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  1. hwy guys picked up this game as its on offer this week (13/01/15) I was wondering if anyone would help get the online achievements with me? Leave your gamer tag or add me :naffantait
  2. Message me to boost all the 0G online achievements for this game or join my created. I will provide a link down below. My GT: Crane HK Session: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/brothers-in-arms-hells-highway/showSession-3444
  3. Yo Boosting all Halo 3 DLC achievements! GT: LegionGuerilla msg me
  4. ola7mat

    Boosting sessions

    Just found the session boosting feature on this site and think its a good idea but... Sometimes I can only get online at specific times and so thought it would be better to be able to search upcoming boosting sessions by time/date?
  5. I'm sadly struggerling to get a few done cause of lack of enemy's sticking together and also wanted to help people get achivements too pretty much achivements boosting looking for 12 people so we can do quick play :] don't spam me hate messages it's just some of them are annoying asf anyways message me ign for Xbox one iiForsakenSoul Game: Overwatch
  6. Anyone interested in nailing down some of the near impossible achievements like Rapid discord? Send a message to me, GT: arthurbox lets try to recruit a full 12 man lobby
  7. If there is anyone in the world who would like to boost these achievements with me, send me a message, my gamertag is the the same as here.
  8. Just like the title says, able to go on any time every day, happy to help out with your achievements.
  9. Hello. Anyone want to help me boost this one? Quick 5 race league - on demand, Message me: DIPL0D0CUS London based.
  10. Hi Guys I’m looking to boost a few achievements and I’m happy to help anybody else out that need help, I Need help with: •Multi-tasking •choose your path •Not All Miss •we are the spark Gamertag is: Venomspread3r
  11. I need some help for the co-op achievements, just leave your gamertag below and hopefully people can help each other. GT: MythRaider1994
  12. HELLo my friends, I am in need of this achievement as well as a few other versus ones. Msg me @superchimp99 or reply on here if you want to do them.:uzi::uzi:
  13. looking for 3 to 7 players to attempt to "level up" to 15th using Team-tac it will work with 4 players and 4 guest but 8 players would work faster. message me if u feel like you want to try
  14. Anyone interested in The Darkness Online achievements for this game its hard to find a game and none of my XBL friends dont have this game if anyone is interested in doing this message or add me on Xbox live My gamertag is xWelshlad92x Hoping to hear from some one soon!
  15. Hey guys, sorry if this has been posted already, but I'm looking specifically for Aussie's to boost, it seems impossible to connect properly, and that's if I even find a match. If you're interested, hit me up --> GT: LegendIsReal Thanks chums =)
  16. looking for up to 4 people to boost the Tomahawk headshots my gt is - Urban jokez -
  17. This guide is brought to you by Super Geek No 1 & Fehhh Boosting Gears Of War (G.O.W) is always a problem on both Xbox 360 and Windows (PC) due to shortage of players and time zones. Well myself and Fehhh have found yet another way to get passed the fiasco of recruiting too many players. Note: This guide cover how to boost by yourself with one other person or with three - four people As some of you know you can launch a game more than once off your pc depending of how powerful it is, for those that don't know this listen up. Go to control panel on your PC and click on User Accounts and make another user account on you pc. Note: Now it is up to you how many you can make but your pc would have to be able to handle the power requirement of running many copies of GOW at once. So if you are boosting by your self on one PC you are going to need to make Five or Seven user accounts. Also to switch between user accounts press Ctrl, Alt + Del and select the option switch account users or hit the windows button and select the option on the drop down menu next to Shut Down. Ok you are going to also make as many dummy accounts needed note: on PC you don't need Gold account to play on Live, also you will be prompted for a serial key use the one that came with G.O.W. Once you have how many you feel you need start up G.O.W. When loaded up go to the Options on G.O.W and put all the Video settings to the lowest possible (do this on all user accounts) Ok now once all this done and holding steady switch back to your main Live Account. Now the setting I'm going to tell you was the easiest game type we could find. Host a rank match either KOTH (King Of The Hill) or Annex, Three Rounds, 120 capture points and most importantly select the map to Fuel Depot. When the game has loaded up the lobby screen switch users and search for the game you are hosting (do this accordingly with all accounts). Switch back to your main account and start game. The reason for Fuel Depot is because it is the only way to get maximum kills without too much movement. Once the match has started all you need to do is grab the Sniper Riffle form the truck (Lorry) and the Hammer of Dawn from the centre hanger bay. Now with sniper you should be able to see across the map to each spawn area and be able to kill the bots as they spawn. e.g. When you get the sniper riffle (the one closest to the spawn hanger) go close to the crate in front of you and you should be able to see the other guys in their spawn and get head shots. For the person on the other side (spawned out in the open) he can use mainly hammer of dawn. Remember this an example you'll figure out your own way on that map if you want. Ok now based on 1 session = to 1 hour and on two bots I (SG-1) got 350 - 400 kills per session and Fehhh got 450 - 500 per session (advantages of Hammer of Dawn and key board and mouse) with three bots it is 550 -650 kills per session. This was done just over four days would have been two days if we didn't get so tired of the repetition. Anyways there is a bonus using this method I'm from the UK, Fehhh Australia time difference is + nine hours ahead so while he was sleeping I was killing and by the he woke up I could join in or go to sleep. Note: when your really tired capture the points end the game and get some rest Good Luck and hope this helps, any other questions send me a message PM me. Specs: At the time of doing this I had a Acer M3802, Quad core Q8300 @ 2.50GHz 6gb Ram DDR2, Ati 4300/4500 HD (really crappy GPU) Windows 7 Home Edition x64 oh and the worse part a 250 Watt Power Supply Unit P.S: This can also be used to get weapon achievements and not so seriously by yourself Note: 16/07/2011 You must have your PC setting set to high performance. Control Panel/Power Options/High Performance Also some people have a problem keeping all accounts in the game well there are many reason for this here are the main ones. 1. Your PC ain't as powerful as you thought. 2. You might be running low on memory which if you know how to page file would be handy. 3. If you have a low wattage Power Supply Unit (PSU) you will also find problems doing this as your pc can't attain the necessary power it needs to run that many different processes. A small fix for the above problem (if you can call it that) When switching accounts just try pressing the windows button on the keyboard and clicking on a the taskbar. If it worked then GOW be in the back ground and will be silent no music, no sound nada, once silent that means you can switch accounts with a 70% chance of it working properly. When its not silent you have a 35-55% chance of it working properly. Note 24/07/11: I was wrong if you have a CD just make sure it's in the tray and follow the instructions Update: 24/07/11: Please make sure you have 6 players/bots in a public match for the kills to count towards Seriously. If a player/bot lags out for what ever reason if less then 6 players/bots capture the objective and end the game then start it back up with 6 players/bots. If you have more than 6 players/bots to start with then it doesn't matter if one ore two lag out as long as it doesn't go past 6 players/bots. For Not So Seriously doesn't matter how many players you have and it can be done in a private match, this is to clear up all questions people are asking one more thing GOW PC isn't like GOW Xbox 360 once you hit 10k on the dot Seriously will pop once the match has ended Update:26/03/12 Another Tip: Shut down all non essential programs as this will drain you pc processor and memory and might kick bots out while boosting Update: 27/01/2013 To make it very clear to anyone reading this guide. Seriously Minimum Requirements: 3v3 Public Ranked Match, with minimum 3 Rounds If any play lags out during boosting end the game as fast as possible as none of the kills if less that 3v3 will not count. Seriously can be obtained in all match types including King of The Hill & Annex Not So Seriously Minimum Requirements Any game type, Private or Public (ranked) with minimum 3 Rounds One More Thing: Please the guide thoroughly before asking me questions as I can't keep reiterating what is in the guide every time you fail to read it properly PS: This boosting method works on other PC games: Shadow Run Jame Bond Quantum of Solace Flatout: Ultimate Carnage Bioshock 2 Eng & Rus Battle vs. Chess Doesn't work with: Section 8 (I believe it might if I have a digital copy) Street Fighter IV (Knocks the other player out of Lobby or could just be my pc) Halo 2 GTA IV (due to anti cheat system) Kane & Lynch (doesn't give the other any port settings might work on a digital copy) Super Street Fighter IV AE Most games released after 2010 it won't work for, for verious reasons These were all tried with cd versions of the game so it might work if you have a digital copy from Steam or GFWL I'll update if I try more or send me a message of one you have tried and it worked or didn't work. My Current PC Specs are (27/01/2013): PC: Acer M3802 (Acer is a crap brand now) Processor: Intel Quad Core Q8300 @ 2.50GHz Memory: 6gb Ram DDR2 (This is the standard one that come with pc) GPU: Ati 6950HD (big upgrade compared to when I wrote this guide) OS: Windows 7 x64 Black Edition PSU: OCZ 700Watts I will post how many copies it can run at once to give people an idea to how they could possibly run http://raptr.com/badge/SGC/fs_696ed48cca0728d4680693532ab55022.png http://raptr.com/badge/SGC/fs_overall.png http://raptr.com/badge/SGC/fs_xbox.png
  18. If your really chill, don't judge, into boosting for those pain in a$$ achievements or any achievement, and for the most part have a great time then the O.C. is the group for you. Just send me a message if interested! (title of the group is under construction because i know the title is lousy)
  19. Quote: The event is penciled in for the week of E3 (which begins June 6th) Awaiting confirmation....... Awaiting end date............ Awaiting event details...... Rod just gave me the green light for a Gears2 event http://gearsforums.epicgames.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif Let's start collecting some fun Horde and MP ideas and what XP multiplier we would like to have. Theme: Unknown Dates: June 6th-?? XP: Unknown Changes: Unknown MY IDEA: A Welcome Back Party Event 30XP Remove chainsaw stun 4 frags 2 inks Unlimited HOD Increase ammo count for all power weapons Ragdoll smokes Boomer infested Horde Crazy Wretch and Ticker Parade (this is what she is suggesting no word yet if this will be final or it will be anything else) Ill keep updating this as much as I can for everyone)
  20. Hey guys, I have been in this site for 2 years now but just started being active in the community. I was wondering if someone could make me a pretty cool signature. I was thinking I could help you boost in a game of your choosing that I own. If you are interested just message me on live and I will give you the details of what I was thinking would look cool.
  21. were boosting gears of war weapons achievements and or any others that can be done quckly xbox gamertag is: avi01
  22. I cant stand this achievment. If anybody has it and is willing to help me get it plz add CashvilleDeeBoi Thank You,
  23. Is it just me or is this harder than it looks if u dont debuff him. also does anyone know if i close the gate and defeat him again do i get xp again? what is your favourite paradigm class
  24. So, I couldn't find a single thread or forum on this entire site based solely on people asking to boost achievements. Yes this site references achievements, and to be specific each game has their own thread in order to make this work, but me and a friend were playing some random games this morning and I realized there was no thread on this site allowing gamers to ask to boost old games. Like a couple examples being; I am looking to 100% Castle Crashers, but no one plays online, and I am also looking to 100% Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels, but no one plays, and I am assuming no one goes on those game's threads either.
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