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  1. Is it just me or is Versus co-op missing? Last night was the first time I have logged in for over a week (been playing BF1) and I wanted to play versus co-op as I enjoy that over regular versus. I can't find it? Is it removed? Did they move it somewhere else? Anyone else have it? I do read online that the TU1 did mess a few things up. Thanks.
  2. hey guys i have completed the campain and i'm just waiting for the dlc to come out and i'm gonna be duplicating weapons if you would like to join just send me a message on my profile with your gamertag or reply with your gamertag and i'll invite you
  3. hey everyone, i just finished playing through the campaign on legendary on splt screen co-op with my friend. we've played through all the levels together on legendary getting all the skulls and terminals together. we have gotten all the achievements together. on the last level when we got the final terminal only i got the achievement for getting all of them. same thing happened when we got the last skull. when we finally ended up beating the level he got the achievement for beating the level but not for beating the campaign on legendary (only i got the achievements). so yeah... wtf, when we looked at his progress it said that he's only completed the last 2 levels, and only has a couple of skulls. so yeah, is there any way to fix my friend getting screwed out of about 300 points?
  4. Hey Im looking for a saints row 2 co-op partner i have all dlc and im on eastern time i need someone to play all missions and activites for the achievements if you are interested message me on xbox box my gamertag is: CrazyCanadian77
  5. I'm thinkin if the game developers dont follow through... which sadly they probably wont... with a marble blast ultra sequel, they should at least deliver a competitive co-op mode. Up to 4 players could work together to get to end. Maybe then checkpoints couldnt be activated since their would be more lives to work with. Then the same campaign levels could be used in a competitive way. In the same way that multiplayer is set up, up to 8 people could play in a race gametype. Overall, i believe updates are long overdue.
  6. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to play Undead Overrun in RDR. Just send me a message if you wanna play. I don't have any room for friends, so you will have to settle for sending me a message. Hit me up anytime. (Mic is required) Thanks- IW Revenge
  7. Just obtained a copy of Undead Nightmare...anyone especially feel like showing a young neophyte the ropes in co-op/multiplayer? ; )
  8. Old thread was way too bogged down. Post here if you are looking to trade online achievements with other community members. Once you have attained your arranged achievements, please delete your post.
  9. keltboy

    The Debate

    This is my attempt at a debate thread thing. Each week, I will put up a new debate for people to argue over, like the Tweetbate on XBL, only better, and without Twitter. I will run it 3 weeks to begin with, then see how it goes from there. OK, the first debate is: Does co-op make a game better?
  10. I've been Wanting this game for quite some time now and just recently I found out that it has co-op, but I was wondering what do you do in co-op online and offline?
  11. http://www.powerpyx.com/Assets/Miscellaneous/resident_evil_operation_raccoon_city_great_success_walkthrough-powerpyx.png I do not own a strategy guide for this game. No third party content was used. All information is based on my personal experience. Please do not steal this guide. Index: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Basics The Walkthrough Enemies http://powerpyx.com/Assets/Miscellaneous/resident_evil_operation_raccoon_city_great_success_walkthrough_02-powerpyx.png Is S+ possible on Co-Op? Yes! I recommend to do this with 2 human players only. The more human players you have, the harder it is to get S+. Only one single player can get S+ per playthrough. This is based on the fact that the Collectibles will only count for the one player who is collecting them. Unfortunately, there are not enough for both players. Player 1 (who wants S+) plays as Spectre to find the collectibles faster. Player 2 (the helper) plays as Bertha - The Medic. Choose her active ability called 'Neutralize Infection' to cure your teammate from turning into a zombie. Player 1 (who wants S+) has to get all collectibles. This includes the intel and cameras. You should also access all computer terminals at least once. You should play on professional difficulty. This will greatly improve your chances to get S+. Playing with a headset is a good idea, but not neccessary. Tip: Bertha - The Medic always spawns with 1 health spray. Kill and revive her if you want to get healed. Is S+ possible on Co-Op Veteran? Yes! However, your chances to get S+ are very low and I do not recommend trying this. You would need to beat all the targets with ~150% of their displayed scores and you would have to find absolutely every single collectible. Check out the above mentioned points for more details. Is S+ possible on Solo Veteran? Yes! However, your chances to get S+ are very low, even if you get S/S/S/S. You would have to find every single collectible and exceed all target scores with such a perfect score that it is more difficult than playing on professional. I do not recommend trying it on veteran! It is much harder than playing on professional right away. Do I have to get S/S/S/S in order to get S+? No! At least not when playing solo on professional difficulty. However, you should beat some requirements with a really good score (much better score than the minimum requirements). You can still get S+ when you have B/S/S/S (doesn't matter in which category you get B). Example: Kills: 90 of 110 - B Deaths: 0 of 3 - S+ Collectibles: All from this mission (cams, intel, pc's) - S+ Clearing Time: 25:00 of 35:00 - S+ Note: The game does not display S+ in in any categories, but it still realizes if you barely got S in a category or if you beat the requirements with a much better score. This won't work if you get a C or D in any category. Does the timer stop if I access the pause menu? Yes! You can stay in the pause menu as long as you want. It won't affect your score for the clearing time in any negative way. Do the deaths of teammates matter? No! Kill them whenever you want. Sometimes it can give you a tactical advantage to take out your allies. Does the use of green herbs and health sprays matter? No! It has absolutely no effect on your final score. Make sure you always pick up all health items before moving on to the next area. What's the easiest way to get S+? Well, that's probably the most important question if you are planning on getting 1000G in this game. It depends on your gameplay style. I recommend to do it Solo on Professional difficulty. The game recognizes that you chose the technical hardest challenge and is more likely to reward you with S+. In Co-Op you would need to do everything at least twice if you want to help each other out. This is a lot more time consuming and on some mission it's actually counter productive. In the beginning you might think it is impossible and so did I. Truth is, that it's getting easier with each mission as you understand how the game works. Since you have to get tons of XP for several other achievements I would also recommend to do 3 complete playthroughs before going for S+. Maybe one on casual, one on professional co-op and one on professional solo. Believe me, it won't hurt!
  12. So I was playing co-op and i went to my friends world, hes level 69, and i got an cheevo for discovering the last place, well i i foun legit is the mine and skag gully and sledges safe house, so my achievents are not in order and plus he told me to sell guns, and I got the million dollar avhievement and leveled up to 29, (WAS 11) Do you guys really care what order I get my achievements? I am really weird and dont know if this is bad? Because I dont want to be different. Has this happened to you in any co-op game?
  13. Looking for a person to get the 3 player attack achievement, and to continue beating the game on higher difficulties, have 2 players now. Add me on XBL GT:Yankamycranka
  14. Probably already been asked, but just wanted to ask again. Is there a way to have a second controller signed in so that I can level it up and have that character save? Every time I go to sign in a guest account it says progress won't be saved, however when I was helping a friend on his PS3 split screening, it saved the progress, level, skill points etc of that guest account. Any info?
  15. Hello, I have a question and if it's already answered can someone direct me to the thread. Whenever I am playing co-op the 2nd controller always randomly disconnects and it says "press any button to play." When I press the button to log in and choose the 2nd profile it signs in but then it still says "press any button to play." So why does it randomly disconnect that profile and then won't allow me to play with it anymore? Any answers would be great!
  16. Official Playstation Magazine featured new details about this game. For a full summary check http://www.middleearthcenter.com/2010/04/detailed-summary-from-witn-playstation-magazine-article/ More details(mostly the same but still): http://www.middleearthcenter.com/2010/04/war-in-the-north-details-revealed-in-ptom-article-summary/ For a small summary check this list: You'll get to choose to play as Elf, Man or Dwarf Classes “Mage”, “Scout” and “Warrior” RPG progression mechanics, learn new skills. “Classic” RPG character creation options, with sliders for customisation. It also features 'standard' RPG options like interacting with NPC's, side-quests and picking up items. Classes will be mirrored, Evil characters will be one of the three aforementioned classes Revival mechanism allows players to resurrect their fellows (probably similar to that in LotRO) Finishing moves for both good and evil characters Game world will not be totally open, mentions of “a tight path to travel” in Mirkwood Armour, weapons and environment are possibly the most detailed yet in a Lord of the Rings game Variations in enemy appearance are much greater than in Conquest Game is more mature then others, combat is more intense, monsters are scarier and blood galore. Mentions of a troll chewing on a head, spiders crawling over their victims and fist-fighting Dwarves Singleplayer with 2-AI players, or Co-op play in several combinations. A fellowship is always three characters, and any “gaps” will be filled by an AI player Drop-in/Drop-out co-op play is included – allows players to join a game at any time and leave again at any time “Scaling mechanism” to allow new players to match up with experienced players Item trade between players Other measures are being included to prevent “me-first” play Mirkwood serves as an “anchor” – most prominent area in the game Underground locations will also be featured and a village in the mountains is hinted at. Like said before this game features Single-player, Offline Co-op and Online Co-op. If you want more information I'd recommend checking http://www.middleearthcenter.com/?cat=witn regularly. EDIT: I've found pictures of the article in the magazine, so I'm posting a link to them here. http://s883.photobucket.com/albums/ac33/BoomBoxV102/LOTR/
  17. Looking for some people (guys,girls, whatever) to play both expert campaign and versus mode with on Left 4 Dead 2. Would like to have people that can communicate well with others, and are friendly. I'm available for most of the night on Fridays and Saturdays. I do have The Passing DLC. If anyone is interested, add me on xbox live (gamertag: xkRytiCalShoTx), and also send me a private message on here as well. Thanks!
  18. valdrin


    :drunkI need someone who is good at this game to help me on co-op because i hate playing with sucky people. I only need about 8 missions though so it should be easy and i dont need them on legendary. So if anyone is willing to help send me a private message on this site or send me a friend request at DCI h34d5h0t. please help
  19. I've done the first level and that's it. Would like to do it with some people's help. I'll go back and get the first one with you are any after i get it if people will add me on live: JaySten. THANKS!!! every add everyone and we'll have plenty of friends online playin halo at any time!!! I'll be on for the next hour or so and most of tomorrow all day just send me a message over live.
  20. liujiaying

    Online co-op

    A friend of mine and me want to get some new games. We also want games that have online co-op. And just so you know we already have rainbow six vegas 2, halo 3 and HAWX PS soz if this type of question has already been asked but the search engine wont work on my comp and cba to look for it.
  21. all i need is the co-op achievement in scramble to have a full 200 but noone plays online anymore anyone want to help a fellow gamer out thatnks alot ill be waiting in the lobby GAMERTAG TheCrimson1028
  22. The question is, can you get Co-op completion achievements if you are not the host? (And have not completed the game on SP or co-op previously). A buddy and I recently went through Co-op Perfect Agent where I hosted the game. We beat all of the levels on Perfect Agent, and I received all three achievements for completing Perfect, Secret, and Agent difficulties. However, my buddy did not receive any achievements. Should he have, or do you need to host in order to receive achievements? To note - He had been using his brother's box for the first few levels as his box had RROD'ed. He used the same gamer profile on a memory card, but could this have contributed to him not receiving the achievements?
  23. Is it possible to do missions in the story coopperatively. I was told u can. Never done it, never seen it. The back of the GTA IV case says 2-4 Co-Op. I'm thinking its multiplayer, but then shouldn't it say 2-8 Co-Op if it is infact for multiplayer. Anyways, can u play the story Cooperatively?
  24. Ok, so i played coop (xbox live --> unranked --> coop, or something) and played 7-9 episodes, someone left part way thru, but 3 of us were there for well more than 5, and it did not unlock... so i thought maybe because someone had quit it did not unlock, but i cant find anyone mentioning this anywhere on the forums or other places, so i did not think that was the problem. so i went and hosted a coop, started it with 3 guys, one left almost right away, the other stayed with me for 11 episodes (i payed attention this time) and neither achievement poped. what am i doing wrong? do i need to be in some different coop mode? does people quitting out disable the coop? (even after people quit, there was 2 or more people in the lobby...) Any help, suggestions, opinions, or anything to make me go 'oh duh!' would be very welcome thanks in advance
  25. Would anybody like to help me be the game on insane and I need friends with benefits as well please send me message if intrested And as all way happy gaming- shadyxlurker
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