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Found 6 results

  1. All the doll trading goes HERE!!!! Format: What you have to trade: Reaver, etc What you want: Anything but Reaver. Failure to complete a fair transaction will result in site consequences Enjoy
  2. I have heard that you can obtain some of the dolls throughout the See the Future DLC, I was wondering where you could find them.
  3. Hello. I know I'm pretty late out, but I was wondering whether someone(s) would want to help me get the dollcatcher achievement in Fable 2, either through trading or through viewing another player collect all the dolls. I personally have the Theresa doll.
  4. Reyvon


    I'm not entirely sure where I would post an achievement help post, if i've posted in the wrong forum please let me know. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with getting the 'Dollcatcher' achievement on Fable 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this. Thank you Rey
  5. What I need for my FIRST 100%... The Gambler - - - I haven't actually tried this one yet, but any advice? Like, which game is easier, etc. Dollcatcher - - - I have Theresa, Lucien, and Hero. Is there any one with all the dolls that I can join, or any one with the other dolls? ****Please stop asking to trade dolls without even looking at which I have. (Not that you'll likely read this if you wont read my list) No, I won't trade you a Garth doll for your Lucien doll. I don't even have a Garth doll, as you can see on the list, and I already have Lucien. Sorry to be snarky, but that's rude too. Geez D= gt- Lady Paramour ..... So if you need compensation I have -chicken suit -I can get you perfectionist -I can get you executioner if really necessary (I'm a good character but eh, what's a few sacrifices to dark beings in the name of achievements...) There's a few others too that I'm just not thinking of...
  6. Hi just started too human and i dont have much money or good stuff and i die a lot lol since i got 1000/1000 of fable 2 (not arsed with DLC) i have loads of awesome stuff from the end of the game and loads of money and would trade you fable 2 stuff for too human stuff I can offer - LOTS of gold (50 mil+) All The Dolls (for dollcatcher achievement) Could help you get silver key ach in 2 seconds dai chi (the best weapon) crossbow off the gargoyles (the best ranged weapon) Could get you 80% of the achievements in about 1 min would help you get the rest tell you glitches anything and everything else! etc etc etc I would need any armour, weapons, gold, runes, charms, or any sort of help Send me a message on XBOX LIVE if you are interested please dont post here i probably wont look at it too much GT - Razzattack99 Thanks!!!
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