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  1. I think the BioShock 2 Achievements on the X360A.org site are broken, Some achievements mark others then what you actually selected (For example, selecting the Daddy's Home achievement as completed, actually sets the Savior Achievement as completed instead.) Also, the Daddy's Home achievement seems to be unable to be marked as completed at all... Even if you click the "Mark all as completed" it wont set it as completed.
  2. well ive caught alot of flack for the games i chose in my poll last time so heres a new one, with a new perspective on what FPS games to have in this poll. so enjoy and poll it up! here is the old thread for you ppl out there that have a problem with my poll/ http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=309403
  3. I no this is an old game but i have done an collectible guide for the Audio Diary's All Plasmids (Tonics) Power To The Power (Upgrade stations) All in videos with voice over the video to help you get what you need Hope these helps Welcome To Rapture & Medical Pavilion [ame= ] [/ame] Neptune's Bounty [ame= ] [/ame] Smuggler's Hideout [ame= ] [/ame] Arcadia & Farmer's Market [ame= ] [/ame] Fort Frolic [ame= ] [/ame] Fort Frolic part Audio diary i missed [ame= ] [/ame] Hephaestus [ame= ] [/ame] Rapture Central Control [ame= ] [/ame] Olympus Heights [ame= ] [/ame] Apollo Square [ame= ] [/ame] Point Prometheus [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9S2fLtz2Vc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9S2fLtz2Vc[/ame]
  4. I want to see how many others, like me, dislike bioshock 1& 2. I think they are terrible games. Just saying a game is original doesn't make it original. it's not much different from anyother game. Half the plasmids are completely useless and the only good ones are fire lightning & ice (all elements). Might as well throw in earth wind and grass/nature powers with it. Useless powers to 'fill' the game isn't original. The setting of rapture is ridiculous and would of all flooded by now. Splicers apparently kill eachother when ur not around. Hence dead bodies everywhere. But they all seem on the same team when ur around. In bioshock2 the splicers don't dare attack a normal big daddy but they'll single handidly attempt to attack you (the taller bigger more well equipped big daddy). Many weapons suck so much ass u tend to stick with only 2 or 3 guns in every game. MG shotgun and a rocket or pistol. Everything in this game that's spost to be 'original' sucks. That doesn't make it a good game. I could degrade bioshock all day but im just wanting other ppls opinions
  5. Hey, I really don't want to spend money on keypapd's, so does anybody know the number to get into Kyburz's office for the NitroGlycerin Charge? Matter o' fact, there should be a thread displaying ALL keypad numbers.
  6. This may be old news, but on a recent TV show I found out that the PS3 is getting exclusive DLC in the form of 'Challenge Rooms'. Whilst it isnt a huge thing,I mysaelf am quite angry about it because the game has gone from 360 exclusive, to ps3, and now ps3 owners get things that we dont! Just informing those who dont know
  7. is there any way through the doors in fontaines nursery in olympus heights which are chained shut using large padlocks,
  8. Dont think this was posted, so if you want to do some bioshock papercraft to get you pumped up go HERE (Just to note I obviously didnt make these, credit goes to Bryan Green at www.paperfoldables.com) http://downloads.2kgames.com/cultofrapture/paperfoldables/foldable_group.jpg
  9. Okay dont think this has been posted... http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/101/1012456p1.html http://forums.2kgames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42791 These are pictures of the supposed preorder bonus multiplayer characters, posted by some guy on 2ks forum http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r...CoEnt/BIO1.jpg http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r...CoEnt/bio2.jpg http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r...CoEnt/BIO3.jpg not really that exciting, but its something
  10. I am current in Fort Frollic (Hard doing brass balls if it matters). I have 1 more picture to take, Silas Cobb. So i'm at Rapture Records and I take cover then he arrives above. However once he arrives he simply can not see me, he stands and walks about doing nothing. I shoot at him and he takes no damage, I also can not use plasmids. In summary the guy can't die he wont attack me and I'm trapped! Any help?
  11. Elizabeth was both the best A.I. and female character I have ever seen in a video game, which made me quite fond of her. However, at the end of the game her personality changed significantly against the norm. I supposed it began as soon as they entered the first few lighthouses, perhaps at 6:45. Notice that her facial expression and tone of voice aggressively and apathetically changed. Especially at 8:40. Whether or not that is the case, I disliked her new persona. Furthermore, I hated 12:52. I was like, "Bitch, you knew this was the outcome of what I was going to do. You could of at least gave me a heads up!". Lastly, 13:20 was extremely cheesy and cliche, especially 13:40. Although the plot and story line itself was amazing, the execution of it was awkward. If it wasn't for the scene at the end of the credits then I would of been fairly pissed. What do you guys think?
  12. (This forum may contain spoilers) Just finished infinite and loved it, was wondering what other people think of the game. Does it pale in comparison to the original? Does it blow it out of the water? Did you enjoy being the big daddy and have a soft spot for number 2? Please vote below. Would be nice if all the people who vote have actually finished the game so we can discuss them openly and so the person has a valid opinion on infinite.
  13. Preface: So I just finished BioShock Infinite last night. Let me say that it was a pretty great game and I'm certainly glad that I played it. I love the BioShock games, and let me say that I played the first game with bated breath, a heavily-pumping heart, and this totally heeby-jeeby feeling as I went through, feeling as if I was playing something that I truly felt was amazing. Now, I must say, that I did not get that from BioShock Infinite. There are many, many people saying that the game is nigh perfect, but actually, it didn't really meet that for me. And in some points in the game, it didn't actually feel like BioShock to me. I'm not sure of everything, but I'll get on with it. I'm not a great articulator with these so I'm sure people will disagree and some I'm just not specific enough with, but please let me know your thoughts or if you get the same feelings. There are SPOILERS below! Sorry in advance for the essay! The Bad: Further linearization. Sure, BioShock isn't an open-world game exactly, but you could, for the most part, have free roam to go back to certain places in Rapture, and you could also save when you wanted. In Infinite, the game has a checkpoint system and most areas are rather flatlined (with the exception of a few places) and I just felt this weird sense of disconnection. You can argue that the story doesn't allow you to return to places, of course, or that 1999 mode would be easy if you could save. But they could have allowed you to move between certain places and just block certain ones off if it really made no sense to return there. They did that in the original and many, many games do that. And similarly, they could disable saving and just rely on checkpoints in 1999 mode as meant. It doesn't meet the developer's own expectations. Remember the awesome demo they showed years ago? (Thanks martdude16). Look at it in the post below--everything's different and they lost so many things, e.g., telekinesis, kicking ass with Elizabeth, etc. Elizabeth, at least I always thought from the previews, was supposed to turn into this crazy magical woman who would kick the shit out of things with me. Instead, she only found items for me and occasionally let me spawn a turret, barricade, some health packs or whatnot. There were a few scripted occasions that she let out madness, but besides that, nothing. Just from the trailer below, they showed her create a mini-storm and let you electrocute everyone. They showed other similar things in previews but they were all scrapped--a major letdown. The third quarter of the game just felt like this weird drudge. I guess around the Finkton Factory the game just seems to be spinning its wheels and just throwing random things at you as it can. Granted, the game is pretty much always throwing random things at you, but it just seems to get boring here. I really hated the Downtown Emporia section as well. The atmosphere was great to look at, but by this point in the game, the gameplay just had me wishing the game would reach its end (and the story seemed to drift about too). The game picked back up with the Atrium and I loved that part all the way to the very end. But drudging through the alternate portals before that and then Downtown Emporia taking a while to just do the same basic "Find this room, clear enemies, and leave" mess. I can't put my finger entirely on it, but this leg of the game just felt worse than the others to me, even if the gameplay doesn't change too much all in all. Lack of balance in difficulty and gameplay style. Many may beg to differ, but I found the beginning of the game to be easy, the middle portion to be okay, the third quarter or so (that I described above) to be an UTTER pain in the ass, and then the last bits (including the final battle) to actually be a joke. I don't know if I lucked out, but I never died once or even came close to dying from the Atrium onwards. Mostly I think it's because the game kind of forced me to recycle the same moves of using the Carbine, and using Bucking Bronco and Devil's Kiss in combo to defeat enemies. I kept using the same damn pattern (otherwise I felt like I WOULD have died) as opposed to other parts in the game where I felt safe in changing up strategy. Money. Money makes the world go 'round in this game. You use it for Dollar Bill machines for basic things. You use it for Vigor upgrades. You use it for Weapon Upgrades. Anything that you can get (besides scavenging) is through money. I felt like this added an annoyance to the game because I enjoyed having the other substance of Adam in BioShock. Further, I had enough trouble finding money in my Medium playthrough that I dread 1999 mode. And that's not to mention that Weapon Upgrades were "free" in BioShock with Power to the People stations. Now that you have to pay, they make it difficult along with Vigors. Random gear. This was really annoying. Gear is basically Tonics, and they randomized them when you find them. So many times would I pick up useless ones (to me) like the one that increases movement on the skyline. I never had issues with moving on that so I don't see how that or some of the other silly Gear made it in. The Vigors/Plasmids. Again, preference, but I found Charge, Murder of Crows, Return to Sender, and Shock Jockey all to be rather underwhelming. I only ever used the other four, and even then I only used Undertow in about 3 fights (though it WAS useful). Really, preference, but I thought those four Vigors to be rather a waste. I guess I didn't utilize the Murder/Devil's Kiss combo enough though, so I suppose that's pretty powerful. That's partially because... No health packs or Salts packs to carry. Seriously. Why remove the capability to carry health and Salts packs with you? It really just didn't make sense. No map. No statistics. I really would have liked a map. Yes, I know that's counter-intuitive when I say the game was even more linearized but I think a map still would have been beneficial, as would some sort of statistics screen and perhaps some notice of how many Infusions were in an area or something. I made it through the game and got ALL of the audio diaries, but I missed ONE of the scopes and ONE of the Infusions. Story lapses. There are only a couple points that I could name, but the biggest one I really felt upset about is Songbird. Songbird was given such this big focus (at least before the game was released, it seemed) and then really only showed up less than a handful of times and was just thrown away like an empty point in the plot. They could have given some more information (as all of the audio diaries didn't really give much) perhaps or dealt with it differently. It just didn't seem to be BioShock. This is the most random and probably least "founded" quirk I have with the game, but really, I just didn't feel like I was playing BioShock. I know that's silly when you essentially have Plasmids/Vigors, Tonics/Gear, the weapons and the upgrades and the sort of atmosphere, but for some chunks of the game, I just didn't feel like I was playing a successor of the original game that I had held so dear. There were plenty of parts that were reminiscent of the original game, sure, but other parts of the game just felt... like a drag. I said more on that above though. I think part of it had to do with the atmosphere, but part of it had to do with so many changes in gameplay that they did (as I said above), in addition to removing hacking games, cameras and alarms, the "horror" in general, and so on. I loved BioShock for the horror, but I never felt scared in BioShock Infinite except for the Atrium towards the end. Perhaps part of this all is my connection with the first game--maybe I just hold that so high that this game just seemed to fall below it in perspective? The Good: Beautiful game. Downright beautiful. The floating city of Columbia is solid. The ending. Wow. The ending was one hell of a mind-bending one, although I had already estimated some aspects of it early on. I appreciated (read: LOVED) the callback to the original game and got all giddy when it appeared. The twins. Honestly, it may seem silly here, but I loved the twins. They, besides being an important story aspect, just showed up at the best times and always made me feel better with their quirkiness and their overall omniscient sense of things. The Hall of Heroes/Whores and the Atrium. Probably my two favorite places in the game, whereas other places fell short (like the Factory, Emporia, etc.). The interesting enemies, although they sadly ran out after a while. I was expecting new enemies that they hadn't already released information about but I was sad to find that there weren't any more. I do have to say that I had totally forgotten about the Boys of Silence by the time I reached the Atrium, so seeing the "No Sin Will Escape His Gaze" sign made me go "Oh... shit!" The skylines. I loved fighting battles when you had the skylines to fly about on. I just felt like these were under-utilized, however. Sorry for this essay everyone. Please let me know your thoughts as well, and whether I'm crazy, whether you want me to try to spread my thoughts out more, and so on. This list isn't comprehensive as I had other things I wanted to note that I can't think of at the moment. I am NOT saying this game is bad by any means. Maybe part of it is a case of expectations, but I think some things really could have made it better. It is still a great game and one of my favorite that I have played in 2013, however, but I just don't feel it is the "Infinitely Amazing" (to quote X360A's review) game that people say. Thank you!
  14. Hey, recently bought Bioshock: Ultimate Rapture Edition and instantly hopped on BS2 and later BS2 MP. I need help with some of DLC achievements as well as to rank up to 50 and get the Rebirth achievement. Was wondering if anyone is down to play with me and help unlock some. Im down to boost as well as help anyone with a MP achievement they need. Add my GT: DAVIDundead9. i realize not many people play this game anymore and there are a lot of level 50's on this game and I never get to play on the DLC maps and win a match on each DLC map. If you want to do the same message me or reply to this. Thanks
  15. what's up, guys? Anyway I got that nifty Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition thing (which was a pain in the ass to acquire, i finally had to get Best Buy to special order it for me) and while I love the game (I've probably played through it ten times), it's rather pissing em off as well. So I didn't get all the achievements on my first playthrough of the Rapture Edition. I started a new game with the new game plus feature which is pretty cool, but some of the achievements aren't unlocking while some are (for instance, the Irony! achievement unlocked which is acquired by photographing Sander Cohen's corpse while achievements such as Weapon Specialist, Research PhD, Ammo Inventor, and Tonic Collector seem to be locked away forever). My best guess is these achievements aren't available in the new game plus feature, which in my opinion is rather a rip off. Has anyone else had any experience with these? Thank you.
  16. Agent Earl


    does anybody else hate arcadia as much as me? i just cant stand it
  17. NO WAY! Last update has deleted DISABLE VISTA-CHAMBER Option! The spoil sports! I just lost my DLC cheevo! DAMN YOU UPDATE PEOPLE! Why do offline games need updating after such a long time?
  18. Hey, since I have all the achievements besides the Historian achievement in Bioshock, I decided to create another file and go for it. I chose to set it the the easiest difficulty assuming this would take the least amount of time for this achievement. Well, turns out this is far too easy and not enjoyable at all. Takes three rounds from the machine gun to kill anything and a full mag for a Big Daddy. Now my question is: Can I change the difficulty from the start menu to a harder setting and still unlock this achievement or am I stuck and have to create another file. It says, "Changing difficulties will affect achievements." I've already Googled this issue and couldn't find anything.
  19. I don't know why but I can never have more than 1 Auto Hack Dart, and whenever I use the only one I have, I can't pick up any more Hack Darts for a while. It's very annoying, does anybody know why?
  20. Hey all, I just need to cheevo for completing on the hardest difficulty - can I just speed through the game doing main objectives or am I going to spend ages and ages on difficult sections. Any advice would be great! Thanks.
  21. I Plan on getting both of these from gamefly, but i wanna know, Which is better and why.
  22. I'm looking for a boosting party, both for experience, and for the dlc map achievements. If you dont have the dlc, it's fine, as it'll take long enough to reach LVL 50 to still make it worth my time. If you're interested send a FR and/or message. My GT is AlucardTepes616
  23. Major fan of Bioshock (2K in general) and Fallout, love RP games, love achievements. Currently playing Prey and Fable. Follow me on Xbox live or feel free to message me:)
  24. My main case is with the Handymen and the Boys of Silence. This game truly could have had something extremely interesting to tell about these two--how they came to be, who they were before hand, the pain they experienced, failed experiments, etc--but they didn't. In Bioshock 1 and 2, the player got a chance to hear all of those things, and with Infinite being new, I would expect something more... or anything at all! I hope one of the DLC's specifically focuses on these two. Until then, I'm still disappoint.
  25. I've heard that they are almost two different games, but it adds more to the game if I play the other first... What do you think? I really want to hear some pros' opinions...
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