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  1. Anybody else have massive problems with the Scorpion 2099 level or any others? I've had a helluva time completing it today without issue. It was in the small hallway following the scientist area with the acid pools in it. This was prior to the 1st battle with Scorpion 2099. The eggs wouldn't spawn, and the security forces kept spawning endlessly. It took causing Miguel dying 4 times for the game to register the security forces being eliminated to cause the eggs to spawn. Also, if I tried to go into the door without the eggs spawning or security being eliminated, I fell into dead air, unable to return to the level. All this happened, and I couldn't quite explain it. Has anyone had such massive problems with this level? Or was it just me?
  2. I am having some trouble..... I was playing my game, just picked up the Rocket Launcher for the first time in the Dead City, and when I went to fight the big "boss" or whatever, and my game kind of froze. It is off on the graphics and seems to be running about 1 frame per second. I thought maybe it was my disc, so I went back to Best Buy, and tried exchanging it. The new disc did the same thing on the same save file, but I have recently started a new save file..... I guess I am just curious if anybody else has run across any issues like this in their gameplay? And if so, how did you fix it? I personally do not want to have to completely start over. ESPECIALLY since I am playing on Nightmare...........
  3. ok, so a few weeks ago, my xbox started freezing. i figured it was just a "one time deal," but it kept happening. it happens roughly every 5-10 minutes. mostly happens during games (really annoying) or sometimes happens when the console is first turning on. freezing is usually accompanied with a sharp, short whistle type sound. any explanation is GREATLY appreciated
  4. I'm tryin to get this coin, its on top of a water tower next to the weapons store, and there is nothin near it to jump onto from. I even try jumpin from the zip line but naruto jumps in the other dircetion like a D-Bag
  5. Anybody have any real advice to do this because i've tried it over and over? like a possible glitch or a real good hint.
  6. I wrote this article at WPCentral about WP7 games with Broken Achievements. It's semi-up-to-date except that I won't be adding news games to it. Rather I'll do a second article in the future. But for now, here's a list that should be accurate. Games with glitched Achievements: Brain Challenge Bug Village (Level 25 Achievement glitched for some) Crackdown: Project Sunburst (now delisted) Deer Hunter Fusion: Sentient MiniSquadron Let's Golf 2 Revolution Honorable mentions (Achievement doesn't match the description/requires extra steps) Bubble Town 2 Oregon Trail Pocket God Pac-Man CE DX Super Monkey Ball Games whose glitched Achievements have been fixed and now work perfectly: Battlewagon Doodle Jump Enigmo Farm Frenzy 2 Gravity Guy (2 Achievements were unattainable until the version 1.1 update debuted) Hasta la Muerte I Dig It More Brain Exercise Rise of Glory The Sims 3 TextTwist 2 Games which require an active internet connection to view or earn Achievements: Frogger Fusion: Sentient Need for Speed: Underground Puzzle Quest 2 (can be viewed offline, but won't unlock until you get online)
  7. Hey all, Just a quick note about the 'If They Came To Hear Me Beg' achievement. I know that this achievement has been bitched about and discussed back and forth until it's really been run into the ground, so I'll keep this short - I finally decided to go for this achievement after watching the video on XBL called "Two Tricky 25 Point Achievements" or something like that. After having jumped off that damn cliff (at the beginning of the Pillar of Autumn level) about a hundred and fifty times or so, and actually getting the assassination probably seven times... only to have the achievement NOT unlock... I looked online for a possible explanation, and nothing I read helped me. The main two points that I DID find helpful were: 1) Be absolutely sure to turn off sprint while in mid-air. 2) Aim for the head and land BEHIND the elite. However, NONE of the times I executed the assassination exactly in that way were counting - even though I was certain to turn off sprint on the way down. I think this is where everyone is getting screwed out of the achievement: AFTER you run to the edge of the cliff, jump at the last second. On the way down, wait until you KNOW you're going to make it all the way to your target and not fall short. Once you know you'll make it (aiming for his head) turn off sprint by hitting the left bumper again. NOW - this is the thing that I changed that got me the damn achievement FINALLY: As soon as you turn off sprint in mid-air... STOP holding the stick forward to run. As soon as I let off the damn stick and just dropped straight down behind him, I got the assassination again and this time it gave me the achievement immediately. HOPE THIS HELPS some of you out there!
  8. Recently my basement was destroyed by a bit of water damage. It fell through the ceiling above the tv and got pretty much everything wet. (Xbox Included) I have the Xbox360 250G Slim console so when I went to retrieve the hard-drive, I was surprised when it didn't seem to have had any water taken at all. I haven't tried plugging it in because it may be dangerous so I went to ask you first. Would it be possible that the console or hard drive may still work and if not, is there a way I can fix it avoiding buying another console. Info that might help: My basement wasn't flooded just very wet. The ceiling tiles broke under the pressure of the water and the entire carpet was sopping. There was no standing water and my Xbox was sitting on a table about three feet tall next to the television. Thanks guys for the help!
  9. I picked up this controller from a mate just under 8 months ago, and it's just started doing something with the thumbsticks that I've ended up placing blame on wear-and-tear. Whenever I nudge the left stick slightly to a 10- or 11-o'clock, it tends to keep sending that signal or something to the console even after releasing it, and only stops when I move it around. The same thing happens with the right stick, although it likes to do it on its own and only toward 12-o'clock. I have an older controller for which I replaced the thumbsticks about a month after getting the new controller, and the thumbsticks work just fine, which leads me to believe that the problem lies in the controller. Question is, should I replace the controller, or should I replace the sticks?
  10. When I go into versus, across every game mode there are '0 playing in your region', '0 playing worldwide'. When I join a game its just me and bots. What is also weird is that in the versus menu there are no alpha or zeta playlists. It's almost like I've cleared my cache, but I'm online. Am I alone with this?
  11. ok this is really kinda embarrassing but since none of you know who i really am (at least i hope no one does) I feel that i should explain so at least some people can get a mild kick out of this so i'll give you the background story, if you don't care just skip the following paragraph. i live at home with my parents while i'm looking for a place to move too and start college again. I have 4 younger siblings that are all still in high school or lower. So the other night my mom who had APPARENTLY just got home from a 12hr shift at the hospital. Shes always had a predisposition towards video games that i will never understand. So when she got home i was playing MW2 and i have no idea what i said but she just freaked the fuck out. I was like wtf mom? which sent her into temporary madness. Long story short my xbox got fucking THROWN at a wall. Cool huh? I bet you cant guess what side hit the wall? the damn HARD DRIVE. gotta love microsofts exposed hard drive design. So after a bit more yelling i was able to calm her down and all that good shit. Then i proceeded to assess the damage. The hard drive shows no real signs of damage. It poped off the xbox (which was not on at the time it was thrown). So i was like cool at least nothing broke. BUT when i snapped it back in and turned it on. First i got a red ring and was like great the actual box is fucked. so i rebooted and everything worked fine, it logged into live and i was able to access my arcade games and shit. then a hour or so later i turned it on and it said my profile was corrupted! So i rebooted it again which is when the really good shit started happening! i could here the xbox making weird noises when it was starting up now i get an error message. SO, my actual question is A. has anyone had this happen? if so have you been able to recover data from a fucked up hard drive? such as offline for games like dead space? I know that i can recover my gamertag but what i'm concerned with is my game saves, specifically my MW2 only stats. If i recover my gamertag on say someone elses xbox will i still have all my online multiplayer stats intact? or wil i have to start all over? any help would be nice. I have looked around xbox.com support and have read alittle about recovering gamertags. I was hoping to see if anyone has some firstperson experience with a problem like this
  12. so i just bought a new guitar hero 3 Les Paul controller, and it seemed like it was fine, but now it wont register that im pressing down the red and yellow fret buttons, but if i pull the neck towards the body of the guitar, the notes will register, but its very hard to play while putting pressure on the neck. i did buy the warranty on it, and i got my receipt, so i can still take it back whenever, but will GameCrazy take it back and give me my money back or give me store credit?
  13. http://www.mash123.com/news/wp-content/uploads/image/baa2828f36nsteel.jpg Broken Steel Achievement Guide Overview: Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 3/10 Offline: 6 (150http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg) Online: 0 Approximate Time to 150http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg: 3-4 Hours for main storyline, karma based achievements vary greatly with current level and difficulty played Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1 Number of Missable Achievements: 3 (Devil, True Mortal, Messiah) Glitched Achievements: None Do Cheat Codes Disable Achievements?: No Cheats http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/261/UP2iueQ=.jpgDeath From Above-30http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Completed "Death From Above" Awarded for completing the first quest in the DLC. You must have completed the quest "Take It Back", after downloading the DLC, in which it will continue off after you make your decision with the purifier. Fairly straightforward, just follow the instructions in game. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/261/UPxCQXc=.jpgShock Value-30http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Completed "Shock Value" Awarded for completing the second quest in the DLC. Same as the last one, fairly straightforward and just follow the in game instructions. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/261/UPngqo4=.jpgWho Dares Win-30http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Completed "Who Dares Win" Awarded for completing the last quest in the DLC. This is one of those no turning back quests, and you should think of a few things before going ahead with anything. There are over 5 unique weapons/apparel that are in the quest, and cannot be obtained afterwards. You will also have the choice of blowing up the Citadel or the Enclave base. If you blow up the Citadel, you will have access to Callaghan's Magnum, and tons of ammo including alien power cells. Note that you will also have to wipe out the Brotherhood of Steel, so think twice. Might be confusing getting to the top of the base, but you'll get through it eventually. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/261/UPgAUh0=.jpgDevil-20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma See "Messiah" for more info. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/261/UPohW6g=.jpgTrue Mortal-20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Reached Level 30 with Neutral Karma See "Messiah" for more info. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/261/UPnzwuQ=.jpgMessiah-20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Reached Level 30 with Good Karma One of the greatest reliefs for me in Broken Steel was the ability to choose a karma changing perk. Free achievements much? So there's the long way, and the slightly longer way. If you were smart and didn't use the Here and Now perk, you can use it at level 28, then choose one of the Karma perks for your achievement. If not, just wait until level 29 and choose the perks then. Make sure to SAVE before you level up, or else you'll find yourself doing multiple playthroughs. If you don't want to waste a perk, just reload once achievements have been obtained.
  14. The question is, can you get Co-op completion achievements if you are not the host? (And have not completed the game on SP or co-op previously). A buddy and I recently went through Co-op Perfect Agent where I hosted the game. We beat all of the levels on Perfect Agent, and I received all three achievements for completing Perfect, Secret, and Agent difficulties. However, my buddy did not receive any achievements. Should he have, or do you need to host in order to receive achievements? To note - He had been using his brother's box for the first few levels as his box had RROD'ed. He used the same gamer profile on a memory card, but could this have contributed to him not receiving the achievements?
  15. Yesterday at my football game I got hit pretty hard on my left thigh and my coach says I just got a boo boo now get back in the game. Well it has been hurting for quite some time, my dad says it's a hairline fracture and I just want to be sure that it's either a fracture or I hit a nerve or something. So far I only feel a deep pain almost to the bone like a charlie horse but I have no bruise whatsoever and I don't know what to look for since I have had a weird past. (for those that want to know my weird past is that I broke 2 different bones and I didn't feel anything and it scared my doctor since he would think it would hurt but nope) So my question is what do I look for and what to do?
  16. Hey all, i couldn't find the answer to this on here so i thought i'd post. The first time i bought LIPS it played fine for a few days then all of a sudden the White Mic started to make a buzzing/hissing sound whenever i sung into it, plus the game wasn't picking up on most of my singing, so as i felt this was a fault i returned the game for a replacement. Now once again a few days later with Game/Mic No.2 its started doing the same thing, lol i think i know what the answer is going to be - that its beyond fixing, but any help?? Thanks
  17. Anybody else having this problem? This achievement is quite tedious as it takes a while to carry all the bags up to the van. I've done it 3 times with different people each time (I've always hosted) and NOTHING! We go down, open EVERY box, carry EVERY weapon up to the van but it doesn't unlock. Am I missing something here? Do i need to go solo or what?
  18. My xbox has started playing up recently when playing music. Whenever I put one of my playlists on, it will play about ten tracks then all of a sudden it will just start playing the same track over and over again. Was wondering if anyone else as had the same problem or what I can do about it. Please dont tell me this is an early sign its heading towards the RROD
  19. I am currently attempting this with Claire A. I am wondering which are the best times to make your only 3 saves for the S+ Rank? I am thinking 1 - After first Birkin Boss? 2 - Sewers before Birkin stage 2? 3 - Lab after Killing Plants?
  20. After I downloaded the dlc yesterday, when I tried to play a match I was told I needed to switch my party size to an 'xbox live enabled mode'. It was set to friends can join. I got pissed off and left it thinking it was just the game being a Dick and it'd be fine when I come back. Today, I haven't got the error message popping up, instead when I look for a game it takes about 10 minutes then when I get in one it immediately gives me the 'connection to the host lost' message. Anybody else got this issue? Or even a fix?
  21. Hi guys! Anyone else had a problem with getting to Harley near the end and it spawning you outside, where you can't get back in and going back round leads to a black hole? See here for others who have: http://community.batmanarkhamcity.com/forums/showthread.php/17547-Goty-and-harley-quinn-s-revenge-post-problems-here Has anyone worked out a fix? If not please email [email protected] as it is the only way to get them to take note, or badger them on twitter!
  22. Top five thing's you would do if your xbox broke or got stolen
  23. So I was playing guitar hero the other day when all of a sudden my Les Paul just disconnected from my xbox. At first I thought it was a battery problem but after replacing the old ones with brand new ones the guitar still wouldn't work. Now when I try and turn it on the guide button on it just lights up for about a second and then shuts off. This guitar is the absolute best guitar I have ever used and it would really suck if I had to use my GH:WT guitar from now on (that thing's a piece of crap!). Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?
  24. So I started up an offline Be a Pro. Centerman, Power Forward, 6"4 215lbs. Currently I have almost all stats in the 70's, with Body checking at 95, Balance at 87, and strength at 84. Now with this you would think I would be able to make a check, even though I am only in my 20th game of the season. But no, if I try, 2/30 hits will actually count as a bodycheck, 1/30 will knock the opponent over, and maybe 20/30 will knock me over. This wouldn't bother me if it wasn't required of me to throw hits in order to level up my card. Yes, all sliders are for sure in my favor, double checked. Is there anything anyone knows of (a stat maybe, or a slider that affects checking but doesnt look like it would) that would help my hits go through? I mean, RNH shouldnt be able to knock me over when I slam into him while he is in mid-shot. On a side note, my friend who is a sniper, can destroy anyone who comes near him, and his Sliders are similar to mine, the same as far as I can tell. What the fuck gives?
  25. Hey guys, I just got my new slim xbox a little over a month ago. I noticed that when I put a disc in the tray and sit idle in the dashboard, after it finishes revving up I heard what sounds like a ticking or clicking noise, its pretty faint, and stops after a little while. When I start the game up it goes away, when I return to the dashboard and it sits idle it'll come back for a little while. Just wondering if this sound is normal or if I should send it in, I'd really rather not go 3 weeks without it if its no problem, so far my xbox runs perfectly besides that, I usually play all my games installed so after the initial revving of the disc its perfectly quiet, just wondering if anyone else has that sound with there slim, as I can't remember if my last one made the same noise.
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