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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, So in the Halo MCC, i cannot check achievements off and then save so they dissapear. It is all the Halo Reach achievements, when i update page, they dont disappear.
  2. We already have the ability to add a games achievements to our checklist. Well i think we should have the ability to make custom checklists, using achievements from different games. For instance, right now i'm trying to get every zombie achievement for 360. this would include games like dead rising, left 4 dead 1 and 2, and resident evil, but would also include certain achievements from games like halo 3. then people could add these usermade lists and try to complete them. other ideas for lists would be easiest achievements, hardest achievements, funniest, weirdest etc.
  3. This guide is the property of the x360a community and x360a.org. It is not to be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the written consent of either myself or an x360a administrator. This guide is intended to act as a checklist to help with the lack of mission tracking and provide a walkthrough format for completing all missions along with various conversation opportunities with squad-mates, crew, and random NPC's. What should I expect when using this guide? First of all, expect spoilers. While I've done my best to keep from mentioning them all, there's still plenty of spoilers from now on, especially from Mass Effect 1 & 2. You've been warned! The order can sometimes be confusing (my apologies) but try to remember that I aim to do as much in one location as I can to eliminate "back and forth" when completing missions. It helps to read the first line for each entry listed in "checklist" section to understand you can work on several missions at one time. Also, expect this guide to include a lot of info on all missions (DLC, story and side missions) but maybe not everything. This isn't 100% complete or perfect, so while it will help with knowing what's the next step for a certain mission, it may not be flawless. This is partly because of the variations due to your playthroughs from the 1st 2 games. These variations can slightly change your playthrough to having some "major" differences. Most of the info is from Paragon decisions, so expect most changes to occur when playing Renegade. Also, the "on screen pop-ups" don't always show or unfortunately shows too quickly for us to write it down. A big thanks to Bahroo3 for his dedication, feedback, and limitless information. Without his contributions, this guide wouldn't have been as "thorough." So what is the layout for the guide? Mission Name- The name is what will appear in your log. After the name, you'll find info for how the mission is started (how it's added to the mission log). Details- This is your checklist of things to do, just like the old mission logs. End- This is when your mission ends or where to "turn it in" (the final check on the checklist) to have it "grayed" out. End Rewards- These are some of the potential rewards for mission complete, but not the items found within a mission (such as finding a weapon mod won't be listed here). The credits, rep, and/or paragon/renegade points are usually listed. When "Rep" is listed, it's referring to the prompt you get for reputation bonus that shows the half paragon and half renegade pic. When "Par/Ren" is listed, it's referring to the paragon or renegade bonuses you receive based on your paragon or renegade choices. Mission Rewards- These are where items that can be found will be listed along with the potential for "bonus" Rep, Credits, XP, and Par/Ren points earned. Enemy Types- These will have the enemy types listed that you'll face. Numbers or types shouldn't vary based on your playthrough difficulty, but how dangerous they are will certainly change. Disk- #1 or 2, to know which disk the mission is on. This is to help limit "disk swapping" There are variations on this formula for conversations and non-combat missions but expect them to be similar in layout. There will be notations like "(#2 map)" that are in reference to the current map, located at the spot marked with the number. To check your map, press and select map by highlighting it and pressing Important to note that if you miss an item required for "fetch" missions (such as the items in N7 missions needed to complete other side missions) they will become available for purchase at Spectre Requisitions. I've underlined these items to remind you to look for them during missions. What about the order of missions? We have listed everything from top to bottom in a walkthrough perspective to help keep the transitions from one to the next as easy as possible. "Checklist" entries will help provide an overview of what should be done while in a certain location. All mission log entries will have a # in front of the name to help indicate the order you should try to complete them in. (Meaning the end or turn-in.) Also, it's very important to note that you should check your messages on your private terminal every possible chance to insure you don't miss anything. Try turning your volume up when your on the Citadel or Normandy. When your close enough, you'll hear them talk and if you continue to listen you'll gain missions, backstory, and hear some of the best jokes, like what happens when Turians run out of ammo. How will the previous games' decisions effect my playthrough? The following decisions directly impact how or even if you'll experience certain missions: 1- Did you save or kill the Rachni Queen? (ME1) 2- Did you save Ashley or Kaidan? (ME1) 3- Was the original council saved or killed? (ME1) 4- Did you save or destroy Maelon's research data? (ME2) 5- Is Wrex still alive? (ME1) 6- Did you destroy the Geth Heretic station or rewrite the heretics with the virus? (ME2) 7- Did you destroy or save the collector base? (ME2) 8- Who survived the end of ME2? (Suicide mission) 9- Who did you romance in ME1? 10- Who did you romance in ME2? The results that impacted the writing of this guide are: 1- Queen saved. (Bahroo3- same) 2- Ashley saved. (Bahroo3- Kaidan) 3- Council saved. (Bahroo3- same) 4- Research saved. (Bahroo3- same) 5- Wrex survived. (Bahroo3- same) 6- Rewritten with virus. (Bahroo3- same) 7- Base destroyed. (Bahroo3- same) 8- Everyone survived. (Bahroo3- same) 9- Liara romanced. (Bahroo3- No One) 10- No one romanced. (Bahroo3- Tali) I played on Normal difficulty with a "maxed out" character from my 1st ME3 playthrough. Bahroo3 played on Insanity during his "Spectre Challenge". See his thread for more info on what that entails. LINK. Parts were replayed in Narrative difficulty to quickly confirm info or double-check for missed items. At least 90% of all decisions and/or dialog options were paragon. The Key is: __________ Black- Talk to _____ Orange- DLC Blue- Main Story (not missable) Purple- Side Missions (missable) Dark Red- Spectre Terminal Green- Support (Agree with ____) Red- Important info. UPDATE May 9th- Added info for Unwavering Achievement. Credit Theoretic Eagle for the list. Also added some story related achievements. For more information on all achievements, click HERE! _______________________________ CREDIT is definitely given to Bahroo3 for all of his contributions! "If we die, we die together."
  4. Greetings! The checklist is a great feature! My suggestion is to add the ability to hide disabled games (using the check mark). This would help to further isolate the list to only those games with achievements we are still working on. I have several games that I do not want to achieve 100% completion on at least for now. For example, I would much rather play any of the new games coming out than complete Bulletwitch for the fourth or fifth time and in Hellmode to get 1 GS. However, I do not want to delete non-completed games from the checklist because it is a great way to see what achievements I still have left if I decide to go back to them. Another reason this would be helpful is because, now that I have children, I end up playing more than one game at a time. I am playing HALO ODST when they are sleeping but LEGO Batman and other games with them when they are awake. Being able to isolate the list down to just games that I am actually working on would be a great feature. Thank you in advance for considering this suggestion.
  5. Is anyone else having trouble updating their achievement checklist for PoP; I completed the Epilogue DLC and tried to check off the achievements I earned, but the update would not save; My achievement total for PoP remained at 48 out of 60 when I have earned 54 out of 60; Is anyone else having similar issues?
  6. Anyone else unable to check of any of the Achievements for the DLC Packs: - Gangsta's In Space - The Trouble With Clones I check off the achievements I have and then press 'Save'. But they don't save and just re-appear as unchecked. Genkibowl VII is fine, it checks off and saves. So do all standard achievements. It's not a major fuss but just wondered if it was the site having troubles? Also I've tried multiple different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE), so I know that's not the problem.
  7. GTA 5 - 100% Completion Guide http://i.imgur.com/eY1lRQ9.png If you are not a registered member of xbox360achievements.org and have found this guide in a Google search or just by browsing the site, please join the forums! If you do join the forums due to this guide, it would be greatly appreciated if you would give either of the authors, Darth_Krid or PowerPyx, a referral. Copyright/Rights of Use All videos found in this guide are the property of PowerPyx and any reproduction of video material is forbidden without express permission. All written and descriptive content in this guide is the property of DarthKrid and is strictly to be used and reproduced on ps3trophies.org & xbox360achievements.org ONLY. Thanks to GlennThomas for the brilliant work with the banner and headers. For information regarding specific achievements, please refer to this thread: Achievement Guide & Roadmap by BiggD & B A R 4 D http://i.imgur.com/W4bvnC7.png Grand Theft Auto 5, like its predecessors, has a wide variety of criteria to fulfil in order to attain 100% Completion and ultimately the Career Criminal achievement. The purpose of this guide is to offer a detailed checklist of exactly what is required for 100%, to provide video, text and image descriptions for every collectible, and to give information about the miscellaneous events and activities that are also required. Note that not all collectibles are required for 100% Completion, but those that aren’t are linked to other single-player achievements. Therefore, we have included these collectibles at the end of this guide in order to keep this as the one-stop place for everything you need to obtain every collectible achievement in the single-player along with Career Criminal. To keep track of your progress in-game, you can do so by pausing with , scrolling over to the “Stats” tab with and then selecting “100% Checklist”. However, this in-game stats page has very limited information so we highly recommended creating an account with the Rockstar Games Social Club if you haven’t done so already. Once on this site, select “GTA V” from the list of games and then click the “Checklist” tab. This will provide far more detailed stats and will show you everything that is needed for 100% and, more importantly, what you’ve already specifically accomplished (which the in-game page does not tell you). The game will autosave after you complete every mission or activity which contributes towards 100%. This is helpful indication that something has been completed appropriately. There are also on-screen notifications once you pick up a collectible or perform a Stunt Jump which tells you how many you have or how many are required. 100% completion is unmissable; your choice of ending will not prevent Career Criminal from being attainable. http://i.imgur.com/3pO1hWw.png The following list contains a brief overview of everything that is required for 100% Completion and the Career Criminal achievement. For more detailed descriptions, please refer to the guide below. If completing a particular action unlocks a certain achievement, this will be listed too. Story Missions (50%) All 69 Story Missions, including all of Lester’s Assassination Contracts (All story-related achievements). Strangers and Freaks (10%) Only 20 of the 58 Strangers and Freaks Missions are required for 100%. However, they have to be the following 20 specific missions rather than any 20: Tonya (5 Towing missions). Beverley (5 Paparazzo missions). Hao (Shift Work mission). Barry (only Franklin’s 2 missions). Fanatic (only Franklin’s mission). Dom (4 Extreme missions). Omega (Completed after collecting and returning all 50 Spaceships Parts to Omega). Dreyfuss (Available after collecting all 50 Letter Scraps). Hobbies and Pastimes (10%) Get a private lap dance at the Strip Club. Shooting Range: At least a bronze medal in all 3 challenges in each of the Hand Guns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns and Heavy categories (total 18 medals). 5 Street Races (at least a Bronze medal in each). 6 Off-Road Races (at least a Bronze medal in each). 4 Sea Races (at least a Bronze medal in each). Win at Tennis. Play 9 holes of Golf and finish on Even or Under Par. Win at Darts. 3 Triathlon Races (at least a Bronze medal in each). Flight School (at least a Bronze medal in all 12 lessons). Parachuting (all Base Jumps and all Heli Jumps). Random Events (15%) Complete any 14 Random Events when travelling around San Andreas. Miscellaneous (15%) Collect all 50 Spaceship Parts (From Beyond The Stars). Collect all 50 Letter Scraps (A Mystery, Solved). Complete 25/50 Under The Bridges. Complete 25/50 Stunt Jumps. Complete 8/15 Knife Flights. Purchase any 5 properties. Purchase any vehicle from a website. Walk and play “fetch” with Chop. Complete a Booty Call. Use a prostitute. Hold up a store. Visit the cinema. 4 Friend Activities (go to the Cinema, play Darts, go to the Strip Club and visit a Bar). The following accomplishments are not required for 100% in-game completion, but are required for certain miscellaneous achievements. These will be covered fully in this guide: All 50 Stunt Jumps (Show Off). All 50 Under The Bridges (Close Shave). All 15 Knife Flights (Close Shave). 30 Nuclear Waste (Waste Management). For your convenience, we have provided a spreadsheet for the 100% Completion checklist. Simply click "File" and then "Download As" to save it to your computer, or just print it off and use it that way. We'd like to say a huge thank you to GoddessMushu for creating this: 100% Completion Checklist Spreadsheet
  8. I managed to pick up the DLC for a few Pounds at a charity shop, had a play, got some achievements, want to log them. But everytime I try to tick (or un-tick) an achievement, and save, the refreshed page doesnt save my new achievements and points. I've trying disabling and re-enabling the achievement check list, cleared all ticks, and started again, but the same thing happens. Surely I can be the only one with the problem, but would someone with the capacity to - mind taking a look at it for me. Thanks very much!!
  9. So as the title asks, why can't I check off the new achievements from the free DLC updated for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition? I've gotten a few of them like Iron Belly, Pot Planter, It's a sign! and a few more but every time I check them off on my list and click save changes it doesn't update. I'm kind of OCD when it comes to keeping up to date with my list so the fact that its not updating is kind of annoying. I've tried disabling it from list and then enabling it again and that didn't do anything. Any solutions to the problem would be great!
  10. Any admin out there that can fix that? thanks...
  11. There seems to be a problem with my checklist.. when I try to add games to it or look at it, all it comes up with this: My Stats:Achievements: ##X360A_OF# (0%)Points:: ##X360A_OF# (0%) Achievements: Points:##X360A_OF# (N/A %}) ##X360A_OF# (N/A %}) Any help with fixing this would be awesome..
  12. why does this checklist not work? i mean i check everything off and then i save it but then it comes up with an error and i dont know what to do this is the error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE gameID = 195 and userID = 16599' at line 3
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