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  1. So, I just recently got introduced to a new indie game on steam by the Achievement Hunters. It's called Screen Cheat. It's got a very interesting premise. [ame] [/ame] I'd love to see this come to X1 sometime soon, as this seems like a rather fun game to play with your friends.
  2. Keyes


    Hey there, I'm Keyes I've been playing X-Box since 2009 and the first game I ever played was 007: Quantum of Solace
  3. Just wondering if it's easier to do these battle modes before or after the patch. I have the patch and "The max" feels impossible. I need to complete these two battles however as they are the last ones needed for the achievement.
  4. Notes: - This is only for the Bedrock Edition "Minecraft" game on Xbox One that is also available on Xbox Game Pass (console) and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. - Confirmed to work on Xbox Series X|S consoles. You can import worlds on Xbox One, but it requires a third-party app called MC Addons Manager (available from the Xbox Store on console). Prerequisites: - Microsoft Edge app (pre-installed on all Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles) - MC Addons Manager app from the Xbox Store (free) - Minecraft game for Xbox One (available on Xbox Game Pass and is backward compatible on Xbox Series X|S) - A downloaded world with the .mcworld filename extension on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console There are two achievements (Diamonds to you! and Time for Stew) that require 2 players. You can either use an extra controller (via split-screen), a second device (e.g. Android, iOS, Kindle Fire*, or Windows 10 with Minecraft installed) via LAN Game (requires the Multiplayer Game and LAN Game options turned ON for the world), or just invite a friend to help you with them: * The Kindle Fire release of Minecraft requires using the Amazon Appstore app to purchase and install the game on Android. If you don't own an actual Android device, an Android emulator such as BlueStacks can be used on a Windows PC. Please note that you cannot have two "Minecraft" releases installed at the same time. You will need to uninstall Minecraft from the Google Play Store before you can install the one from the Amazon Appstore. This also applies to the Gear VR release from the Oculus store. .mcworld file using MC Addons Manager (available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store). The video below shows how to get the Skyblock Classic [1.16.100+] world, but the instructions are nearly identical to get any other world imported on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console. Video guide: How to Download FREE MAPS on Minecraft XboxOne/XboxSeriesX! Tutorial (New Method) 2020 Credits for the video: ElderWizardGaming's channel Text guide: 01) [IMPORTANT] Be sure to launch Minecraft on your Xbox One (or Xbox Series X|S) and create a new world. You will need to Save & Quit the world once created. This world should be listed in one of the other apps we will be using later. 02) I also suggest lowering the Render Distance if you are playing Minecraft just for achievements as the worlds are quite condensed. - 02a) At the main menu, go to Settings - 02b) Go down to Video - 02c) Scroll down to Render Distance - 02d) Set it to 5 chunks. This will force the game to load fewer chunks as you move around the world. A chunk is a 256-block tall 16×16 segment of a Minecraft world (i.e. much fewer data to load and display on the screen at one time). --- Quit Minecraft completely. 03) Press the Xbox Guide button 04) Highlight Minecraft 05) Press the Menu button (sometimes referred to as the Start button or the "hamburger" button) 06) Highlight Quit 07) Press the A button --- This will close the Minecraft game completely so that it doesn't go into the Quick Resume state when you switch to a different app. 08) On your Xbox One (or Xbox Series X|S), launch the Microsoft Edge app 09) In the address bar at the top, enter either one of the following addresses (main: Google Drive): http://www.Download.MinecraftAchievements.net/ OR (alternative: Dropbox) http://www.Download2.MinecraftAchievements.net/ 10) Click on "Ultimate Achievement World - x.xx.x.mcworld" (the x's represent the version of Minecraft installed on your console; the version number in-game is shown in the lower-right corner at the main menu screen) 11) On the right side, click the down arrow ("Download" which is a down arrow with a line underneath it) 12) Click Direct download 13) Wait a few seconds/minutes (depending on your Internet connection speed) 14) At the bottom, click Save 15) On your Xbox One (or Xbox Series X|S), launch the MC Addons Manager app --- If you don't have the MC Addons Manager app on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console, you can get it from the Xbox Store for free. 16) The first time you launch the app, you will need to click Accept to agree to the terms of use for the app. This step will be skipped if you are running the app again. --- You might see a list of worlds you already have, including the one we created earlier. 17) Click Import (top right corner) --- Remember the old File Explorer app that got removed due to limited usage? It is still there, sort of. 18) You should now be at your "Downloads" folder. 19) Click "Ultimate Achievement World - x.xx.x" 20) MC Addons Manager will now begin the import process. 21) You will now be asked if you want to delete the source pack file (recommended to free up space). It doesn't matter which option you choose but you will need to re-download the achievement world (.mcworld file) using Microsoft Edge from steps 8-14 if you select Yes. If you choose No, you'll be able to re-import the achievement world again continuing with steps 15-21. 22) Once finished, you should see "Ultimate Achievement World" under your list of "World(s)" within the MC Addons Manager app itself. 23) Launch Minecraft 24) Click Play --- You might want to consider making a copy of the world as a backup if needed so that you don't need to repeat any of the steps above. - 24a) To the right of Ultimate Achievement World, click the pencil icon (Edit) - 24b) Click Game - 24c) Scroll down using RS (Right Stick) - 24d) Click the Copy World --- Rinse and repeat steps 24a-24d if you need to make another copy. 25) Click Ultimate Achievement World 26) Turn the volume up as we want to hear those achievements pop (especially those rare ones)! 27) Enjoy! .zip file method using My Files Explorer (available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store). It still works, so I'm keeping it here. Just click the spoiler link to view it. --- Achievement world(s) provided by BulletLukey and Itzz Sh0wt1m3 ---
  5. I Don't know if there is a thread for this But Post here if You think We Need a supernatural Game cuse I do. i think it would be really cool if it was RPG format. action adventure like the old buffy games would work to tho.
  6. I just want to know if you all have a game that's music is memorable and adds to the playing experience.
  7. With all the upcoming games coming out, my wallet needs some savings. How long do you think an average playthrough would be for this game? Thanks
  8. Just got the achievement, here are the Rank A Time Requirements: Claire - 6:10 Claire (Shorts) - 8:00 Chris - 6:30 Steve - 10:00 Wesker - 60:00 - I finished with 30min so I think there might be no time limit for Wesker actually. Credit to this guy for the info: http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/1466/t166237-under-time-in-battle-mode-to-get-rank/
  9. hey guys i was wondering will there be a code for the 4 hours of double xp for people who pre order mw3 from Game or Gamestation because if there isn't i would be annoyed. Could someone please answer this question.
  10. To all who really want to see the game add the gamertag ( ******) still two more weeks left.!!
  11. So, Game Savers (those guys that use profile editing tools to max out their gamerscore.) are very annoying for me and probably you too. When you see that guy with 230500 gamerscore and you go "Wow! That guy really worked that up!!" Then you compare games- everything, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING maxed out. You ask him how he did that: "I play Xbox since 2005". For all you game savers. "File Complaint" My choice was A. File Complaint
  12. What's your favorite game that you own/played?
  13. This is a thread made exclusively for the few who have completed Mass Effect. we rule
  14. So for those of you who have held out, Scott Pilgrim is getting a price cut for this weeks DotW, until Nov. 14th I believe. It's going from 10 bucks (800msp) to 5 bucks (400msp). So get to buying! Also, the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World DVD/Blu Ray drops tomorrow (Nov. 9th) And you know what the movie release means?! DLC for the game! While no specific date has been released, it has been said it will be around the time of the DVD/Blu Ray release. Visit another thread I made for what the DLC contains here. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=266665 Better even, this DLC will only cost 2 bucks (160msp)! And finally, the creator of the graphic novels has revealed that a collectors box and poster will be released with all the books, or can be bought as a stand alone for those of us who already own all the books. I dunno about everyone else, but I love Scott Pilgrim. November is shaping up to be an awesome month for fans of the series!
  15. Ok, i have been about 60 hours in game. I Got all the books, gnomes, flowers, keys, clothes, and i have 980 in the game. All i needed is the 50 Weapons. I had 35/50 in the weapons, and out of no where I booted up my game and my guy was completely naked. I somehow lost all my clothes, weapons, awards, and everything. But yeah my game is complete. Somehow it brought Logan back too? I had him executed, but yet he is on my side. Also all the Road to Rule chest have been closed. When i already opened all of them. So I was wondering if someone can help me, by just Gifting all the Weapons? I would Gift them all back. Including a Large amount of Gold. Can someone please help me? My GT is Sonicbluespeed
  16. Hey guys, just wondering what's the funniest games you have played? I'm looking to get some games that are entertaining for me and my mate to play. I mean funny as in the actual gameplay and not so much the storyline, as you'll see by the games below I enjoy playing. I love playing Nazi Zombies on World at War. It's fantastic, and it's funny. Some of the noises and when you throw a grenade into a piled on undead zombies. It's amazing. I also think GTA is a fun game game to play, along with Red Dead Redemption. Fairytale Fights is also a fun game.
  17. hi guys, do you know if i could buy this anywhere besides the gfwl market place?
  18. No right or wrong anwser, just curious to see how long you guys play for. I average about 3-4 hours a day. Longer at weekends and seeing as its summer now, I literally live off Xbox.
  19. What type of game do you like best? These can include for example - First person shooter Third person shooter Strategy games Puzzle games Role playing games My one would probably be first person shooter.
  20. I know that some might feel sad/mad that this is the last Guitar Hero, but what do you guys think: Did they go out giving us a stellar game, or did they just copy-paste from GH5 (Do you think this game is good or bad)? I actually really enjoyed this game, and I'm just wondering what the masses thoughts are.
  21. Games that have a sequel count, nothing like CoD or Halo where they have more than 2 or 3. Two of my favorites are Blinx and the original Banjo-Kazooie.
  22. Here are my list of games I bought and played. All of my Time-Spender medals are gold because I sat in classic mode hitting a single button listening to a podcast or other stuff. Very Easy: Green Easy: Blue Normal: Black Hard: Orange Very Hard: Red I have labeled each medal and the game overall on its difficulty. (Ie. Overall difficulty ->Tempest: GSG <- Medal Difficulty) FULL GAME Adventure: G See intro. Asteroids Deluxe: SGG Asteroids Deluxe let's you use a shield by holding . I used the shield a lot and eventually got to the score I have now before dying. Astrosmash: GGG This game is an easy GGG. Eventually you get such a high multiplier it's impossible to die. I eventually decided to leave the game out of boredom. Also, don't try to destroy every asteroid. Breakout (2600): GGG This game I actually got on the leaderboards on. I use GFWL as games go 3 times slower therefore is easier. Using GFWL is actually how I GGG a lot of games. Centipede: GGG The spiders are the major problem here. The spiders also destroy mushrooms. This was my first game I got and ended up getting SSG before I used GFWL to get GGG. See Breakout (2600) on info about GFWL. Crystal Castles: GGG This game has an exploit on the first level where you go towards the back and jump to instantly get Gold Score Buster. For Survivalist take your time and wait for the bees to come after you. Then run away from the bees until you die. Do this until your last life then use the exploit and survive as long a possible until you get the medal. Detana!! Twinbee: GGG This game is all about the bells. At the beginning of the game shoot the bells until they change into different colors other than Gold. Then collect them for power-ups that help you later in the game. I eventually used GFWL to GGG this game. See Breakout (2600) for GFWL info. Devastators: SGG This game is easy as long as you watch out for bullets. Keep an eye on your guy and look out for incoming bullets. I had BSG in this game until I used GFWL to get SGG. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. Finalizer: GGG To get score buster shoot the power-up once to get a robot suit. Then shoot the next power-up until it is a red C. Use this power-up to ram into enemies for tons of score. For survivalist use the GFWL exploit. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. Food Fight: SGG This games requires practice. Make sure you have food on your person before eating the ice cream. One strategy is to use all of the food on the level to kill the chefs then eat the ice cream before it melts. Do this on each level and you might also get the survivalist medal. Freeway: G See intro. Gravitar: GGG Orbit the sun and keep shooting to the left for this game. Simple as that. Jungler: GGG I found this game to be very hard. I eventually turned to GFWL for this. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. For survivalist just run away from the snakes. Laser Blast: GGG I found this game super easy. All I did was fly over the turrets and hit . I got a score of 300000 before I got bored and left. Lunar Lander: GGG This game requires patience. Try to land on the 5x spots for maxinium points. Try to be below 20↑ to have good landing. Millipede (2600): GGG See Centipede for info. When what looks like a bunch of dead birds are falling from the sky shoot them for a ton of points. Mountain Madness: G See intro. Outlaw: G See intro. Pitfall: BGG For the survivalist sit in the first area for 20 minutes. If you want to go for the point buster make sure you go backwards, that way when you mess up you can skip the part you messed up on. Rack 'Em Up: GGG This is all about angles. Here is a video showing gold medals. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iRYXvzmtis]YouTube - ‪Game Room - Rack 'Em Up - GOLD MEDALS‬‏[/ame] Thank you savgcom/swaggers for the videos. Red Baron: GGG This game is all about knowing where the enemies spawn and how to dodge bullets. I had GSG but then used the GFWL exploit to get GGG. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. Road Fighter: SGG For this game I kept tapping to keep my speed around 300 and was able to control myself better. Use GFWL for a better run, even though I didn't do better than my Xbox run. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. Sea Battle: G See intro. Shao-lins Road: GGG I am very happy about this one. Don't even ask about the gold timespender. For survivalist I killed everyone except one guy then when a sign said Hurry up! I killed him and kept doing that on every level until I got gold survivalist. I had BGG but I used GFWL for GGG. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. Super Breakout: SGG Use GFWL for gold point buster. And just move the paddle around for survivalist. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. Tempest: GSG For this game choose the 32000 level and beat it for gold point buster. Then for survivalist choose the first level and survive as long as you can through the levels. If you need to use GFWL for survivalist. See Breakout (2600) for info on GFWL. Thunder Castle: SGG This game is very easy but time consuming. For point buster and survivalist just don't kill the dragon and keep gathering all the gold items except the golden comb. Only reason I got SGG was because I accidently killed all 3 dragons and died on the next level. Tower of Doom: GxG I got 9th on the leaderboards for this. Now, the only reason I didn't get survivalist is because I got on the leaderboards because of a glitch. I was just randomly walking around then the game ended and it said I got on the leaderboards. Personally, I think the game is a bit confusing. Tutankham: BSG This game is a bit difficult. For the survivalist just sit in the beginning area and keep shooting at the oncoming enemies. For point buster, try to gather all of the treasure in the level. Yar's Revenge: GGG This game is easy. For survivalist go into the white noise in the middle and wait for the thing on the other side to shoot a spinning blade at you then you quickly go to the other side of the screen by going off the top of the screen. Sorry for sounding confusing. Here's a less confusing video. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIoMGwQ8Ens&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - ‪Game Room - Yar's Revenge - GOLD MEDALS‬‏[/ame] Thanks to savgcom/swaggers for the video. Thanks for checking out my guide. Click here for a spreadsheet of all the medal. Credit to Edward Hyena for the spreadsheet.
  23. Firstly, I bought this game on day of release and completed it about two weeks after so I didn't have any problems before. Now recently, I decided to play it again and try and do it on hard mode. I get to chapter 4, and at the very beginning, when I'm trying to get to Freddie's, the game freezes. It's never done this before but this particular glitch has prevented me from progressing. Does anyone else have this problem and/or a solution to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  24. Goofy title, I know. But I had a fever dream last night, that I was playing Chronicles of Riddick online, and there was one person on my team, against four others who weren't really playing. I was able to unlock the quad kill achievement, and a couple of others, and then they all started playing, and everyone was happy. I mention this retardedness, because it got me to thinking about old games, and how people are rarely online. So I guess this is partially inspired by the NBA Live 07 days, where the community tried to get 1000 people online at the same time. It occured twice, and I thought... why not make that a more common thing? Why don't we set aside a rotation, like every three days, with a different older game each time? For that block of time, people can all fire up some ancient game (FEAR, Rainbow Six Vegas, Perfect Dark Zero, etc.) or some terrible game (Wolfenstein, Rogue Warrior, Homefront...), and find several other people willing to play as well? There could be a list made up, and made known to all. In the next three days, for example, we will all find some part of our time to achievement-whore Frontlines: Fuel of War. People in North America can be given an approximate set time each day to join in, same with the Euros, but any time could be coordinated. The idea is that for several days at a time, a specific game can be targeted, especially because so many games are completely devoid of other players. After several days, another game is chosen, or planned out in advance, eventually scrolling through as many older games as possible. This would help with completion for older games that are next to impossible, and even if someone doesn't have a certain game, most of the ones with terrible or non-existent communities are likely cheap as hell. Probably five or ten bucks at the most (I just got Medal of Honor: Airborne for six dollars). It's just a thought, and like so many of my ideas, may be shat upon. But I think it'd be a better way of coordinating games, and building a better online community, than the current 'achievement trading threads' that are all over. In those, you put your name in, but have to wait a few days or weeks for someone else, or several months for a game that requires four or more people (Bioshock 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2...). Just a thought. I'll go back to crying alone now, wandering around the maps of Blacksite: Area 51 by myself
  25. Looking for a person to get the 3 player attack achievement, and to continue beating the game on higher difficulties, have 2 players now. Add me on XBL GT:Yankamycranka
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