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Found 13 results

  1. This is a thread made exclusively for the few who have completed Mass Effect. we rule
  2. I've had this game since the day it came out - my fiance bought it, played it for an hour, hated it, never played it again. Tried to take it back to Gamestop the next day and they offered a whooping $23, I told him we might as well try to sell it on eBay or even keep it for that. I've never played it but I'm thinking about asking a friend if he's willing to drop $7 for a copy on Amazon or rent it from Gamefly, but how does this game fair in the journey to 1000G, in your opinion? Is it relatively easy, or is it worth the pain and struggle, is the game even fun at all, even a little bit? I appreciate anything you have to offer.
  3. So i finished episode 3 a while ago and got all achievements except the Librarian one so i went back a bit later on to get it and once i did i returned to the ''achievement library?'' whatever it's called on the home menu and it shows 210/300G even though i've gotten every achievement. And the same thing happened with ep. 2. Am i the only one that is getting this thing and will i have to wait yet again for episode 4 to arrive until i get the 100% that then will not be 100% because of the ep.4 cheevos? I mean come on!
  4. I understand many people are worried about doing or not doing something in single player that will prevent them from recieving the 100% game completion stat, please post your worries and have them solved by the people who know!
  5. So I earned the 100% completion back in January but I booted up my Xbox last night and saw that the game was no longer listed as fully complete. Now I didn't buy the dlc and I think that this may have something to do with it.... Has anyone else had this issue or has seen this weird glitch?
  6. What was your hardest game to complete?.... yah im a new member trying to get my account up
  7. ...not been able to find this info from around here, so i thought id ask... playing the entire Case File thing to get one 'cheev would be a pain, so which case file would you have to play up to, to unlock say, all the locked rooms...certain events like the Gas...etc hope thats not too cryptic for you lot to understand... it kinda confuses me reading it back lol
  8. Hey all, I just need to cheevo for completing on the hardest difficulty - can I just speed through the game doing main objectives or am I going to spend ages and ages on difficult sections. Any advice would be great! Thanks.
  9. Jumper: Griffin's Story: Complete, Collectible, Weapons, Comic Book Covers Hope this Helps [ame= ] [/ame]
  10. A huge thanks to Subliminal Cuts over at TrueAchievements for finding this gem. Someone called Bryan at Video Games Made Me Do It (VGMMDI) has created videos for getting all areas, collectables and secrets (including all codes) which have come in very useful for finding everything I've missed. Here's a link to the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDEFD7A3A81550EB7&feature=plcp Each video covers a different section so that you can just jump to the ones you're missing, though if you can't get to an area/through a door that he's shown, you might need to backtrack in case you've missed anything (e.g. lowering the water).
  11. Hi all, I've finished the game and am probably short by about 2 or 3 kills for Deadeye (10 zipline kills). Can anyone recommend a good spot to go back to to get these? Thanks!
  12. Hey, I've just bought Borderlands and was wondering whether or not I should buy any of the DLC now or complete the game first?
  13. I'm just wondering if when i complete the main games story line will i be able to go to all the other side quests after it.
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