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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, we have achieved 32% of the game and suddenly, the guiding arrow is gone• can someone explain us how to get it back please? We need to go to the parade with Ariel and there the portal is also missing, all the other portals are still there, but we need that one from Ariel to be able to continue the game. I guess it has something to do with the missing arrow...
  2. So....I've been using DFME for a low-impact cardio workout. It's actually been pretty good for that, but I'm left with two questions: The first one is that I have a few songs in the Song Library/List that have Goals which have a requirement of STARTING in the Pink or Green color mix. How in the heck do you start in a different colored mix? The game has never shown me this and I can't seem to find out how anywhere online! And my second question....I'm a relatively big guy. I'm 6'1" and around 225 lbs. (I say around because I'm loosing weight - yay!) But it seems that the Kinect "loses" me quite often while playing this game. Does this happen to anyone else? I've done practically everything except set a light behind the Kinect to face me. (I have a light on above me, not behind me.)
  3. Kinda disappointed there are only 29 achievements for this game, but oh well. Just picked up my pre-order with a free Captain America figure...so I can't complain. Game on Disney fans. Game on!!!
  4. Just a heads up for anyone that may not know...the Disney Infinity folks are working on a patch that should be available sometime November 2015 to fix several bugs in the game.
  5. I have a power disk swap group in Facebook if anyone is interested in signing up to swap out duplicates, contact me
  6. Welcome to my first mini-guide! I haven't seen many guides for adventures, so I decided to write my own. Although earning gold stars on all adventures isn't required for the full 1000 , some people like me still want to achieve 100% in-game. This guide will help you obtain gold stars on all of the adventures, solo! Update: I'm working on some rough maps of the race adventures, and possibly some others such as the Buzz Lightyear one. They'll take a while, but I will get them done. Disclaimer: All of the following tactics and strategies were all found on my own. If any of these tactics seem like a copy of someone else's, then that is not my fault. I'm in no way deliberately copying anyone. Notes: - You will unlock the Star Command Blaster after completing all base adventures to at least a bronze standard. You can also unlock it in the "Toy Story in Space" play set, although unlocking through adventures is much cheaper. You may want to consider getting this weapon before attempting gold stars. - The Paintball Gun, found in the "Monsters University" Playset, is a great weapon choice. The Paintball Gun holds a lot of paintballs in one clip, yet they do much less damage than the Star Command Blaster. Then again, the Star Command Blaster also has a much smaller clip than the Paintball Gun, so you should decide on your own which one works for you. - You can actually make most characters go faster by rapidly tapping while moving. You can increase it's efficiency by jumping at the end of the second block-hop, then you'll keep moving, as after the second move it will freeze movement for a second. This doesn't work for all characters. For example, Sully and Buzz move faster while shoulder bashing. - When I refer to a "Super Omnidroid", I'm talking about the more shiny variant that can block attacks and occasionally fly towards you. - During the countdown at the beginning of a race, you can repeatedly flick to build up a starting speed boost. This doesn't give you extra boosts for later on, it just gives you some extra speed in the beginning to lose the competition. - During a battle race, you can hold down and press to fire your weapon backwards. - Vehicle weapons can be shot at fuel canisters to pick them up from far away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base Adventures ------------------ 1. Castles & Slingshots There's not much of a tactic to this one. Just practice with the slingshot, and get used to the physics of the bombs. The eggs usually spawn either in the center cove of the castles, or around the base of them. You'll get this in no time. 2. Sumo This one is more tricky than most. For the beginning, just run in circles killing enemies until a good weapon spawns. I'd recommend either the Paintball Gun or the Star Command Blaster. Just keep firing away until the royal guards start coming in full force. Once it gets to be about two or three spawning at the same time, just spam ground punches for the rest of the game ( + ). The blast radius of the ground punches are enough to keep the guards a safe distance away. They may pull out their crossbows, but this should only happen when it gets around 3:30. By then you'll already have gold. Keep an eye on the block underneath you. Quickly jump to another if it starts to disappear. 3. Gladiator Arena This is probably the hardest adventure to do solo. As soon as the game starts, I'd recommend you equip either the Paintball Gun or the Star Command Blaster. You should also equip the Hoverboard. Now, just ride the Hoverboard around the arena in circles and let auto-aim do it's work. You should also mix up the circular pattern with a figure-eight. You may also have to take sharp turns to hit an enemy that's following you closely. You should be fine until the royal guards start showing up. They will most likely spam their crossbows, but the arrows are so slow they shouldn't be a problem for you Hoverboard. About half way through the second wave, enemies that use flintlocks and blocks will start to spawn. Their bullets fly so fast that it's usually a dead-on hit. At this point you may want occasionally to jump off your Hoverboard and fight on foot. If you do this, just run away from the melee enemies. You can deal with them later. Once into the third wave, Super Omnidroids will start to appear. Believe it or not, you'll want to kill these guys last. They make great allies, because enemies can damage each-other, and can even get mad at one another too. If these guys are shot by their allies, they may kill them for you. Even their attacks towards you can kill other enemies. Once the huge Omnidroids that shoot lasers come out, you'll know you're almost done. Just circle the arena while going behind them, and their lasers should help clear out the cannon fodder. This doesn't necessarily mean you don't have to fight at all, but it makes things much easier. The final group of enemies should consist of two huge Omnidroids, about four Super Omnidroids, and a few random enemies thrown in there. Once it's just Omnidroids, kill the two huge ones, then work on the supers. Once they're dead, the gold star will be yours! 4. Dome Defense This should be an easy one. Just equip either the Paintball Gun or the Star Command Blaster and you should be fine. Just keep spinning the camera to find which tower is currently spawning the enemies and race over. You may also want to equip the Hoverboard to get over to the towers faster. 5. Battle Race Personnaly, I hate these races. Racing in a sandbox game is just dissasterous. Expect alot of bouncing and flying around, and possibly some rage. First, remember to use the starting boost as listed in the Notes. Once you start moving, send yourself a little to the right, otherwise your left tire may bump into the starting gate and mess you up. Drift through the first turn, then drift through the second. Don't worry about the rope, it's not solid. Once up the slope, you can either head to the left to get some fuel and grab weapon, or boost and jump over the brown patches. Drift through the next turn, then pick the ramp to the far left. You can easily make the next turn without drifting and still get all the fuel, but you may want to drift just in case. After the next weapon dispenser, turn left and you should be on a straight path. Toward the end of this path you'll see some blue and white striped blocks to the left. You'll have to jump on them, then quickly spam the jump button again to make it to the next step. Follow the turn to the left and drop off the shortcut. Now, jump at the far right edge of the ramp, and you should land on an little platform with a spark capsule. Turn to the far right, drop down, and boost into the finish line. Just be careful not to slow down completely, as it may reset you onto the track. Now, repeat that for the next two laps and you should get gold with seconds to spare! 6. Lap Race Use the same tactic as above. It's the same track except there aren't any weapons. 7. Battle Race Reverse It's the same track again, but in reverse. Personally, the track actually runs better in reverse than it does forward. Remember to build up that boost in the beginning! Once you can move, grab the fuel canisters to the left and quickly drift around the turn and up the slope. Keep drifting around the turn until you come to a ramp. Jump off the ramp slightly to the right and you should be able to land on an incline leading to the shortcut. Take the turn to the right and simply drop down the two steps. You can drift along the next two turns, then take any one of the ramps. Drift along the next turn, then either take the right to get some fuel canisters and a weapon, or boost and jump over the brown patches. Head down the slope and drift to the right, then drift along the left. Finally, boost into the finish line! Now, repeat that for the next two laps and the gold will be yours! 8. Lap Race Reverse Same tactic as above, just without the weapons. 9. Off Road This track is simple, short, and square. It would be quite easy to gold star this one if it didn't use an aerial view. That's what makes this track hard. Just build up your starter boost like the last four races, and drift on all the turns. There's not much else I can say about this one, just practice until you get used how your vehicle turns. If you see those big red landmines in your path, just jump over them and you should be fine.
  7. What am I doing wrong? I connected a second controller in-game when at the main menu, and when I went to the character select screen, I can't press start (or any button for that matter) to play as an additional Disney character. What gives?
  8. Am I the only one who thinks that Disney has ruined Spiderman? They don't really show the dark side of the Marvel Comics. They make it like it is all kid friendly. Now I am not talking about the Netflix shows (which I think are terrible, yes they are violent, but they don't completely adjust to the canon) I mean that the movies and TV shows are more comedies and action sitcoms than what the comics displayed. The video games are darker than what are in the new comics and movies and TV shows. Does anybody else agree?
  9. When I had the chance to go to my local comic book shop I was at mere dismay and disgusted. I saw the new Marvel versions of the Star Wars Comics. Am I wrong to believe that Disney's Marvel makes everything kid friendly compared to Dark Horse comics?
  10. i'm by the beast & need a new book. where do i buy them? thanks in advance.
  11. WalMart has 50% off on 3-pack character packs. Not sure if this is an online only deal. But I'm stopping by my local store this morning to see if the deal applies there, too.
  12. I'll start off this topic by stating that it sounds like a "fix" is in the works. UPDATE: looks like the patch has been released for most consoles...Xbox 360 will be out soon. https://infinity.disney.com/news/new-2-0-edition-game-2307 I've confirmed this with both Disney Infinity technical support and with John Vignocchi (Exec. Producer of Disney Infinity) via his Twitter account: Response from John Vignocchi Here is the issue I, along with several other people, have noticed, and I wanted to post this in case you are experiencing similar issues: I have both Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0. Let's say that I am currently playing as Buzz Lightyear in Disney Infinity 1.0 (Buzz is at level 5, for example), and then I decide to play Disney Infinity 2.0. When the 2.0 game starts, the first time I put Buzz on the Disney Infinity base, I am asked if I want to Share Connection or use as a guest (because the game detected that the figure was in use by another profile...just me). I choose Share Connection which brings over all my stats from the 1.0 game, and then I play 2.0 for a while using Buzz. Then, I decide to play 1.0 again later that day. When I put Buzz back on the Disney Infinity base in 1.0, I get a message that says Buzz will "participate in the play session as a guest". The profile picture of Buzz is a bit darker in the corner of the screen, but his Level 5 is still kept. When I press the Start button on my controller, I have an additional option of Take Ownership. However, if I do that, Buzz's Level is reset to zero. Solution and responses from Disney Infinity Tech Support to follow.
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