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  1. 05-05-2014 So right now I am currently playing World of Tanks to grind out some achievements but what I want to know is what game are you currently playing/grinding? Also make sure to update every now and again letting us know what you have finished grinding and what you are moving onto next!! Feel free to communicate with other members as the game they are playing might be the game you are too!
  2. Greetings, fellow achievement nerds! I'm Yetti, and this is my attempt at blogging. Okay, I shouldn't say "attempt", as I did briefly have a blog on WordPress until my ex disabled it after we broke up. Take my advice, if you ever decide to sign up for anything online that involves payment, don't do it while you're temporarily unemployed and relying on a significant other. They tend to lose interest in paying for it when you're no longer together Anywho, I plan on being as random as possible, though I'll probably write mostly about video games, music, movies/tv, sports, funny things my dad says/does, and various encounters I may have in my daily life. Thanks for reading! 1. My Kinda-Sorta Bio - A Good Place to Start 2. Cat vs Snake - Extreme Hissing Edition 3. Interstellar with Inconsiderate Idiots! 4. The NBA in Europe?
  3. This is a thread where people can discuss their ideas and opinions on what should be added to video games to make them better. I'll begin. I think that they should just replace live chat with Teamspeak. I absolutely hate how horrible live chat is. It would be so much better if you could simply switch between chat with everyone in the game, chat with your team, chat with certain individuals, or anybody you wanted to.
  4. This forum is meant to show the games that are currently free to play on steam.
  5. Personally i'm torn between Halo: Master Chief Collection and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Can't pick a winner between the two, and FarCry4 is close third.
  6. Currently GAME have quite a lot of really cheap preowned games around the £1 mark, so grab them while you can and earn that gamerscore. I just picked up Madden 06 and 08, Fifa 07 and Fight Night Round 3 all for £5. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/preowned-ps3-x360-games-1-50-less-game-inc-free-delivery-1909514
  7. http://trovestorage.blob.core.windows.net/wpidxboxstorage/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IDXBOX_header.png [email protected] and digital only releases are listed below. They are grouped in the same genres as that of the site and contain:- Action Adventure Card & Board Fighting Music & Rhythm Party Puzzle & Word Racing RPG Shmup Shooter Simulation Sports & Fitness Strategy Games with a TRIAL AVAILABLE are listed in each of the sections. For ease of finding them CTRL/CMD+F TRIAL. FREE games are also listed. Again, for ease of finding them CTRL/CMD+F FREE.
  8. MY profile is listing that I have only ever played Mass Effect 1, and it is starting to annoy me how I can't see any of my stats here.
  9. Hi all! I am currently writing a research project at university regarding video game achievements. I have a short questionnaire and I would be extremely grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes filling it out! https://goo.gl/forms/YsoAupFfxksqkQw62 Thanks!
  10. since alot of comics are being made into movies and games (some of them poorly) comic book fans now have the ability to run around like their favorite superheroes. But what games do you think really capture these iconic do-gooders? My choices: Arkham Asylum x-men origins wolverine spider-man 2
  11. I saw a games radar list of the top 100 games of all time and i was influenced to write the overly repeated topic . I am sitting on my fat ass eating jelly donuts on my 3ds internet browser, i tried to look up porn. no success, so i looked up video game debates and top lists, and now here i am.. struggling witth my fat fingers on the touch screen cus i lost my pen. Top 10 video games in my opinion, state yours after t (i just noticed i had dog shit on my foot) ok, 10. fallout 3 (although bethesda didnt create fallout and fallout 2, they turned 3 into a masterpiece with modern graaphics and gameplay, massive cockroaches attacking me freaked the shit outta me, i checked under my chair every 15 minutes playing that game) note... although new vegas may have been a little better, fallout 3 had more of an impact because it remains more memorial than that of it's sequel, or prequel (forgot when nv takes place) 9. Final fantasy 12, (i can feel anger already... XII was quite different than a regular FF game and it was a different experiment that turned out succesful, e.g. gambit system, open free world gameplay with wi'dernesses to explore and FF databases with habitat, behaviour, combat info on wild life and enemies, there are so many things to do in FFXII, u wont have to worry about half of the bad characters) p.s. FFVII fanboys go easy, i hate the FFVII database of ppl who always say "FF7 is the best! ariel dies and sephiropth and cloud are awesome!!“ who cares! sounds like a movie already, not a game... 8. Mass effect 2. (An epic console based sci-fi action rpg that lets you traverse through the milky way galaxy, and its nebulas and solar systems, sightseeing alien cities along the way and encountering a creative, original and varied amount of different species as well, all this whilst your conducting missions, gaining loyalty from your multi.... alienal squad when your trying to save all of humankind and its allies from a mythical and feared long dormant race... name any other game that has done a sci-fi rpg as well as this that has'nt copied a movie with fresh ideas and i'l replace it) 7. Mortal kombat 1 to 3. ( I reme,ber playing this once a day religiously at my shopping mall with a guy that owned the store next to the (arcade box thingy. The blood, the gore, this GAME is the game that began the "think about the children" rabble and caused a small blip on the radar... performing fatalities was the games highlight point, e.g. like ripping somebodys spine out and throwing wats left on spikes, hearing "finish him!“ and "fatality“ in a deep voice and having it stuck in ur head, then saying it when farting on roomates face/head, as more MK's were made more politic bitches complained and pushed the majority of violence based crimes and tried to pin it on violent games... as ridiculously unrealistic this violence was... p.s. scorpions spear is cheap and sub-zero kick ass. 6. Batman Arkham city. (lets admit, arkham asylum was a great game, but arkham city. [get it out yoir system=arkamarkha,arkhamarrkhemarlham], sorry. city is about 3 times bigger and contains more of batman's villains than asylum, including my favourite~~~~~~~~*freeze, there are spoilers, mr freeze~~~~~~~, you can basically explore the who'e city solving ridler riddles and finding trophies which are more challlenging, there are many side quests each assinged a villain to each one, except vr training, there are cool new gadgets and upgrades. I liked the story as well... confused at end feeling weird and saying.... WTF? play it! oh, and a raunchy catwoman is a playable character... challenge modes are addicting. 5. Metal gear solid 1= this game was the first to make me cry, although it's much like a movie, it engages you with that blend of cinematic gaming you've never experienced done so well before. It was the first major 3d stealth game which generated a lot of praise? It also included short burts of action thrpughout the game. The characters made you seem more interested in them through tense and un-cliched cinematics. Best boss battles in a game, especially psycho mantis which freaked you out as he read your memory card and told you to put the controller on ground, i felt some hypnosis attempt and laughed. i could'nt kill him and the screen kept flashing black... wtf?! then i got a call to plug the controller into port 2... i was bewildered, i thought i was going insane... once killing mantis i felt mind f***** for another hour... nuff said. 4. Resident evil 4= a makeover to the series proved good but angered many RE fans, it was'nt really scary anymore but more action. First major reconised game to use the over da shoulder view which influenced other games such as gears of war, alan wake, and batman arkham games. it's whole gameplay changed mainly to keep up with the unstoppable comstant evolution of video games and so ot wou'd appease to new gen gamers... sorry.. good game though. 3. Halo combat evolved= evolutionised console
  12. I need to know, before I buy obviously, if downloaded/bought 360 titles ok the XBL marketplace still have that games achievements to earn with it. I'm considering buying a 360 game through the market because I wouldn't havre to worry about the disc, but on the other hand achievements are a big part of my 360 gaming experience. Please help, thank you.
  13. I seriously recommend for anyone who loves a good book trilogy to read Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games series. It's...just truly amazing. Has anyone else read these? Post your opinions if you'd like!
  14. With the Xbox becoming more and more focused on implementing the Kinect into every aspect of using the console such as gaming, watching films and searching the marketplace, we have to ask ourselves: Where do we draw the line? With yet another new dashboard just around the corner, those of you who have seen the previews and own a Windows Phone 7 will know what i'm talking about when I say that it has been reduced to looking like an expanded app. All for the sake of making it easier to navigate for the minority of Xbox users who own a Kinect. Not only is the Dashboard suffering from losing it's identity, but our games as well. The most dramatic example of which is Fable: the Journey. Fable, a series which has always been known for being a massive open world RPG, has succumbed to the curse of the Kinect. It has been reduced to a linear joke, all for the sake of trying to use technology which is adequately suited for fitness and sports games, but should never be used for core games. For all who enjoy using the Kinect, i just want to say that I find the technology it uses amazing, but I just feel that it is currently doing the Xbox more harm than good. Since the Kinect has come out, everything about the xbox has been made to focus on using it and I think it's ruining the the charm of what the Xbox used to be.
  15. Hey guys I have just released Tap Shot for WP7...I would love to hear some feedback! Heres a trailer: If you wanna try it search "tapshot" in marketplace or follow zune deep link here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone//s?appid=e1a87b10-30fe-4cff-992a-43e0e197a284 Please give me some feedback...thanks very much! Regards, Steve
  16. can anyone help me. i want to be ranked on the websites leader boards.
  17. Hey guys, just wondering what's the funniest games you have played? I'm looking to get some games that are entertaining for me and my mate to play. I mean funny as in the actual gameplay and not so much the storyline, as you'll see by the games below I enjoy playing. I love playing Nazi Zombies on World at War. It's fantastic, and it's funny. Some of the noises and when you throw a grenade into a piled on undead zombies. It's amazing. I also think GTA is a fun game game to play, along with Red Dead Redemption. Fairytale Fights is also a fun game.
  18. I've got 850 gamerscore on this game and im not showing up on the lederboards why is this?
  19. Why would the game developers add a FREE DLC when they can just update the game? I mean seriously, in my opinion, I think it would be a lot simpler if you were to just go into a game and just update than having to search for the games DLCs. http://card.mygamercard.net/community/u360/MiKogz.png
  20. My xbox 360 won't allow me to join my friends games or for them to join mine but we can still be in a party together. I'm not sure if this is a common occurence but I've searched most places for an answer but I can't find one. HELP!
  21. Hey all, I'm looking for someone who is very good at creating Gamer Profile Signatures. I'm not very artistic and would love to have something that reflects my interests, and the games I love. If you could help me out with that, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  22. Hi guys, im new here! I would like some recommendations on 2 or 3 games i could get? I really liked the g.o.w games and ive just 100% dantes inferno today which i thought was awesome! I dont play online so anything with a long single player campaign would be good! I already have red dead and fallout 3 but have yet to start them. So what do you guys recommend to keep me entertained over the next couple of months?
  23. With the addition of creatable game types, I wanted to create a thread for custom games, specifically for sharing, testing and critiquing community creations. If you have a custom game you'd like to share, leave your gamertag, a description of the game, or instructions on creating your custom game. GT: DrivingBj I have two custom games in my file share. The first is a wager match inspired sniper game. It contains 4 classes, each with a different sniper rifle with extended mags and a crossbow secondary. They also have a tomahawk, decoy grenade and camera spike. Perks are lightweight, scout and ninja. The score limit is 2500 for five minutes. Kills are 100 points and headshots yield an additional 100 points. No killstreaks. The second game is a Gears of War 2 TDM with three classes and no perks or killstreaks. It's a work in progress. Hopefully the community can create some fun gametypes that will keep the game fresh and provide a nice breather from regular multiplayer.
  24. What games are you looking forward to in the coming months? No doubt a lot of people want Halo 4 and/or Black Ops 2 (myself included). Here are the games I'm looking forward to in 2012: -Halo 4 (pre-ordered) -Borderlands 2 (pre-ordered) -Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (pre-ordered) -Darksiders II -Far Cry 3
  25. if your like me i have no idea how to play chess, i found an easy way to beat them, im not sure if anyone has posted here or not...... but here is a video [ame= ] [/ame]
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