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  1. I bought the Repentance "pack" (base game plus all DLCs) playing on XSX. NOT A SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT DID POP. How it be possible??? Are they working on a fix? Is there a solution ATM?
  2. I've just got dead island goty edition and whenever I enter an abandoned building all I get is a black screen and I slowly die. It saves as I enter the house which could break your save fortunately I've found a way to get out without destroying my save however it hasn't solved the initial problem of stopping this glitch as quite a few side quests involve abandoned house. Please any assistance would be grand Bloodfish7223
  3. Played for a few hours, going a bit slowly through the initial train sequence. Had several save points, and a few achievements. Came back a few days later, and the game only allows New Game. No loading or resuming. Going to my system drive, I see a bunch of saved games under the same profile, as well as the new autosave and manual save I created. Given that this game may take hours to complete, especially with the long, slow dialog (thank god for being able to speed through), I'm not keen on having save points that actually don't allow you to resume. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. If you've got a Day One Xbox One like me then you probably haven't messed with your profile since last November. Harmonix is trying to fix it BUT there is a way to work around it and have the game work yourself. Change your Gamerpic. My guess is that the game uses a lot of profile data to run and if you haven't updated it since launch it's running an older version of the profile. Changing the Gamerpic to something and then back will update the profile for Dance Central Spotlight to run.
  5. I played through the the Chapter "The Outbreak" and near the end, in the room next to the room where the cutscene with the trap would start, I noticed two objects on the Motion Tracker. Then a door opened in front of me and I saw two Xenomorphs standing next to each other. I think I heard from others that later in the game more Xenomorphs would appear, but I don't think that this was supposed to be like this, because then I died and in then there was only one Alien again. Does anyone know something about that?
  6. I ran into a problem with playing split screen on Horde. I ended up dying during the round and when restarting from wave after the match ended I didn't get spawned back into the game. I was viewing the player view screen where it says BUY BACK COST $1500 - Ghost Camera - Overhead Map. Anyone else have this problem or know how to avoid it from happening? Thanks...
  7. Hi. I've been trying to get the "This... this is history..." and "Fortune & glory kid" achievements. The problem is with the second (or third, depending on what walkthru you use) artifact on level "Battle Of The Bridge". I've collected all the artifacts in the game, but still my counter shows 179/180 and 9/10 on the bridge level. EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. There is 2 treasures in the tunnel where the level begins. On in the beginning behind you and one far away forward. If the water reaches you, you will be pushed outside and the artifact detector doesn't show them anymore, even when they still are inside.
  8. i dont know if anyone already started a thread regarding this, but for anyone who uses the leader and uses its "disruption" ability (where the opponent is locked to its other transformation for a period of time), does your game sometimes teleport your enemy to an unknown location?!? for example: i have this soldier trying to use the whirlwind ability against me, so i use the disruption ability to turn him into a tank. my ability was, i guess, somewhat effective, because i didnt die; however, he disappeared, and was nowhere to be seen. he couldnt have driven away from my sight that quickly? believe it or not, this happened to me a few times.
  9. Please Help! I'm desperating because, after i killed KNOXX and getting to the store where the weapons are, the big door is closed! There is no way to finish that mission. Anyone know what i have to do know? Please dont tell me that i have to create a new character , that would be fatal.... I mean the big door after the little door before, where the colors have to be in the right order to get the door open!!!
  10. I cannot complete the Darkness Returns quest. After I speak with Nocturnal, I'm supposed to talk to Karliah. However the only thing Karliah will say is "Yes, fellow Nightingale?". I have reloaded and gone through the mission several times and the same thing happens. I was hoping this might be addressed with the 1.2 patch but no such luck. Has anyone else had this problem and have a workaround?
  11. So me and my friend beat this game and I was going to start over to get the "another way" achievements when I got to the second mission where you are free falling and have to shoot out the plane's windows. Well, I have the fully upgraded Tek Z-10s that have incendiary damage. With this upgrade, it is impossible (to my knowledge) to shoot out the windows with this upgrade. What can I do without inputting cheats (as this would disable achievements)? Anyone else have this issue?
  12. Had a brief search on google and on here, but couldn't find anything remotely similar to this problem. Im currently going for 10000 points of damage with explosives, but im having some very strange occurences. First of all, human enemies aren't affected, grenades and mines do the job. Everything else seems to be messed up though. When trying to kill anything else, such as geckos, radscorpions, ants etc, their health bar flashes and shows 0 health, yet they never die, ever. Tried this several times now with grenades, mines, launchers etc, they always loses all health, but they dont die and no damage is being recorded when i look up the challange progress on the pip-boy. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? or know how to fix this problem??
  13. Hey guys, I just finished the campain for the first time on normal, and didn't get the related achievements. Have any of you had the same problem? Anyone knows how to fix this??
  14. I was going around collecting my plagueshield and the last one is in unlootable. I've killed the bandits guarding it and tried reloading, turning off my xbox, basically everything I could think of. Has anyone encountered this? If so how did you fix it? I haven't found a way to drop the quest and try it again, is that even possible.
  15. On level 4-9, I only collected 2 lollipops my first try. Instead of immediately replaying the level like I usually do, I exited the game to play later. When I returned, I replayed level 4-9, collected all 3 lollipops , then completed a few more levels. The next time I looked at the level select, level 4-9 only showed 2 lollipops collected. No matter how many times I replay and re-collect all 3 lollipops, the level select screen only shows 2 collected. Has anyone else experienced this? Any fix that doesn't involve replaying the entire game?
  16. Hi everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone else has a similar issue? I followed the VGMMDI guide and managed to collect all 34/34 Mystics and 10/10 Resistance stones but for the life of me I can't find the last powerbite stone! At the moment I'm sitting on 24/25. I went through the video guide again and checklisted all the locations where the powerstones *should* be, but its simply not there. Could it be a bug or a glitch that anyone else has encountered? Thanks in advance
  17. So I've finished the main storyline, now I'm aiming for 100% completion and achievements. I've only been on one date in the game, with Michelle right at the beginning. So I'm trying to date girls from Lovematch, Kiki, SuBoHoe and Alex from Craplist. I organise the date with them, and then nothing happens. I don't get an icon to go pick them up, if I go to where they live there's no markers to pick them up, and then I get pissed off emails from them saying I've stood them up. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm going to have to start a new game to get the Warm Coffee achievement I guess, but it's weird. I've googled and can't find it happening to anyone else.
  18. I've beaten the hoodlum headquarters nonsense and it took me straight to the menu. And the tower of leptys doesn't have the 'revisit' option. Is anybody else having this problem?
  19. So to make things short, quite a while ago when I was playing GTA Online, when I got a call from Ron and he said TP industries was going to give something to me, but they couldn't just leave it at my door or something like that. Then suddenly he hung up! I've been confused ever since and I don't know what he was trying to tell me and if I got something special I have no idea how to look for it. I'm guessing this is a bug, but I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this problem? And was it something important?
  20. Hey all. Sorry if someone has already asked about this, but I looked around and didn't see anything. I'm able to log into the app and everything just fine, I registered my license ID and tried to apply it and it doesn't stick. Every time I leave the Los Santos Customs section it changes my plate back to the original color. And any changes I make to my cars, even though I get the processing form and it confirms that the order has been sent, just reverts back to whatever I had in my last session. I tried going to Los Santos Customs, first in multiplayer, then in single player, and nothing happened. I didn't get any notices about my order being processed, my custom license plate didn't appear, nothing happened. If it helps, my garage in the app seemed a little buggy. It still listed my Oracle in there, which I haven't had in forever. I replaced it with the Sheriff SUV (which I don't think you're supposed to be able to store. I died after fending off a bounty, mugger, mercenaries and a four star level for a bit. When I spawned back in, it was there and to my surprise I could actually put a tracker on it so I did.) I recently replaced it with a random car and it updated properly in the garage, showing the new car instead of the long gone Oracle. I tried again Asher that but no luck. It's like my stuff isn't going to the servers from the app. The custom plate is really the only thing I care about in this app, I plan on uninstalling it afterwards. It's very poorly designed. If anyone at all can offer any sort of advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
  21. Hi! I thought I start a thread concerning bugs and problems during gameplay since I've had a few. Ever since I started playing the game I have been logged out in the middle of a session many times. I wrote to EA's help and they asked me to unplug my router and modem for 1 minute and do a so called Power Cycle. It did help, for 2 days I did't experience any problems, last night happened again. I guess it just has to do with the fact that I am connected wireless but every other game I've played so far could run without any connection problems. Then this morning I would like to begin playing and I am thrown back to the beginnings, had to do the tutorials and all my points and progression are gone. I had all the Speed Cameras, Speed Zones, Jumps, played a number of events, my world was 69% done. Bought the timesavers pack too and now everything is gone. I have contacted EA again and waiting for an answer. If anyone has some idea what I might be able to do to load my stuff back I am all ears. Thx!
  22. I don't know if anyone else has had this particular bug however no matter what I load my troops out with (Ladders or Explosive Barrels) and no matter what troops I purchase, as soon as formation is done and I've pressed the BACK button, half way through the main heroe's speech he stops commenting and then a message pops up saying I've lost the Siege. I'm hoping this is a bug as opposed to me not noticing some hidden strategy, however I'm also hoping someone might have a clue to rectify it. I'm contemplating purging updates to see if it rectifies but it's just weird that I'm the only one that seems to have the bug. Any help much appreciated.
  23. Hi. I got the Night Blue dye (in the Mysterious Cave/ STF Addon), but for some reason it didn't save it/it's removed from items and the chest is opened/stays opened after reload. Nice bug... I played with a local henchman. Could that be the reason (my account was the leading char of course)? Seems like, I can't get it without trading/beginning a new game now... Any suggestions, or anyone, who would be so kind to trade it? I have every item and would give anything for it!!! My Gamertag: Cringer85
  24. Hi I am a full pure/good female(lol) character and my dog is bugged..i started the "Love Hurts" quest and nothing to worry about but then my dog got hurt and being the noob i am at this game i waited forever to heal him.Well when i got in the room where you have to dig up the parts for the love hurts quest my dog just started going nuts with a symbol and the word "quest" over his head so i never beat that quest and when i completed the main storyline and did the needs of the few he came back with that bug so now i cant get treasure or do any side quests that require my dog any help??
  25. So I complete the mission, "If the price is right" last night, which put my balance at $1,204,250, only to have the achievement NOT unlock. Has anyone else experienced this "bug" in the game. It took me a while to save up that loot. Is there some secret to getting this achievement?
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