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Found 2 results

  1. The Question Thread Hi and welcome to the all new and improved Question Thread. Located on the thread will be FAQ and a place to ask questions when you really need help. Each topic will have its own subheading to indicate the information contained it in. To start for any weapon trading/achievements or guide see the sticky posted at the top of the forum. The DLC guide is located also at the top but in a different forum. FAQ Gold issues for saving the Kingdom. What is the countdown progress? Once you become king, you're given a task, which is to gather a certain amount of money in 365 "days". A "day" consists of a list of things to do; most of them are decisions to make about your kingdom. Every time you complete the list, you move forward in time. Note that the word "day" is inaccurate here - you can actually spend as many game-hours as you want to complete one "day". I actually raised a couple children while the countdown was still stuck at 365 days left. Now, "moving forward" in time goes as this. You start with 365 days left. Complete your list of things to do for that "day", and then time will pass... and you will be left with 339 days left. This will unlock another list of things to do. Complete the list, and you'll be suddenly left with 200-something days. The thing is, once the countdown reaches 121 days left: if you enter the throne room to make your first royal decision, you'll enter an inescapable (and inexplicable) chain of events that will lead to 0 days left and trigger the end of the main quest. If you don't have the requisite amount of money as you enter the throne room, you'll get the bad ending and millions of people will die. There's absolutely no way to guess that the 121 days left is the last limit where you can turn things around. The list of tasks is pretty mundane, there's no warning, nothing, and the auto-save will trigger as soon as you enter the throne room, with no chance to go back. What is the point of no return, when I cannot put more money in the sanctuary? 121 days to go is the point of no return. So if you don't have the gold do not progress with the main quest. My gold is under 6.5million and I want to save my kingdom what can I do? If you plan on making every good decision you will need 9.3 million. My days on the loading screen are going down now I am king/queen what do I do? The days do countdown but will restart once they hit zero if you do not do the main quest. My gold is way under the required amount, how can I make a few million? This is a simple process buy all shop no houses. If you buy shops rent will pour in, homes slowly waste away meaning you have to repair them. So avoid houses just buy shops. Leave your Xbox on for a few hours and you should have more than enough gold. In Game Issue’s When repairing my houses, one/some of them are mine but I cannot select them with A to repair them. What must I do? This can happen, instead of repairing them through the Map go to the house itself and interact with the sign outside the door. You should be able to repair it then. Can't progress during The Game Quest invite a friend into your game and you should be able to progress with the game. My trail is gone, and I don’t know where my next quest is!?" This can be a real pain but most people get this at some point. If you stand still for a few seconds, the trail will appear. Where do I meet with Elise/Elliot if I save them instead of the people? Click the link and all the information here. http://fable.wikia.com/wiki/Elise I have bought all the property/business in the game, but I am receiving little to no gold. What is wrong? Once the condition of a house reaches 0%, you will no longer collect rent for that property. You must repair each property individually for a small fee in order to begin collecting rent. Shops have no condition percentage and thus do not need to be repaired. Why are all civilians gone? You probably didn’t get enough money to save people so they're dead. After a few in game days/weeks they'll come back. Can I stop people joining my game at random? The very right room in the Sanctuary where Items can be bought from Jasper the right of the glowing sphere on the wall. There's an option to set it to invite only. Also view or hide players Orbs. How can I open this Demon door? The link below will have all the information you need for all the doors. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/f...29#post4036129 My Driftwood-achievement ''Island Paradise'' isn't unlocking. There are two possibilities: first one is that you haven't completed all quests required. There are four, Repair the bridge, Kill all hobbes scattered around the islands, Get a carpenter from Silverpines to go to Driftwood, Escort a man from Bowerstone Market to Driftwood If you're sure you did all this and you haven't unlocked the achievement yet, try sleeping somewhere. Otherwise, keep playing, it will unlock eventually. When repairing my houses, one/some of them are mine but I cannot select them with A to repair them. What must I do? This can happen, instead of repairing them through the Map go to the house itself and interact with the sign outside the door. You should be able to repair it then. Where do I unlock that door with the special key?? That I bought for 4000 gold? The key you buy for 4000 gold is used to open a door in the Shifting Sands which leads to a Gold Key. Search Google or YouTube where the door is. How do I get Skinny/Fat? To get skinny eat fruit, carrots. To get fat eat pie, beer and meats. To consume these when you buy them it will let you press select or eat.
  2. I have beaten the game as a king and need around 10 more pieces of clothing which im sure are all womens. If i could recieve the queen outfit from someone and a few other items as gifts i can give them right back and even help you if needed. If willing to help add me on XBL. Thanks! Gamertag: Jakedasnake173
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