take and don't want to throw).Level 2★The best things to throw are explosives and this doesn't appear to increase the damage they deal. Your EVE and ADAM are probably best spent elsewhere, unless you want to get...Level 3★★★Can now grab enemy bodies...while they're still alive! Doesn't work on big guys, but still very useful. You can grab an enemy, use melee attacks to kill him, then press the reload button to drop the body without spending a bit of EVE or even ammo. Winter Blast Level 1★★★Surprisingly effective! Keeps enemies still, making for easy shots and nullifying their offense, plus effectively increases the damage of your weapons. Especially good versus powerful enemies.Level 2★★★Charged shot holds enemies frozen longer. Very effective against bigger enemies, like big daddies, but overkill versus splicers.Level 3★Lets you unload a continual blast of ice, good for freezing multiple enemies but ultimately kind of pointless since you then have to destroy the ice blocks of multiple enemies at the same time. Use with frag grenades if you must use it. MULTIPLAYER TIPS <embed src='http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf' flashvars='article_ID=863022&downloadURL=http://videomovies.ign.com/video/video/article/863/863022/ignstrategize_bioshock2_02_021010_flvlowwide.flv&allownetworking="all"' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='433' height='360' ></embed>
  21. Dionysis Park 072 Patronage - Just before the steps, next to a shelf 073 A Gift from Billy - After going up the steps go down the steps where it's blocked 074 Lamb's time is over - Behind the door, code 1080 075 Lost and Found - In the middle of the marry go round 076 Dionysis Park's Weakness - from marry go round go in the door by the gathers garden and find the broken door to find it and the eve saver tonic 077 The Voice of the Self - start in the room with the two statues pointing to the sky, go towards the right, upstairs through door, left at medical station, way to the right, on the piano 078 Gotta Keep it Together - in the room with the statue of the bear, go up the stairs, end of path 079 Falling into Place - in the frozen room with all the cameras, go to the right corner, in some ice 080 Learning Poker - In the lounge room off of the entrance to the theater two dancing Houdini Spilcers open the door behind the bar to get it 081 A Secular Saint - behind the stage, take the left door 082 A Spy - Balcony facing the stage 083 behind the balcony in some rubble after a camera 084 Lamb Flouts the System - Under a trash can in front of the two statues pointing up 085 A Plan - after you get access to stanley, in his room Fontaine Futuristics Part 1 Fontaine Futuristics: 086 Alone at last - Through the first door, on some crates 087 Agnus Dei - Story related 088 Means of Control - Just after Gil opens the doors, on a couch 089 Life After Sisterhood - Up the stairs to the left, next to 'sister' vent 090 Goodbye to Fontaine - inside the office of Frank Fontaine there is a boar’s head interact with it to make the curtain move 091The New Cognitive Model – in the operating room at the back of the first level next to Drill power 2 092 Source of Volunteers - In the room with the flooded electrified floor 093 Prototype - in the room with the key code 5254 094 Abort the Experiment - on a table on your left as you make your way to the next area its beside a gene bank Fontaine Futuristics Part 2 Adam research lab: 095 Solving for X - Just under the left circuit breaker 096 Gil's Place in the Plan - By the Gather's garden 097 Meltzer’s Choice – on a Rumbler Daddy 098 Goodbye, Dr. Alexander - from where you were connected with the child, straight, then right, it will be next to a vent 099 Big Sister - after 090 shoot the door panel to unlock the door, in that room 100 Betrayal - Drop down into the cells, in a block of ice 101 Outlived Usefulness - Down in the pacification chamber area, where the arrow tells you to go first 102 The People’s Daughter – just before you into the elevator to the next level it’s on your right Persephone Outer 103 Selling Ryan Short - on your first room on your right next to vent 104 Withholding Visitation - In Lamb's office, just past the switch 105 Blessing in Disguise - In front of the statue of the big daddy saving the little sister, on the left side 106 Behind Mother's Back - next to the big sister's helmet 107 Freeing Father – under Eleanor’s bed Persephone Inner 108 Out with the Old... - Just after lockdown, it will be just past gather's garden 109 The Definition of Despair - on a table just past a camera, after you first see sinclair 110 Last Two Digits - from the clown vending machine you'll see a sign that says cell block south quad, second cell on your right, crouch to get into the hole 111 A Trade - in block D right 112 First Two Digits - in block D left 113 No more Hope Left - on a prisoner that hung himself in cell block c 114 A Generous Offer – In Cell Block A on the left 114 Magic Sauce - After you gain access to the room sinclair is in, in that room 115 A Simple Question - in the therapy room around the camera, by the operation chair 116 Destructive Learning - take a right at the sign that says pediatric care next to the vita chamber, through the door 117 Sacrifices - In the administration offices, as soon as you get in, the first little room on your right 118 A Stratagem for Sinclair - in the basement of the admin building, in the right corner of the room 119 Such Freedom - last cell on the left in the infirmary toward ward a Gene bank 120 My Prison - after ward B there will be a turret that launches rockets, in that room 121 They Feel Pain – Surgery under second camera beside a Pneumo Tube 122 Alleviating Pain - autopsy room
  22. Journal Loations Part 1 Adonis Luxury Resort 001 Attention: Workers! - Near the generator 002 Fitness - In the room with the locked code 003 To My Daughter - In the Ladies restroom 004 Return - on the bench to the right with the two splicers in water 005 They Call it Rapture - just after you pick up the rivet gun take a right 006 Generation - behind the stairs on the bar(?) next to vital chamber 007 Escape from Rapture- after the Big Sister breaks the window it is in the sub on the left The Atlantic Express 008 Great chain rattles - in the left corridor as soon as you get to the trolley 009 Just a Fad - on a desk after you see the three enemies around the burning trash can 010 What Happened to the People - next to a mattress in the room with the three leadhead splicers around the burning trash can 011 Ryan vs Lamb: Reality - in the storage room past the kitchen 012 Know the Beast - on a file cabinet on the way to where the splicer put a pipe in the gears 013 Improving on Suchong's Work - After going up in the elevator go towards the door, take a left, in a file cabinet 014 The Situation - on a bench next to the train in train station 015 Eleanor's Progress - Just after you get out of the train past the first door next to some candles 016 The Old Sheepdog - Just after the vital chamber going to get amusement ticket 017 Volunteer - In the first room after you insert ticket, in the middle below a bench 018 Cutting Corners - in the souvenir shop in amusement park, all the way to the right, next to safeh021 Eat Dog - Next to upgrade in main hallway on your way to get Adam 022 "Child" and Guardian - In the room with the big daddy, straight until you can only go right, then left, it will be in a luggage case 023 You, Me, and 1959 - In the room after you harvest the first body look to your left after the stairs it's in a small room 024 Lamb the problem, Sinclair the solution - Keep going forward pass the broken "this way" sign, it will be on some crates 025 Escape Plan - Next to the second body you harvest 026 Truth is in the Body - Just after the "we will be reborn" written in white in the pathway, up the stairs 027 Deterioration - At the display of the family go into the display to the right and up the hand, there will be a body with candles 028 Working for Sinclair - Just after the family display through the door and to your right next to the vending machine 029 Doctor Lamb - Just after the camera in the display pathway, you have to break a pallet it's next to a desk 030 Efficacy - after the rapture display (tower in water) in the hallway of the maintenance room 031 Dating Tip - after unlocking all the security doors, you can now go through the door in the room just after harvesting the first body, it's in the right corner 032 Disappeared - On your way back to the train, melt the mount of ice next to the vending machine 033 Wooden Nickels - In the room which sinclair came out of Pauper's Drop 034 Ryan vs Lamb: Religious Rights - In a small store on the right side when you get to pauper's drop 035 Wrong Side of the Tracks - in the Sinclair Hotel sign in desk, left side 036 The End of the Line - As soon as you get to the pawn shop go all the way to the left, it's on some crates with candles 037 Clinic Code at the Fishbowl - Right next to the combination lock 038 Arrangements - combination, up stairs, through door towards turret, left at refrigerator, through door, upstairs, just after the camera you'll see blue sheets(?)bg 039 Therapy with Grace 1 - at refrigerator take right, through hole, take right, left through door, right, on a cabinet 040 Camera in Hock - Just past blue sheets, go forward through door, on desk 041 Mole - when you head to skid row, take a left down the hall, it will be on some storage containers next to a downed Rosie 042 Blood and Lamb - Go through the lab, crouch through the hole in the wall, it will be on the counter 043 Close Down the Limbo Room - behind the stage on next to the makeup mirror 044 Pauper’s Drop – after you have killed the brute head up the stairs they are behind the camera turn left up more stairs and head straight ahead it’ll be in a room on the roof on the left hand side 045 Sunday Services – follow the same as 044 but turn left after the bathroom it will be by the adam filled body 046 A Gift from Lamb - after breaking junk out of the way of the hotel take the right stairs go into the room, through the door, it's leaning against drawers in the bathroom 047 Profit Coming, Profit Going - After the blue sheet, keep going forward, take the left next to the vital chamber, up the stairs, it's directly above the where the blue sheet is 048 Where has Harry Gone? - after the blue sheet, you go down a long hallway, just past the vending machine take the whole on your right, it will be opposite the safe 049 The Butterfly - go into the hole the big guy came out of, all the way back and to your left in a dark room 050 What a Snap - when you see the camera, top level, take a right, all the way at the end 051 Failing Lamb - on the bed in the last apartment before you get the key 052 Barbarism - Under the bed next to keen observer 053 Feild Trial 1 - on the brute splicer 054 Better Times with Lamb - on top of the roof of Marlene's Flowers Siren Alley 055 A Silent God - just outside Siren Alley 056 Father to Fall - In Mermaid Lounge, go upstairs, hack the gate to get behind the bar, drop down the hole 057 Lamb's Salvation - Right in front of the door to go to pump station 5/Plaza Hedone 058 Misbehaving – inside of the poisoned apple go up stairs and fall down a hole 059 Father Simon Wale's - as soon as you get to the pearl, go straight slightly to the left through the door, on the desk 060 The Date is the Code - on Daniel Wales's body 061 Double Standard - in the room next to the turret in the pearl 062 Wales an' Wales - top floor, room next to camera, in the room with the hole in the ground go into door, on a desk 063 Bury Her Memory - after the code and you get the door to open, a big daddy will knock a body out of a room, in that room to the right, the room is also on your right as you walk into the main corridor 064 Lamb's Operation from 062 go straight past the door into another room turn right up some stairs then do a u turn keep going till you reach a turret, it’s through the door after the turret 065 Guidance of Lamb - just after the room with all the generators it will be by some candles 066 Shackled to the Great Chain - above 065 in the room with a safe 067 Therapy with Grace 2 - opposite the upgrade station in a cabinet 068 My Name is Elenor - in the little sister's orphanarium the room with all the beds 069 The Requirements of Utopia - facing Joe's green groceries look right, in the alley go to the end 070 An Empty Niche - In Joe's green groceries, basement room just after/before you get "cure all" 071 The Creed of the Faithful - after you beat wales, on the alter
  23. Can someone post where the weapons are located, I almost missed the Shotgun, if only My friend didn't tell me...please? I'm afraid I'll miss a weapon & not upgrade 'em all... Thanks, a link would also be nice...
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