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Found 17 results

  1. As the title of the thread says, I'm interested in what people thought of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. I thought the combat admittedly simple. Maybe there was more that could be done but I didn't see it probably. In terms of the story, I thought it was actually good for what it was trying to tell. The representation of mental health was what most intrigued me. I kept wondering whether Senua was actually fighting actual Vikings or not even though it's more possibly all in her head. I believe they did cover certain topics like how sometimes those who are meant to be close and supportive of you can be the most cruel as seen through her father's actions. But seeing how she deals with what's she is helped me focus a bit more myself due to my own mental health issues. I think I've rambled enough so please let me know your opinions or thoughts on the game.
  2. First thing, first. ***SPOILERS*** Disclaimer: I'm not perfect and this will be a work in progress over the next couple of days (as promised in my FAQ, Help & Easter Egg thread). As it is, I've titled the thread for discussions, so feel free to post all of your own thoughts, however, please remember that mine are currently unfinished. Still Unresolved:In various locations (easier to use the museum) are the book references to Philadelphia. Keep in mind... ...that a theory is an idea that can't be proven nor disproven (Pending the outcome of post#33...). Also, the "Arkham" video games are considered their own "canon." What does this mean? The stories and events that occur in these 2 games are completely separate from other sources. Yes, a lot of ideas, events, characters, etc. come from a collection of other sources, but these create a whole new standalone experience for gamers to enjoy. So, yes you can refer to other sources, but it can't directly contradict the "canon" from the games if it's to be plausible. The most important (arguably) thing to keep in mind: the importance of loopholes in the story. Open-ended questions and unexplained events are many times well thought out plans by talented writers to be able to change an outcome by going back to explain it to fit. Are you confused yet? I hope so! So without further stalling (wait for it. wait for it.) here we go! The Scarecrow Theory It's actually a simple theory arising from the Scarecrow Easter Egg. Not everything that has happened in the game is real! Perhaps it's in the water, maybe it's airborne, or his improved toxin is physically carried on insects and transmitted through contact. This certainly means that elements in the game could turn out to be part (if not whole) of a "drug-induced nightmare." There is some evidence to support this theory. For starters, after discovering the boat's lovely Easter Egg, there is a powder floating inside (airborne idea), that could get into the water (water idea, of course) through the cracks as well by the insects or even been carried to shore on the insects backs (physical idea) to come in contact with other insects and spreads. The bugs are definitely everywhere when you start looking, but to name a few locations: Just after the floating bridge in Zsasz's hideout. Also in the collapsed streets on your way to confront Ra's and you experience some "near death" moments. Even as Catwoman, look down as you reach Strange's vault door. "So what about his normal M.O.?" (Modus operandi is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as "mode of operation". The term is used to describe someone's habits or manner of working, their method of operating or functioning. In English, it is frequently shortened to M.O.) I'm so glad you asked! While he still includes fear in his toxin, it's not overpowering to the point of losing the believability. This serves him more as controling the Bat by incapacitation rather than making him "lose his mind" (which hasn't worked well in the past). Minor and moderate fears are still prevalent, but not too over the top...well...at least not for Batman. Some examples: Minor-Shark in the museum, Croc in the Easter Egg, and even the twin smashing the wall. Moderate (by Batman standards)-Being "near death" or Oracle's accusation of Bruce being a serial killer! (That stuck-up, little B*cough*...excuse me. Moving forward...) Perhaps the more interesting mind game is the mention of several mind-altering methods in the game. From hypnotic suggestions to "special tea", there's more mind games than a crazy psychiatrist can keep up with. (pardon the attempted humor) Consider this, your mind will give you evidence of not being in reality, but what makes it difficult for some to distinguish the difference is ACCEPTANCE. In a real world example, you don't fly the Millennium Falcon (yes, I just used a Star Wars reference) to work or school everyday. So using your reasoning skills, if you found yourself doing this, you'd realize that your imagining or dreaming it. The issue for some is not being able to discern the difference, which is more common when actually dreaming. Your reasoning skills tend to be less, so instead of driving Han Solo's personal ship being a red flag, you now consider it to be "normal." As matter of fact, there might even be a red flag hanging in the cockpit that says "This isn't real" and you'd still ignore it. How does this apply to the game? There are some examples of "out of place" items and "This isn't real" moments that are overlooked. For some examples: The "Tea Party" settings located all over Wonder City. (BTW- if you haven't noticed, the container you received "the cure" from, right before facing Mad Hatter becomes a "Tea Party" setting after you defeat him. Thought that was a nice touch. Moving on...) Bane's Teddy bears are EVERYWHERE! I dare you to play "count 'em all." (Better yet, new drinking game: take a drink every time you spot a new one! Look at what it made me do. Totally side-tracked now...) Speaking of everywhere, what's with all of the crows? Maybe Gotham should be renamed "Crow Haven." (not being serious about the name change) How about the label plaques in the museum that says; "Sanity fighting the Madness" My personal favorite, (to let you ponder) I present a direct quote from one of the thugs you "overhear" saying: "The one freak I ain't seen is Scarecrow. Maybe this is all one of his nightmares." TL;DNR Some, if not all, of the game didn't actually happen. So enough with the far-fetched segment. How about the "consider the whole picture and make some predictions" part that really makes this a lot more fun! Read on at your own discretion. Let's begin with the short and sweet version for those not interested in reading a novel. Predictions for the 3rd Arkham game. Locations: Gotham City, Bludhaven Playable "Heroes": Batman, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing Non-playable allies: Alfred, Oracle, Batgirl, Azrael, Jim Gordon, Lucius Fox, Holly Robinson, Harvey Bullock Returning "Arkham" Villains: Harley Quinn, Joker, Clayface, Ra's & Talia al Ghul, Scarecrow, Black Mask, Penguin, Two-Face, Zsasz, Deadshot, Hush, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Calendar Man, Mad Hatter, Solomon Grundy, The Riddler New "Arkham" Villains: Red Hood, Killer Moth, Firefly, The Ventriloquist & Scarface, Maxie Zeus, Prometheus, Ratcatcher, Man-Bat, Carmine Falcone Title: Batman Arkham Cities Continued in post#2...
  3. Now this is my first post out of many, so I'll start off with talking about a game I recently got, Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is easily one of my favourite, if not my favourite multiplayer game ever. Oddly, I can't shake the feeling that there is even more potential for this sparkling little gem; mostly in the co-op missions. I've seen and heard great ideas for potential D.L.C, patches, or just cute little ideas that sadly won't ever be implemented. I am sure I'm not the only person who feels this way. If you also feel this way, add onto the thread about ideas you've had for this game!
  4. All games on the Xbox service have achievements, but the difference between all of them is the amount of time required to 100% or getting that one achievement you have been grinding away for days to get... But do YOU think it was worth it? What do you think? Would you rather have achievements that are easy to get like pressing the start button that are worth 5g and you can get in about a minute, or achievements that take time and consideration? I personally prefer achievements that I can brag about and show off to my friends, but I would like to hear the communities opinion on the subject. Comment on what achievements you liked or disliked getting and how much it was worth and do you think it was worth your time getting.
  5. i did previously post askeng... sorry, begging to know the duplication glitch. i have changed my ideas and thoughts on that. i cant see the point anymore. i just basicly couldnt find a way of making money in a routine, sorted now though. first query... the packs are now 5K. is it just me or should they always be 5K, thats a more reasonable price. 7.5K is that bit too much. second... i am so happy that now the gold premium pack glitch has stopped, now players and cards arn't rediculously overpriced (except some people that havn't yet realized trying to sell rooney and torres, formation cards ect...). plus you can tell EA/Microsoft are having a hard time fixing the glitch its been almost 2 weeks and still not able to buy packs with points (which are also very overpriced). third and last... has anyone got 4-1-2-1-2 formation cards willing to sell for a reasonable price? would be helpfull. what are your views and problems with fifa10 ultimate team
  6. I apologize if this has been discussed before, but for some reason the forum search is not working for me at the moment, it just comes up with a blank page when I hit search. Anyway.... This started out as a random discussion of what people will do for an Xbox 360 achievement between me and a friend (as in how rediculously hard some are to get and how stupidly easy some others are), but eventually moved into a concept, Dashboard Achievements, like some of the Halo 3 achievements, these would probably be worth 0G, but be there for fun. Achievements would be listed under the game title "Xbox Dashboard" or similar and include such things as: "Square-Eyes" - Watched over 1000 hours of videos. "Energy Waster" - Spent at least one hour straight doing nothing on the Xbox Dashboard. "Who Needs Sleep?" - Kept console on for 24 hours straight. "Who Needs Blu?" - Connect and use an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive. (I only just thought of this one when looking at mine sitting there, lol) "I Can See You" - Connect and use an Xbox 360 Live Camera. "Gaming Addict" - Play a game every day for a year. Do people like this idea, or is it just a bit too pointless? I was looking for opinions and suggestions for achievements, achievement names aren't necessary, I was just trying to come up with some.
  7. To prevent clusters of Q&A's in different threads, I've put this one up. It's funny that every game thread has one and this section hasn't. Post your thoughts, questions or even answers about the achievements here
  8. Discuss away, find teammates, talk a little smack, etc.! Have fun, but keep it all within the Code of Conduct! Results can be seen here: Participation Requirements: Thread Signups: Thread GSL 16 Tracker: Link
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but my game has a tendency to keep randomly freezing quite frequently after landing or taking of from jumps, or when i begin sprinting. I have checked the disk and it scratch free, and my xbox is clean. Any ideas anyone?? thanks!
  10. We all know what this thread is for. Some of us love it, some of us hate it but I thought I'd get one in early to try and stem the torrent of reposts and one liner questions that will inevitably poor in as more information is released. As I've said before this is not, and never will be, a sticky. There is no pressure to use it but it is something that I have found very useful in previous big releases like MW2 (The forum I was most active on), Reach and Black Ops. So I'll get it started with an opinion based question: After Crysis 2 did a pretty decent job of representing New York as a theatre of war, how do you feel this will manage and what do you think they'll do differently? I thought they did a good job with D.C. so I think they could do a good job, but the problem is New York has been done to death so I wonder how they're going to keep it fresh and interesting. Crysis 2 had that thing with central park (trying to avoid spoilers) that I thought was amazing, so I just wonder how MW3 will compete. Other than saying "Call of Duty" on the box. Thoughts?
  11. This being the first day of release in the uk (7th of october), what are peoples first impression? What do you like, dislike so far? My experience with the game so far has been great. I managed to get my copy a day early but have only had time for 5 hours gameplay. I've spent 2 hours in the same place on undead parish just killing skeletons so far and still enjoying it. The only problem I have with the game so far is that you can't be in party chat whilst playing online. This is a problem for me as I want to read the hints, but talking with friends is more important to me. So, that's my take. Discuss away!
  12. I was surprised to here that they MIGHT be making a new sonic kart game, it's obvious that it will be Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing 2 but who knows, these are just MY thought of what they can improve and add in the sequel.... Tracks: the tracks were alright for a while but they grew tedious and repetitive which takes away what unique ideas they could of had instored for us, I'm not saying there god awful but they could do with improvement e.g. you could add more variations such as loops, environmental changes, also more turns and twist that keeps you on the edge and not throwing your control at the screen when you hit a corner badly Music: the soundtrack wasn't terrible, it was good IMO but again they could of added MUCH more songs especially from the sonic games + shadow the hedgehog game, also custom soundtracks from your play list must be included Modes: hopefully they will add more modes for SP & MP to help keep the game fresh and not on the shelf, examples of this would be Online grand prix, knockout races, battles, tag teams, damage points, 4 on 4, king of the hill & the list goes on of what Sega could include. Mission mode should be shortern just a tad because 64 missions is too long in my book and grand prix could be tag team or 4 Vs 4 like I mentioned MP: a BIG issue I had with this was when you were FINALLY about to win 1st place...BAM, host disconnected from session, now this should be fix so that it finds a new host host without interrupting the game, another thing they could add but it's not really a biggest consern is you could have online levelling up separated from SP, but it dosen't really matter All Stars: the only thing they could really change is more than one all star e.g. Have 3 all stars each with their own attributes, power and music allowing you to chose and control wether this all star is right for this course, the other change is to allow if you want all stars on online or not Characters: all I need ti say is more characters like: Vectorman, some sonic characters from the comic books, Scrouge, Sally, Blaze & NOT silver, seriously if I were to paint my bedroom by the time I finished one of his mission it would of dried it's THAT slow Veichle Upgrades and levelling up: perks, changes and items like this gives the players a sense that they chosen character is growing stronger from becoming weak and slow to start with and gives the game and even better purpose of coming back for more, buying upgrades for your vechiles, levelling up your chosen character making him more efficient, those two things indicate that your going some were and tell you that you can't jump in a online game all hyped up and expect to cone 1st, it gives the player a chance to improve so he can be the best and beat the best Story: the first game had know story to it, bit any story in a game even s career mode makes the game last longer and more playable, it also expands the length of gameplay and enjoyment knowing you have more to accomplish, you could have career mode: were you take obbvarious missions and races ti become the best and/or you could have a story were all characters have a role, but Sonic and either Shadow/Tails/Knuckles or a new character like Scrouge/Sally are involved in the final race/battle I hope you enjoyed this article about what is need for The new sonic karting game, reply if you have any questions, concerns or want to add anything I haven't touched upon, now...let's hope Srga somehow picks up on this...
  13. To prevent clusters of Q&A's in different threads, I've put this one up. It's funny that every game thread has one and this section hasn't. Post your thoughts, questions or even answers about the achievements here So, let's get this thread rolling: I own the Vita version of this game and I can tell you guys it's a very fun and addictive game. It has lot's of modes to fiddle with: Tetris-, Puyo Pop- and/or both of these modes combined. It has an ok learning curve and to 100% the game it requires you to collect all the stars in Story Mode. For a newcomer it's pretty difficult if you don't know how to stack Puyo's. Esp. the missions in Story Mode. The CPU can be cheezy when you're 'bout to win or shuts you down on your mission objective. I would say 8 for beginners and 6 for advanced (Puyo) players. In short, cool game with lot's of mode that you can play with your friends on- and offline. Not so achievement friendly if you want to go for that 100% imo http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif
  14. Hey guys and girls I was just wondering what classes you use for online. Im in need of some good class ideas. Thanks.
  15. Alright, ladies and gents, back for the 37th time. More like 12th, but who's counting? Now I don't about you guys, but even with Tussell's obnoxiously on-topic poll, this board has felt a bit dull without teh discussi0n! Then again, GTA IV did just come out. Well on that note: LIBERTY CITY MINUTE IS THE WORST ACHIEVEMENT EVER. And I seriously do mean this. If R* was sitting around the office, questioning the one way to completely destroy their GotY, then kudos to them. The achievement description should read: "Forget the storyline! In fact, you'll probably forget Nick's name by the end of the game! Or is that Niko?..." Although this will play no part in the GotY consideration, it sure has ruined the game for me. Oh wait, "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" will NOT be viral. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Discuss your preferences for the GTA tournament in here. I have yet to play online, but discuss team/solo, gametype, and timeframe. I'm going to reiterate my theory to the mods where I suggested we announce it a week ahead of time to bring in the people. I would also advise a warning that any subscriptions cancelled within the week they are eliminated or the tournaments will be (temp-banned?) punished. Webby hasn't got GTA on his card. Teheh I wonder if anybody but me has noticed. (I know you have shoddy internet, but it's a bit contradictory since you are writing the guide and all.) The guide has a funny typo by Khaos: "nether the less" doesn't exist. "Nevertheless", however, does . I'm thinking we go with VAG's (hehe I said vag) here. It is the perfect game to begin with. Thoughts? SUPER FORUM UPDATE! More importantly, ROUTINE IS ALIVE! For those of you who have yet to join, the social group is located here: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/group.php?groupid=3&pp=10 It's a moderated group, so Tussell (teh moderat0r of gr0up) will have to approve you. Don't be impatient! I'm not complaining or anything, but I felt the need to point out a few bugs in the update for me: a.) Where the the tags are supposed to appear above the thread, I'm am getting the red X in a box with the tags appearing beside it. This also happens for the "Addthisto", "Furl", "Yahoo This", and "Technorati" functions. I'm sure it's a "minor bug" as Routine would say. b.) Editing user profile page? How? c.) Attachments still coming up in same browser. (Thanks Daywalker ). That's all. For now . OH and note I am using IE7. And now, introducing the 1st weekly Picture of the Week! The rules are simple: --Given the topic I provide, use Google or others to find the FUNNIEST picture relating to the topic. Paint and other editing programs are allowed. --As long as the relation of your picture to the topic can be explained, the submission it counts. --On Saturday, I will gather all pictures to be posted in the next week's discussion where votes will be tallied and a winner will be crowned. Now, on to the topic! SAMUEL L. JACKSON. Well that about wraps it up for this week's subscriber discussion. However, in closing I would like to add my thoughts on how AMAZINGLY AMAZING IRON MAN WAS. Those are my thoughts .
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