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Found 3 results

  1. hello all, if you are living in the united states time zones...and plan on playing "Armored Core V" on xbox live...you have come to the right place !! this thread is to setup time to get online together...swap emblems...and even to generally help each other out online !! i live in the central standard time...so if you would like to add me once this game is released...i will accept you ^_^ !! * also, fell free to post any questions or interesting tips about the game anytime here *
  2. I just finished Hardcore Mode yesterday, and I thought I'd pass along some tips for beating this mode WITHOUT using weapons and armor from any of the DLC packs. This is long and detailed because I am neurotic. If you want some quick and dirty tips, just pick out the bolded sections you find interesting or look elsewhere. When I was looking through the forums I found some good advice, but I also noticed that a lot of people bought the DLC packs (Martial Law seems to be popular) for an extra edge. I have no "moral" problem with this if that's the way you want to go. I am simply cheap, and I refuse to fork out 5 bucks for weapons and/or armor to help me beat a game that can be beaten without it. Why take the easy way when the achievement is called Hard to the Core? Seems like a contradiction to me. Perhaps I'm also slightly masochistic. The point is, it can be done. I did it, and so can you! Here are my tips: 1. Patience. Seriously. You will die. You will lose hours of progress. You will get frustrated. You will want to murder small children. If you are not willing to endure this frustration and/or do not believe you will be able to refrain from actually killing children (they didn't really do anything dude) then DO NOT attempt this mode. 2. Time. This goes along with patience, and while it might be a no-brainer, remember that this mode will take some time to complete. I did it over a weekend during which I spent a good chunk of 2 days playing/taking breaks from playing as necessary. I had nothing else to do during that time. This helps a lot. 2.5 Significant Others. That being said, it is likely that at some point while attempting this, your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/father/sister/brother/child/roommate/friend/pet/school/work/zombie apocalypse will demand your attention. Try not to get too angry with them when they just don't understand why you can't stop playing because you are trying to get to a good save point. They do not care about being hard to the core. They are quite happy with soft, squishy insides. This is part of why we love them. 3. Weapons: Pick 2 and stick with them! If you have any more than 2, ammo will be spread way too thin. I used the plasma cutter and force gun. I have heard good arguments for other weapons, like the contact beam (where you can use the special secondary fire to put nearby enemies into stasis), the ripper (great at tearing through multiple enemies from multiple angles quickly), and detonator mines (good for setting up traps for enemies and defending your flanks). You will be using the faithful plasma cutter for the majority of the game. Just pick a secondary that works for you and go with it. I chose the force gun because I was used to the way it works and I am more concerned with keeping enemies off of me than killing them quickly. I found I was able to use it in a pinch to get enemies to back off and then kill them with the plasma cutter if necessary. Although when you have the alternate fire fully upgraded, the force gun can tear through even the nastiest elite slasher in 2 hits. Note: You do not get the force gun until chapter 7 after the elevator ride with the tripods. I was fine with the plasma cutter alone up until this point, but if you are having a hard time and need a secondary go for it. I would have probably chosen detonator mines (can kill pretty much anything with one direct hit - just don't get caught in the blast). You can always respec your power nodes to put them into another weapon later on. 4. Upgrades - By the end, you will likely be able to fully upgrade 2 weapons and most of your rig and stasis. I put my nodes into my plasma cutter first, going mostly for damage and the special damage upgrades first. Speed and reload speed are not as important to me because I found that this gun is pretty quick to begin with, but these upgrades will be more important in later chapters. Some capacity is helpful but not super-necessary early on. If you are going to be using the force gun, save some nodes or be prepared to respec nodes from something. All of the upgrades are important for this gun. Damage and Alt fire are essential, and I found that without the reload, speed, and capacity upgraded, it was way too slow and cumbersome to use when multiple enemies are coming at you. You will be freaking out if you have several fast enemies bearing down on you and you have to reload the force gun without upgrades. Hardcore is already stressful enough, don't do the enemies' work for them! After upgrading my weapons, I spent some nodes on stasis, focusing on duration and energy. These are especially helpful during the last few chapters where you can just stasis enemies and run to conserve ammo. Charge does not matter because you will be picking up plenty of stasis packs along the way. I did not upgrade the last charge nodes, even at the end. Rig is 3rd on my priority list, and I only upgraded the first 2 Hit points. Damage and Air are not helpful at all in this mode, so don't waste your time with them. Neat Upgrade Tricks to Remember: - When you upgrade capacity, it refills your ammo, so don't reload a weapon right before you upgrade it. - When you upgrade your hit points it refills your health, so when you get the respec ability, you can go to a bench, upgrade hit points to regain health, then back out, return to the bench, and respec those nodes back into your other items. 5. Armor: Basically, my best advice is to buy the new suits when they become available. You will need the extra inventory space, and I suppose the damage resistance upgrades are helpful as well. Tip: When you have access to the Vintage Suit (the schematic for this one is in the power node room near the beginning of Chapter 8) it gives you a discount at the store. Even after you switch to the Advanced Suit, you can switch back to the Vintage before buying things at the store to save some credits. This is especially helpful when buying power nodes, as they are 9,000 instead of 10,000, which can help you out a good bit. Just be sure to switch back to the Advanced Suit when you are done! I forgot to do this at the end and had to fight the final boss with my Vintage Suit. It went fine, but I would have kicked myself if I died because I needed that extra bit of protection the Advanced Suit would have given me! 6. Ammo: You will be buying ammo. I know, you didn't have to when you played through before, but you will this time. I was able to make it through the first disc without buying much ammo and using what I found, but once all of the weapons become available, the game will randomly give you ammo to all of them and you run low on cutter/secondary ammo. From I'd say about chapter 10 on, I always made sure to have 3 full stacks of ammo for both weapons available every time I went by a store. Running out of ammo just makes you feel stupid. I once got to the red rooms on chapter 13 and only had 7 shots for both weapons combined. I managed to make it through with lots of stasis, but it wasn't pretty. Bottom line: Keep your arsenal well-stocked.
  3. Has anyone else had trouble unlocking the zumba fire achievement? the inferno one was suppose to be after fire, but I have unlocked inferno and have not yet unlocked fire. I am thinking they have left a zero off the inferno requirements and I got to it too early. The listing of the requirements in a search are different on every page.
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