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Found 9 results

  1. So far the fastest method I've seen is sniper attack on score attack mode, solo. My best game I got 2597 credits in one game when I didn't die at all. It took like 10 minutes. Another game I got 2340 credits and I died a couple times so obviously you can get plenty of credits even if you die. Just get lots of double/triple/overkills and sniper kills/sniper sprees. Any sniper attack is good, but sniper attack on corvette is especially good because it's easy to finish the game (complete all 5 waves) and do it fast with lots of medals. You get a credit bonus if you finish the match (kill all 5 waves before time runs out). My best credit bonus was 540 not sure what determines it, although someone below stated it's simply 380 for completing the match plus whatever credits you earned from medals. Even my BEST multiplayer game where I went like 28 kills and 4 deaths I didn't earn as many credits as sniper attack and it took like 15 minutes for the match to end. Unless you've got a really good squad of friends to destroy in multiplayer team games and finish matches in less than 8 minutes/match then I think sniper attack on solo score attackfirefight is the best for credit farming. Also, any time you advance a commendation you get a credit bonus. I just got over 2600 credits in a regular score attack match (no infinite ammo, base DMR and battle rifle starting equipment) by finishing the match till time ran out (still had 5 enemies left at the end) and advancing a commendation to silver. Additionally, HOW you kill enemies matters. It's not as simple as earning a medal. A medal for a beatdown on a grunt is worth fewer credits than a sniper medal (headshot) on the same grunt for instance. To take it one step further, an overkill from four sniper shots would be worth more than two double kills from sniper shots. You would have the four sniper medals either way, but an overkill = doubkill/triplekill/overkill (3 medals), whereas two double kills = 2 medals. More medals = more credits. I put one of my better sniper attacks on corvette on my file share, one of the ones with over 2500 credits, in case you wanna see how I approach it to maximize medals and credits. It's mostly common sense, but some might wanna have a look if they're making fewer credits. Always try to get at least a double kill. If an enemy looks alone, look around before popping him for a nearby one for double kill minimums. Any further input/thoughts is appreciated. Collaboration is always a plus. Edit: I tried gruntpocolypse, it's ok but I only managed 1250 credits it seems harder to get multi kills b/c the grunts with the helmets mess up your kill streaks since it takes a couple head shots to down them. Also, I think sniper kills are worth more credits than head shots from the DMR or pistol.
  2. Update: There is speculation as to wether this qualifies as 'breaking the terms and conditions' that bungie impose. I cannot and will not accept ANY responsability if bungie decide to impose a ban on your account. Use at your own risk. Hi guys, check out this boosting method I found. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2K-Q28Wahc]YouTube - ONI Sword Base cR Boosting[/ame] Let me know what you think Update: There have been issues where people have stopped recieving credits during the campaign, after using this method. The reason for this is because you have got a Silver or higher in commendations. If you have a Silver commendation, anything associated with that commendation does not recieve any cR. It seems that Bungie imposed a limit to how many cR you could earn during the campaign. The boosting method is fine, however. It will simply help you get towards this milestone. Hopefully when bungie release the campaign matchmaking, things will sort themself out. For more information, follow THIS link. Update: Here is an alternative commentary. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5jXoSehdSQ]YouTube - ONI Sword Base cR Boosting (Alternative Commentary)[/ame]
  3. I was wondering if there gona release double cR weekend lata in future or there not gona put it on Reach?
  4. I personally love Halo 3. It was the first game I got for Xbox 360 and I still play it every now and then. Halo 3's online promotion system was simply ineffective. Getting you only 1 EXP if you win a game, hit MVP or do well in a free-for-all. Halo Reach introduced a (much better, in my opinion) promotion system that allows you to rank up after receiving enough credits from doing well and staying in games. However, what really bothered me was the "Jackpot" system. It made me feel as though a person can just get lucky and just hit a few thousand credits for just being lucky. In Halo 3, you don't get "lucky" and earn EXP, but you really had to earn them. I just feel that jackpots sorta made Halo Reach's promotion system a little less better than it can be. Anyone here agree with me? Edit: Okay, I did not mean "jackpot". I meant "slot machine". Slow day. So please before you start saying that jackpots don't make a significant difference, I mean slot machines in general.
  5. Does anyone know the name of the song the plays when the end credits start rolling?
  6. Whenever I finish a game, for some reason I'm not getting any of my credits that I earn. It started happening after I joined a game that was glitched (Infinite Ammo, grenades, etc.), and at the end of the game it said something around -290000 credits earned. Could my credits have gone negative? It only says zero credits in the store and I already tried to clear my cache, but it didn't help. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. hey guys i dunno if this has been posted already but here it is anyway. last night me n my mate finished halo odst on legendary and we found a video after the credits. sgt. johnson is smoking a cigar with the engineer but if you wait for a bit on te black screen you see a whole bunch of engineers working on a weapon with a prophet watching them. Possibly the planet master cheif is landing on at the end of halo 3 or something different. discuss....
  8. Hey i jsut recently played through multiplayer, got through like 500 games and got all the unlock achievements, i added them all together and it came to 91,300, now i then went and played some more so i have some extra (8835), this comes to more than 100,000 so there the hell is my achievement, help plz?
  9. i accidently pressed A during the credits and then it took me back to the maint menu and i clicked on resume solo game and got the achievements when it loaded, but it was at the point just befor ethe hive mission. what has happened, do i need to play the last missions again for anything?
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