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  1. Hi, i'm looking for people that want to boost all Versus achievements. So if anyone wants them 2, let me know
  2. I am Going to start a new boosting session Vriday 2 Oktober on 19.00 C.E.T and Saturday 3 Oktober on 19.00 C.E.T Please leave your Gamertag or send me a message My Gamertag is Devil Danny NL We need 24 players to boost this achievement
  3. So I just wanna know if it's possible to boost all multiplayer achievements if I decide to rent a server. If not, what achievements cannot be boosted in the severs? Thanks.
  4. hi guys, I was wondering, can I use my xbox and my friend's xbox to boost this one? I just need a couple of chapters, but can't find no one to help me... so, i was wondering. Thanks for the replys!
  5. Looking to boost all online achievements. Will return the favour.
  6. Would anyone like to help me, and me help you, get some Prey multiplayer achievements? I have been trying to find people through the quick match settings, and hosting and waiting for an hour at a time, for the last three weeks. I want to 1000 point this game, the story was pretty fun. I havent been able to get a single multiplayer achievement. My gamertag is BesomeGames, and I will be on for the next few hours. Thanks in advance.
  7. so im a huge fan of this game, and have been playing it legit, untill i realized that 8 mill wasnt gonna happen with the low amount of players online. i started boosting last night, and i woke up to have over 2 mill points. i ended the game (surrendered of course" and gave my x box a break, i recieved the rank of lt commannder, but my achievment didnt unlock!!! lt is a rank below!!!!! is there wany way to fix this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  8. I've see some gameplay videos and people showing the equipment in Black Ops and see Treyarch has decided to bring back tactical insertions my only question is did Treyarch not write down or take notes of what happen in Mw2??? More people are going to use the tactical insertion for a bad purpose then a good purpose. Same situation with cage match then they took the playlist finally out. I just don't understand why Treyarch put thought into bringing back the tactical insertion.
  9. Hey, just wondering if anyone could rate my trials 'PANCAKE MIX' and 'TWO CAMELS IN A TINY CAR'. Would be appreciated, and also, if anyone wants to do some two player trials, i'd be 100% down. Just add me. I'm on all day today.
  10. hey guys how goes it? im new to the site, although ive used the guides for awhile. im looking for ppl to boost online achievements with, lemme know if ur interested (:
  11. Anybody up for it? GT- CashvilleDeeBoi Add Me
  12. Anyone down for some legal cheating? lol GT- CashvilleDeeBoi
  13. Once we got it figured out, we rolled through these cheevs pretty quick. -If you do player matches of Team Deathmatch(TD). It counts for both game types, not visa-versa. Pairs of players is ideal. We played at Roadhouse, it seemed to have easiest access to weapons and meeting at the bar and outside courtyard worked great. Set Frag to 100 in settings -You can both get a kill at the same time if you weaken eachother and do gun vs grenade. Have gunman back up to a wall, grenademan throws, gunman finishes him off before it blows. -After your 9 weapon cheevs you still need 25 kills so do 25 more grenade vs gun to overlap. If you have 4 players make sure after your 2nd player TD you switch to Ranked 5 Frag matches. Make sure you win one. If only 2 players you have to just add them on after every other cheev because you can't do ranked TD with out at least 4 players. -It seemed quickest after doubling kills to let one player get all kills in a row with gun instead of alternating. Less time spend tracking down weapons.
  14. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/news/bannerl-gamingsessions.jpg If you are looking to work on achievements, play for pride, or just have a casual game, we encourage you to check out any existing gaming sessions first by clicking HERE. If you don't see one that works for you, feel free to make a new one. If the achievement you are working towards requires some recruiting in advance, feel free to respond in this thread with details. Please keep all questions, inquiries or information directly related to your created boosting session to the "Comments" section of your gaming session. You can see prior requests for assistance in the archive HERE. For some guidelines on how to be effective and productive, we also encourage you to read the Beginner's Guide to Boosting.
  15. Looking for some help boosting to 40 along with several trials. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to go back to MW2.
  16. does any1 want to achievement boost i need to do party animal its a challenge faceoff king league champion and its the playoffs i can help you with anything and i no places to leach gold bronze silver and all cups
  17. Hey, this is my first thread on here. im just lookin for 3 other people to boost some online achievements . the ones needed: Million Point Club The Bachman Turner Award:uzi: Maybe one or two more, i've tried them but people leave so quick Other Games Need Boosting With: PGR4 Fifa 09
  18. Need help getting these multiplayer achievements. Please help any would be greatly appreciated =] GAMERTAG: xZAxPolitikx
  19. Well this forum seems a little dead but I'll try my luck anyways. I was wondering what the best building strategy was when putting up buildings. I know you can boost your power output and mass output by surrounding them with storage. So far I know that surrounding a mass extractor will give you roughly 50% back. I don't know if this is for all levels I just know that T1 is 2 without and 3 with(maybe) and that T2 is 6 without and 9 with. Also I know that surrounding a T1 power will boost it from 20 to 30 (50%) and surrounding a T2 will boost it from 500 to 750. I haven't tried this on T3 mass and power but I expect the same results. Also the fabricators work like this also just don't put storage around a T1 fabricator because I can't notice any difference[1 before and 1 after ]. Any other observations for other buildings? By the way I like making a box of T2/T3 power and surrounding them with storage so that I use 36 storage instead of 48. I can then build off this if I need more.
  20. I've got pretty much all of the offline achievements done with but, out of the people who still play this game, nobody plays online The achievements look pretty easy and it shouldn't take much time. If anyone would like to help boost the online achievements, that would be great! Just send me a message over XBL. GT: PRNC OF NAPTOWN
  21. I have been trying to boost for this event with a friend and we cannot seem to crush each other. Anybody have a strategy on how to do this?
  22. Ok, so Ive been trying to get all the MP achievements lately since apparently the servers MAY be shut down. So my girlfriend knows that im an achievement whore and she is willing to help out so we have been playing online like this: Pillage - Tomb Robber I will run around and get about 100 gold and then go back to my spawn pit and sit there for 10 minutes to let the time run out while her character just sits there and does nothing. Meanwhile we talk or do laundry or cook dinner or some other random stuff...... Well my huge n00b question is this - Can we start the game, i get a few hundred gold, she gets nothing, then she quits the match and i get the win? Is that what "boosting" is? My question stems from this little section in the Achievement guide: So can we cut the time down to nothing by doing this? rather than having to sit there for the whole 10 minute round? WOW i feel incredibly stupid if this really is what "boosting" is... And also, if anyone would like to "boost" on the DLC maps i would really like to get those done! Thanks for helping someone who thought he knew what was going on in the world, just to have it shattered by something so amazingly simple! - LC50
  23. Hey, I recently decided to try going for some of the multiplayer achievements in GTA 4 again and I just found out that they are almost impossible. I can never enter a party where the host wants to do only pistols for my pistol achievement and I can never enter a party where the host will let me win the race for that achievement as well. I want to know, why do I never get host? And when I search for a new game, it just sends me right back to the one I was at before. Can someone tell me how I can get host so I can get these 2 achievements? Or at least tell me how to get into a party where it's just me and the host so we can boost it?
  24. I need someone to help me get the don and all of the other online achievements. I will be online anytime after 3:00 p.m. eastern time. Send me a friend request if you want to boost Gamertag: x H 4 V O C
  25. 8 Individual Xbox 360 games for sale on Ebay. UK bidders only please. All Games Are PAL End dates are all 21st June 2009 Titles Include: Superman Returns Soldier of Fortune Payback Enchanted Arms Eragon LMA Manager 2007 Assassins Creed Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend All games are starting at 99p and have no reserve. You can view them all here: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/opah12 Good games and I've 1k'd all of them without too much trouble. Happy Bidding
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