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Found 3 results

  1. All i want to do is boost to get the stupid extreme variety bonus and i cant join or connect at all to anybody in a private or public match. ive tried adding them to my friends list, opening my NAT, changing my origin on my xbox settings to columbia and searching in ranked and public matches, and even having someone else host. yet i still cannot connect in any way to the people i am trying to cheat with. its like the game knows im trying to cheat. this makes me want to take the hidden gun and shoot my brains out while simultaneously poisoning myself in the throat... while im in a haystack...
  2. The other night I was playing Call Of Duty: WaW and joined a match of Nazi Zombies through quick match Der Riese, I was then put into a game in progress that was clearly hacked people were floating around in the sky, behind locked doors, shooting paintballs. I didnt think much of it until... *Bleep Bloop* an achievement popped up and then another until I had all but four I instantly quit the game back to the dashboard but achievements kept coming. What should I do? what can I do? Am I still eligible for the leaderboards? or the Clubs? Can I be banned from Xbox Live? or have my Gamerscore reset? Please someone help answer one or some or all of these quetions.
  3. First of all i'd like to say i know there are alot of threads about this achievement, and i know i'm just adding to it. So sorry if it pisses you off seeing another way to get this, but i thought id share it because it gives you solid proof that getting this achievement through cheating works. Also i know that some people frown upon cheating to get ahcievements, i don't normally do it. But looking at people asking if you can and can't do it i thought i would just tell them straight that you can and give them a way. Its a bunch of ways that other people have said that have been put together. Firstly you will need the 'Raise Wanted Level' cheat this is: 267-555-0150 Second of all you need to make sure you are in a place that you will not get caught, a bunch of these places are: 1. In the air 2. In the sea 3. Under a tunnel, after you have caused a traffic jam 4. In your appartment The easiest way is to be in your appartment. So, enter the cheat and you have your first star. It saves in your phone so you don't have to dial over and over so just click it until you have your 6 stars. Wait 5 minutes, and believe it or not the achievement actually clicks. So just for the record, if you enter the 'Raise Wanted Level' cheat it will not disable the One Man Army Achievement. Also if your worried about not getting the 100% achievement, no worrys; once the achievement has clikced for you simply turn your console off or re-load your previous saved game. Simple. This is a tried and tested way to get the achievement, it defeinatley does work. Hope It Helps, Roaming Dragon
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