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  1. Hope these guides help someone complete these with ease
  2. Hi Guys, Here is a video guide on how to obtain all achievements. All achievements in 2 hours
  3. Hey you! Still button smashing A? Tired of "blah blah blah tidal wave"? Well I have you the link to get rid of your pains. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/rpg/talesofvesperia/show_msgs.php?pid=945075&topic_id=m-1-60356825 following this easy guide and you'll be getting grade while away! Just leave your xbox on for a couple of hours, come back and abra cadabra you'll have 10,000+ grade and probably gain 10+ levels. Might cause blindness, constipation, alzheimer's and alcohol addiction.
  4. So I was wasting my life on youtube and found a pretty good place to get high hit combos. This guys gets a 92 hit combo without any trouble. Hope this helps you guys as much as it did me
  5. Hello, I have been playing this game online for a while today and found some easy ways to complete some of the harder challenges. None of these are comfirmed, but they have all unlocked for me so I thought I would share. Cause and Effect I, II and III - This requires you to barge 5 players at once, but to do this I simply turned on the Decoy Drop mod and dropped a barge power-up. Someone hit it and all three popped. Level Afterburner, Backwards Thinking, Barge Specialist, Bolt Specialist, Mine Specialist (Possibly Pacifist, I already had it unlocked) - These all require you to win a race with the said power-up and only the said power-up, but for this I joined a Motor Mash game type and only used the said power-up. Each time I came in last, or near last but they still popped. Pacifist - This requires you to win without any power-ups. Easiest to do in winning a hardcore game type. Level 30 (Ace) - Ungaurded III and Thich Skin III - Requires you not to use shield or repair for 5 races, simply do hardcore or Motor Mash as none of these power-ups are there. (Can combo with the specialty challenges) Hopefully these are all new and will help you guys, confirmation on them would be nice as well.
  6. on the Bridge, set the difficulty to Easy and when you see the tank and run past it Adreneline helps with it, does not work with Cps;)
  7. does anyone know some games that offer easy achievements here are some i think are easy surfs up spiderman friend or foe all lego games
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q_kGf0kT9k]YouTube - Black Ops - Ensamble Cast Achievement[/ame]
  9. Almost all in the title. I wanted to create a list/thread of games with 'reasonable'* multiplayer achievements--because there's already ones for 1k offline and impossible games. It's for people like me (and probably the rest of the community) who don't mind spending time online for a complete achievements but don't want to get bogged down by all the GRAWs out there. When you add a game to the thread please describe or list the achievements. *By 'reasonable', I'm leaving it up to your own interpretation. Somethings are easier for some people. If a game requires an online pass please say so. My own contributions: Rage: There's two multiplayer achievements (not counting their version of Spec-Op). One for playing a game online, and another for winning a game online. It took me two matches. It's pretty easy once you get a hang of it. Dead Rising 2: Win an Event, Win an Episode, Win all Events. Just takes practice, luck, maybe acouple tips, and a good group. Took me a day or two.
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned, and if anyone wants to use it in their guides or whatever, go right ahead, as this has got to be the simplest way to break a world record, and get gold in Weightlifting. So take a pen and put it over the A button and really quickly flick it back and forth, rolling over the buttpm. It will SMASH the A and get the bar full before you even look at the screen. I lifted 215pounds (or kilos, whatever) first try. Hope this helps you out =).
  11. This achievement can only be obtained through story mode, not freeplay. The easiest way that I found to do this would be to go to level thirteen, Core Instability, and have a second controller join in. The entirety of this level is spent in a vehicle so you don't have to move the second player at all. If you have already completed this level, you can access the computer in the Batcave and select replay story.
  12. Is it just me or does anyone else find the achievements in skate 3 far too easy? I know i havn't got the fully 1000G yet but that's because I want to leave the game a while before I finish it completely. I think the absence of the online achievements for xp has simplified the completion. I was just a bit dissapointed in the list and the fact that there aint any achievements for hardcore mode is even more dissapointing. If there was an achievement for completing the game on hardcore then there may be some challenge in the game. I dunno, I think I am either too good at skate and I am breezing through the game or I have just played it too much since it has been out lol I will definitely not be playing this as much for the next while just to spread the life of the game.
  13. So I heard people are having trouble with Bedlam Basher, killing the bandits with a melee from behind. I'm gonna try out a method and see if it works, I'm going to freeze them with the ice upgrade, get behind them, then melee. Will post results here. EDIT: OK, it does not work. Well at least I tried :/ EDIT (again): But I just got it by shooting a bandito in the leg, and quickly running behind him and melee attacking. Got it on the first try. Why didn't I think of that before?
  14. before I got this game from GameFly for the week I read through all your guy's reviews and it seemed like a fuckhard game to beat. When I actually got it tho it didn't seem that hard, not hard at all, actually. I'm used to racing games, using manual transmission and, more reacently, using the clutch to shift. my races off the start were bout middle to the front of the pack and that was just cause I wasn't using the E-brake and clutch effectively enough. the only race I had a problem with was the open class race for the trophy truck but I got past it with a completely stock truck and won by 3 seconds on my 2nd try. How come you guys thought this was such a hard game?
  15. Overview: -Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 -Offline: 30 (1000) -Online: 0 -Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 5-10 hours -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 -Number of missable achievements: 7 -Glitched achievements: No -Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes Introduction: Welcome to the Road Map, that will guarantee you 1000 GS in Cabela's African Safari. As always, this thread will layout an order in which you will get achievements, as well as advise you on tips/tricks and anything else noteworthy. I suggest you read the whole thing before beginning. There are 30 achievements for this game and you only need to play through this game once. No collectibles either, which makes this sub-par game even shorter. Put the disc in and off we go... Step 1: Playthrough Once you start up the game, choose Safari Hunt then Expert Mode, this means you only need to play through this game once. Expert Mode is difficult, as there is no map. You know when are you are nearby game and objectives, as the 3 red rings around you gun reticule will slowly become red. To make Expert Mode much easier, if you are getting attacked by an animal shoot it in adrenaline mode (LB) so you don't get penalized. This makes the "Ambient Guardian" achievement a walk in the park. You can play the game twice, once on a lower difficulty and then again on Expert for the trophy animal achievements...but it is much easier and less tedious to just play through the game once on Expert Mode. Start with the Tutorial by hitting Y at the main menu. Complete it to earn the first achievement. Then after the tutorial, simply play through the game and you will earn the following achievements, probably in this order: First Blood .44 Custom Handgun Unlocked 12 Ga Custom Shotgun Unlocked .410 O&U Custom Shotgun Unlocked .300 Custom Firearm Unlocked All Game Modes Unlocked Black Rhino Expert Trophy .505 Custom Firearm Unlocked .243 Custom Firearm Unlocked .416 Custom Firearm Unlocked Leopard Expert Trophy Elephant Expert Trophy Cape Buffalo Expert Trophy Lion Expert Trophy Hippo Expert Trophy Crocodile Expert Trophy Although you will probably have more than the above achievements after your playthrough, the above are what you should have at a minimum at this point. If you have more then good on you. Now lets grab the rest of the achievements: Turtle Dove Perfect Wing Egyptian Goose Perfect Wing Spur Winged Goose Perfect Wing Red Billed Teal Perfect Wing Yellow Billed Duck Perfect Wing Rock Pigeon Perfect Wing These ones need to be gained during Safari Hunt mode. As you go through this mode, you will get these bird shooting missions. You only get 1 mission for each type of bird. This achievement will not unlock on the boat missions where you shoot birds, you need to be on land for this achievement to pop. Just keep retrying the missions of you fail them, and eventually the Perfect Wing achievements should unlock. They are really not that hard, I unlocked them all on my first go. Ambient Guardian You should this when you kill the Crocodile for the Crocodile Expert Trophy and complete the game. Use the tip I give at the top of this post and make sure you do not move on to a new mission if you are penalized. "To make Expert Mode much easier, if you are getting attacked by an animal shoot it in adrenaline mode (LB) so you don't get penalized. This makes the "Ambient Guardian" achievement a walk in the park." Step 2: Mop Up Now for the other achievements, that you need to do an extra bit of work to gain: Fast and Perfect Hunter Super Sense The easiest way for these achievements is to choose: Open Safari > South Africa > Hunt 4 Springboks near the Karoo Plateau! Turn around and there will be a herd of Springboks running towards you. Hit RB and take down 2 of them. Easy achievements! Super Long Shot For this one, go to: Open Safari > Zimbabwe > Hunt 5 Springboks along the Zambezi River! As soon as you start, take the shot. They will be crossing your path. Keep retrying until you get it. Super Adrenaline On any Trophy Hunt, just use Adrenaline (LB) to kill the trophy. I did this on the Leopard Trophy. Simple as that. Dangerous Seven Wing Shooting Tournament These 2 will probably be the last ones you do. The first one requires you to go through and complete Dangerous Seven mode from the main menu. Just remember where the trophy animals are and this will be easy. You could even do the Dangerous Seven Hunt for X animal if you have just killed X animal and unlocked it in Dangerous Seven mode. For Wing Shooting Tournament, you need to be quick on the trigger and score 40,000 Points in Wing Shooting Mode by bringing down birds. Look for bushes, where birds spawn and this should be fairly easy. You should now have 1000 GS in Cabela's African Safari, congratulations! All feedback is welcome. [spoiler=ID]This guide was created by JC for xbox360achievements.org and cannot be copied without my permission, thanks.
  16. Ok, Of course this might seem like to be one of the hardest achievements in the game well it's not.... LIKE SO SERIOUSLY.... It's Not.. Let me explain. If u have about 3 hours of your life to play with 5 friends or just over XBOX Live then you can complete Horde in 3 Hours. Thats how i did it. I started Off with 3 friends and we joined a Horde match online from level 1 on casual. Now each level increases in size. Level 6-10 have the most Enemies but it doesn't mean they get harder to beat, the count is just higher. After level 10 & 40 the enemies get harder because a bar comes up saying that they do. So thats the enemies part. Now the level we played on was Security(?I THINK?) It's the one with the lazerz at the top. Basically everyone stays in that one area because it is easy to kill all enemies and easy to revive fallen soldiers. When you are down to one enemy !!!DO NOT KILL HIM!!! What you do now is every one goes out of this one area except for one so they can get back in, is to collect ammo for the next wave. Until every one is ready, Kill the last enemy and get ready for the next Wave. Now the one trick that i picked up was that you can plant Boomshields. Hold the "Left Trigger" then "A" to place. Just don't place them any where, where you want to put them is right before the Lasers on your side so u can cover behind them and it also stops enemies from coming in but they can kick them down so watch out for that. Its funny to see the maulers stand there and the lasers kill them for you so thats pretty sick too. Before the level ends make sure u pick them up i mean the boomshields, weapons disappear so pick them up, get your ammo then kill the last guy. So here are the Steps: #1: Get Five Guys and Play Horde on Casual, or what ever #2: Select Security As your Level #3: Make Your Way Up to the Top Of the Level where the Lasers Are #4: When Ever You Get The Chance to Get a Boomshield Grab It #5: Don't Kill Last Enemy, Pick up Ammo and Boomshields Then Kill Him #6: Next level Plant Boomshields and KILL #7: Repeat #3-#6 Hope this Little Tutorial Helps and I repeat i did this in 2-3Hours and of course we played on Casual i just wanted to get the achievement. But if it works for insane or if u have any extra tips please post
  17. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums, so if I'm doing anything wrong, let me know, please. I have found a really easy way of getting the achievement 'Nothing Special' in Left 4 Dead. Nothing Special requires survivors to play through a campaign without taking special infected damage. The necessary requirements for this achievement are as follows: 1. Must have 'Crash Course' DLC 2. Must have two players, local or over LIVE. Set up a custom game lobby, by pressing X in the main menu. Change the permissions to allow only you and the other player to play a Versus game on the Crash Course campaign. One player will be infected, the other a survivor. Both players will take turns being infected, then humans throughout the two levels of the campaign. When you are a survivor, make your way to the next safe room. The other player, the infected player, should remain in the spawn screen, to cause less confusion. Each player will be a human and a zombie in the first part of the campaign. The second part of the campaign is trickier. At the end, during the generator horde, the zombie player will randomly become the Tank, thus his past zombie form is taken over by the AI. When this happens, make sure the human player knows where that special infected is, and is able to kill it. It is essential the humans kill you while you have control of the Tank. If not, the AI will take over the Tank, and jeopardize your achievement. Once a player has escaped as a human, the achievement should pop up. Now just do it for your partner. Quick note: Witches do not count as Special Infected. This has been proven. During my playthrough, the AI Bill died from the witch, and I still received the achievement.
  18. This is probably really easy but for some reason I can't work it out! In that level where you go all the way to the left to get the thing and bring it back and then go all the way to the right and get another one and bring it back and then you have to kill the guy while Oxley is standing up the top, How do I kill the guy? I found the spear but how do I kill him with it? When I throw it at him and when I tie him up and throw it at him it doesn't kill him either! Can someone please tell me! I know it's probably easy but I don't know what to do!
  19. its a very easy way to get frenzy but it takes a little luck. i got it by going on snowbound/king of the hill. i didnt care to actully go in the ring things so i just grabbed the ghost and just killed every1 i saw. and since pple are just standing around inside the area its alot easyr since no1 tries to really kill you.
  20. Play lvl 15 "Searching for Saki" and run past all the zombies (Do not attack any of them!) to the 2 Legions (The Big boss guys). Once you are caged in run behind the Legions and then use Saki's B attack on them to kill them. Then you run to the end. For some resion the B attack counts as a cool attack and does not take any normal strikes against you even if you mess up the timeing on the attack. I messed up a few times and still got the 95% the first try. If your not sure how to do her B attack you start by pressing B to start her charge, then you press B and she should start to pull her fist back. Once this happens you need to press X around the time that she punches and it should do the attack. It may take some practice but its easy to do and Im pritty sure that even if you don't hit X in time the attack wont do damage and doesn't count as an attack and go against your cool %. Note: The charge only seems to work on bosses if you are behind them or to there side.
  21. Hi, In the achievement guide it tells you, you have to do the descruction race level's 1-3. However, you dont. I did level 1 on the destruction race and level 1 and 2 on the other race type. This makes the achievement alot more easy. Hope this helps. I'm very sorry if there has already been a thread about this ! Kind regards, Joshua (GT : R3S1D3NT EVIL X)
  22. *Note-this will need two people,yourfriend will need to do this for you or you can do it for him.* Step 1:I found out the easiest level to do this on is no mercy so start a game on the last chapter of no mercy on easy with only one person. Step 2:Get to the rescue radio then press the radio once. Step 3:Invite the person who wants the achievement to the game after the first time you press it. Step 4:The very second it says (gamertag here)has joined the game press the radio a second time but before you invite the person make sure you can press it the second time. Step 5: Play through the final chapter without dying and your friend should have the achievement.You can get hurt incapped etc. You just cant die.(if you want it have him repeat the steps) Any questions just send me a message on my x360a account profile *I CAN NOT HELP YOU ANYMORE!
  23. any ways to easy level with staying inside the first part of the mall without going anywhere? DEAD RISING
  24. Im about 1/4 way into level 18 right now. Are there any tips anyone could provide for a reasonably quick way to get loads of exp? I have not reported back to Elder LYons to complete "The American Dream" but that will only get me about 1000 xp when it takes 2000 more xp for me just to get to lvl 19. Im trying to save that for last. Ive already completed all the other main/side quests. Is there a better way for leveling up than just going around killing hundreds of scorpions and maybe the occasional deathclaw, and going into weird nooks and crannies to hack terminals and locks. I also want to keep good karma. Sorry if i seem impatient with the game, but does anybody have any advice to make things less boring?
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