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  1. Wondering if someone else has encountered this... I've just finished the campaign on single player, on hardcore... but none of the achievements have popped. As soon as the credits screen came up I hit start and it returned me to the main menu and nothing came up.... I thought i needed to watch the credits or something. But when I go into the stats & awards section and look at the achievements section, it's telling me that Act 2 & 3 haven't been completed (even on casual or normal difficulty!) Anyone know of a way that I can fix this? Or if it is even possibly to go back and restart from act 2... playing until it pops? Very annoying! Thanks
  2. Was it just me, or was veteran a bit easy this year? It seemed to my that Veteran wasn't as challenging as previous games. There were times in Black Ops you just had to poke your head out and you were dead, but now It seems that nobody wants to shoot me. I can run from cover to cover without getting shot. If I do die, it's usually because I was impatient or cocky, not because the section was challenging. I remember bits in previous games where I would be stuck for an hour or so, screaming at the injustice before me. Honestly, that's what made it so satisfying to finally finish. There was none of that this time. Don't get me wrong, I loved the campaign. There was plenty of variety, and the story was well done. I just don't think Veteran mode was truly designed for us veterans. What are your thoughts?
  3. Yo, I need 3 players to play through campaign on Insane difficulty. Gamertag -- T Br33zy F Baby, message me
  4. Just wondering what everybody's favourite campaign section is, mine personally is from Act 1 Chapter 3: MVP to Act 2 Chapter 1, I love the whole Hanover Cole section, it's always fun to play, specially when you slap on his old thrashball uniform, So yeah, let me know below guys
  5. I think Reach is great. It is totally making me want to play the older ones again. For chievs! Get all nostalgic and stuff. I was so bummed when i downloaded 1 and it was absent of chievs. A complete waste of MSP. So, bungie should make a fortune again by re-releasing 1&2 like PS did for God of War. Make em HD. Add avatar awards, unlockables for Reach MP and achievements!
  6. For some reason, I'm unable to unlock the Headshot Honcho achievement even though I've for sure counted more than ten headshots in Campaign. Does anyone know why it won't unlock and/or have a solution?
  7. not one to compare COD to halo but i think black ops campaign should show which missions you beat on veteran and on hardened etc etc that way ull know which u beat on veteran for the sake of achvments at least i think anyway
  8. Old thread was way too bogged down. Post here if you are looking to trade online achievements with other community members. Once you have attained your arranged achievements, please delete your post.
  9. So, last week I asked "Does co-op make a game better", and , judging by the comments, it is something of a mixed opinion. Some like it, whereas some don't. So, this week's debate is: What makes a good campaign?
  10. I am currently playing on Tip of the Spear. I played through the part where you have to take out one of the AA guns and then a bridge is dropped down so you can go acrossed it. I only had a ghost at my disposal and there was a phantom that would not leave us alone. So i blasted through on my ghost and left Kat behind. I assumed she would just spawn on me at the next checkpoint but that never happened. I am now farther on in the level and I was wondering if there was any way to get Kat (or another AI partner for that matter) to respawn in this situation. There may already be a thread about this but I tried several searches with different phrases that I thought would get results and couldn't find what I was looking for, so if there is another thread that addresses my question please direct me to it.
  11. So I was also one those guys who had one of the difficulty achives glitch. I did some research on it. I suggest staying out of the options menu through the entire game. If you don't get it at the end of the game, replay chapter 2,4, and 6. Everyone has a problem with those missions not counting. (Mine popped after 6.) You should start from the beggining of the entire game as well.
  12. Has this glitched for anyone else or just me? I have collected all the PDA's in DOOM 3 Campaign (not played RoE or Lost Missions yet), and this is including the id PDA in Primary Excavation Site. I have followed a DOOM 3 official guide as playing to make sure I didn't miss any I knew about and I've triple checked the list. Not missing a single one yet it isn't popping up. I've scoured the net to see if anyone has problems with this yet it seems so far its just me Any help would be appreciated!Has this glitched for anyone else or just me? I have collected all the PDA's in DOOM 3 Campaign (not played RoE or Lost Missions yet), and this is including the id PDA in Primary Excavation Site. I have followed a DOOM 3 official guide as playing to make sure I didn't miss any I knew about and I've triple checked the list. Not missing a single one yet it isn't popping up. I've scoured the net to see if anyone has problems with this yet it seems so far its just me Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I was running through the last few missions of campaign a few nights ago to finally finish up the story. So, after I beat mission 7, The Composer, I noticed the achievement for finishing the level didn't pop. While I was a little confused, I just shrugged it off, thinking i'd just replay it later. So, I finished the final mission and the 'chevie for 'Midnight' unlocked, and I patiently waited for my 'Complete Campaign' achievement. Alas sadly, it never did. I remembered 'The Composer'; and sure enough, when I checked the mission select option in the campaign menu, it didn't say I had completed it. Not really too mad, I just loaded up mission seven again and blew through it on normal. Still no unlock. Hell, it still hasn't said I've even completed it! So, anyone else having this problem? If so, any solutions? I'm out 30 Gamerscore, and I'm pretty sure I cant get any of the other 'complete campaign' achievement variations.
  14. My Gamertag is - xPRoToTyPE VII I'm looking for some people who wanna beat the last levels of the campaigns on hard with me for the achievements, just add me and send me a message I'll be on all day and night!
  15. I'm playing through the Japanese campaign and I'm on the mission Port Moresby. Right in the beginning you are supposed to capture an island. I've destroyed all of the things on the island and it tells me to move in and capture it. I'm sitting right next to the island and the capture bar shows up but nothing happens. I press Control to try to launch the landing boats but that doesnt work either. Also the little Icon below the capture bar flashes between a shield and a target, but i don't know if that means anything. Ive sat there for many minutes and nothing happens. What do I do?
  16. valdrin


    :drunkI need someone who is good at this game to help me on co-op because i hate playing with sucky people. I only need about 8 missions though so it should be easy and i dont need them on legendary. So if anyone is willing to help send me a private message on this site or send me a friend request at DCI h34d5h0t. please help
  17. Hey ppl, im trying 2 complete halo on legendary but am finding it hard 2 find ppl 2 help me do it. So please help me complete it in co-op. send me a message on my gamertag ELLKX262 saying LEGENDARY and i will add you as a friend to start playing. Thank you
  18. So when you're getting the campaign achievements, like survive a campaign, do you have to start from the first level, or can you start from level five? It's tons of madness, but after playing Hard Rain for an hour and a half, I don't feel like running from the beginning again.
  19. I have just completed the game on 'normal' and I'm up for completing it on 'insane' difficulty with some help Add my gamertag: MiniMoodie See you there
  20. Hi ppl gt is Tom Bennett lfc just wondered if some ppl wanna do campaign on legendary add me with a message
  21. When I wasnt playing my xbox my friend started playing my campaign and typed in the 3arc intel cheat. I didnt care uch at first but tha I found out later that I could no longer get the Closer Analysis achievement Is there any possible way to get this achievement without having to make a new gamer tag? I would be willing to completely erase my black ops 2 save, online or campaign.. PLEASE HELP!!
  22. I started the campaign on Heroic and got to the 9th mission, can I carry on the rest of the levels on legendary and then go back to previous ones, and will the achievement still unlock?
  23. Although I have completed challenges and leveled up, my campign score in the leaderboards has not increased for the past week or so and I do not understand why. I have bested most to all of my previous scores yet the total score in the leaderboards stays the same. I was just wondering if anyone knew what is wrong or why this may be. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  24. Personally, going back on all the previous CoD games, I have been way too hyped for the game, always thinking OMG this is gonna be the best game ever! Anyway thats a debate I'm not getting into, there's enough fanboy posts on here already about what game is better blah blah blah... What I want to know is what's your play style on a big release such as this? In the past I have always tended to do a Campaign playthrough straight away on Normal / Hardened to get a feel for the game overal, get to know the maps in general etc etc. Once done its off to MP with friends :woop:to start the long road ahead to get to 10th Prestige or whatever the highest Prestige is this year. I guess then I mix it up between running back through the campaign on Veteran for the cheevos and also Spec Ops etc etc. But with all the new game modes added this year I wonder if that will influence anyone's decision on what order the explore the entire game? Roll on Release date though!
  25. Leave below a comment of your favourite campaign story line and why, it can be a single game or a whole series, mine personally is the Gears of war storyline (Through 1,2 and 3) Although my single favourite was the 2nd one..This is because it's thrilling, it's got action, it adds curiosity, it has everything! So yeah, leave a comment below if you want - Thank you, Alex, Shedcat.
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