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Found 7 results

  1. cassa36

    Fast Xp

    Im rank 19 and i have about 20 thousand xp left. should i just go through the campaign again or is there any fast xp methods??
  2. I am deciding to buy Brink, because it looks great, and im into the parkour-shooter idea...but my opinion is not always the right one, so what do u guys think? Should i still get it, or pre-order BF3, MW3, ME3 ect?!?!?!? http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif
  3. I've had this game since the day it came out - my fiance bought it, played it for an hour, hated it, never played it again. Tried to take it back to Gamestop the next day and they offered a whooping $23, I told him we might as well try to sell it on eBay or even keep it for that. I've never played it but I'm thinking about asking a friend if he's willing to drop $7 for a copy on Amazon or rent it from Gamefly, but how does this game fair in the journey to 1000G, in your opinion? Is it relatively easy, or is it worth the pain and struggle, is the game even fun at all, even a little bit? I appreciate anything you have to offer.
  4. Use this thread in order to trade online achievements with other forum members.
  5. Everyone knows about achievement glitches in game where achievements pop all over the place... Well this has happened twice for me now. 1st time i completed the Resistance Campaign and got the achievements for Rank 5 completing both campaigns and the resistance campaign achievments i was offline so i managed to recover my gamertag and they were reset This time i did everything the same but for the challenges i got the complete all 3 star challenges before i got the complete one 3 star challenge I was just wondering if either of these has happened to anybody else? Thanks
  6. Rights of use: This guide is for the use of x360a.org only and may not be used without the permission of the Author or Website Admin. Info: Please be aware that there will be Spoilers Constructive Criticism is always welcome Please keep your posts clean Any help is greatly appreciated Post your thoughts on where you would like to see more info added Credit: x360a Everyone who's given achievement help/videos Brink Guide and Roadmap! I will be getting this game after work, and will start on the guide immedently. This is my first, so please be critical about it. Thank You
  7. Having played the game for a few days I have found a huge amount of puns, easter eggs and references, I will list the ones i have found, feel free to do the same. Names of the Guns -Sea Eagle Pistol (Desert Eagle) -Kalt Pistol (Colt. 45) -Gotlung Gun (Gatling Gun) -Drognav Rifle (Dragunov) -Barnett Rifle (Barrett 50.cal) -Carb-9 AR (M4 Carbine) Thanks to I CR0W I -Kross SMG (Kriss Super V, Vector) Thanks to I CR0W I -Mossington Shotgun (Mossberg shotgun manufacturer) Thanks to steropathic The Control Presets -Zombie Killer (Left 4 Dead) -Duty Calls (Call of Duty) -Green Marine Chief (Halo) -Zone of Killing (Killzone) -Oh my Gears (Gears of War) -Field of Battle (Battlefield) General Panels, signs and graffiti around the Ark -"We eat COD" Thanks to littlejay -"This panel needs to be closed properly before flight, but should also be kept closed when not in use due to sensitive equipment inside, and the risk of ants" (Found on Refuel) Thanks to brad soup -"Robotic retrevial in progress. Best not let the arm out of your sight. It is a robot after all. Everyone knows they're going to take over the world one of these days." (Found on where you get the Aviotics on Refuel) Thanks to demonizer_andy -"In case of fire: Stay calm, awaken sleeping tapirs, finish caek leftovers, destroy any donut evidence, leave the premises. Thank you." (Found on resort, the misspelling of caek is part of the sign, not an error on my part. The sign can be viewed here) Thanks to Turkeyshoot37 Customization -"The Jesse" outfit (Referring to Jesse Venturas role in the movie "Predator") Thanks to Turkeyshoot37 -"The Bomb" outfit (Possible link to MGS2s Fatman villain) -"The Freak" outfit (Looks very similar to the Spy class of Team Fortress 2) -"The P.I" facial hair (Almost identical to the mustache worn by Thomas Magnum, from Magnum P.I) -"The Wrestler" facial hair (Mustache worn by Hulk Hogan, an ex professional wrestler) -"The Military Mohawk" hair (Vaguely similar to the hair "Soap" MacTavish sports on Modern Warfare 2) Miscellaneous -On the map Refuel, the hangar that the plane sits in is labeled "HANGAR 18," a reference to the building at Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio, USA which allegedly houses the remains of an alien spacecraft that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 Thanks to stereopathic I've also noticed that when new characters are created, they're given a position of a character from a game series, a few i've seen are -Ezio's Pose on the cover of AC2 -A salute much like that of Old Snake in MGS4. (Though this is speculation since the salute is rather a generic action.) If i find anymore or any are added to this thread I will add them and will be sure to give credit those who find them.
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