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Found 3 results

  1. I'm setting up 2 games per day for any kind of weapon or kills boosting in Gears Of War. I hate how un-organized the achievement trading thread is & it seems no matter how hard I try no one can figure anything out. So therefore I've created this to have set times of the day EVERY day since I have a lot of time on my hands. Here are the details: Game: Warzone/Execution Map: Doesn't Matter Rounds: 19 Bleed-Out Time: 60 Round Time: 7 Game 1: 7:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific Standard Time. If you are a different time zone then please figure out what it is for you. Game 2: 4:00PM - 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time. If you are a different time zone then please figure out what it is for you. Rules: -Please have a mic, if you don't have one turn up your tv loud enough to hear everyone. -If you have a bad connection be sure to reset your router or clear your bandwidth on your internet connection before joining. -Be respectful. -Be patient, boosting these achievements takes a LONG time. -Be cooperative. -Everyone on each team must be pick a different character to avoid confusion. -If you have to leave let us know ahead of time. -Whoever is hosting must WAIT until everyone is ready to avoid randoms. Details: So basicly in my experience of boosting these achievements I've taken a liking to the method where players start in order from the top of the list going down. The first player gets 3 kills for 6 rounds, while the other gets 2. Then switch. And repeat for the rest of the players. Some people don't like this for reasons such as someone leaving or disconnecting. But if you follow the rules then that shouldn't be an issue. It's better to do it this way because boosting these achievements gets extremely boring so doing it this way gives you down time to do other things such as make food..walk dog..cuddle with gf...etc. But be sure to keep your mic on you at all times in case something goes wrong. Everyone can take turns hosting games starting from the top of the list. So that's it just add & message me you're interested in joining. My gamertag is "HellaCharming". <3
  2. Excellent Method for Seriously, Not So Seriously and the other Multi-player Weapon/Other Achievements. Except Hammer of Dawn which is not in Mausoleum, see the bottom of this for reasons. Get friends to join and idle and/or then follow the below. You can load a king of the Hill with a high kill number for boosting Serioisuly and No so, the below is for the weapon achievements; PC VERSION Boosting: Needs 2 PCs BUT CAN BE DONE ON 1!!!! (with 1 PC the Sniper, Revive and Pistol achievements cannot be obtained in Assassination as you need to control an opposing team member to actually down one of your allies and revive the opposing team mates players, but can in King of the Hill as enemies get up after a set amount of time but die in Assassination and but KoH games take 10x longer as you have to capture the Control Points). You can always substitute a friend(s) for some of the dummy users but it will inhibit the method. 1) In order to get this working correctly you need 2 PCs (window 7, Vista/XP) near each other so you can hop from one to the next to revive downed allies for the Sniper and Pistol achievement and to down an ally of yours so you can revive him as they need to be killed by the weapon), one PC must have 5 Admin User Accounts (create some) and the other PC you can use the main account. Install Gears of War (GoW) on both PC’s main User Accounts, you can use 1 cd-key for all as this is an old game with little DRM. 2) You will also need an extra 5 Windows Live accounts, just create any random ones at http://www.hotmail.com and link them to http://www.xbox.com. 3) Now to get 5 instance of GoW running (Make sure you run them as Administrator i.e. Right Click Run as Admin) on the one PC, start GoW on your main user Account, sign in with the account you want the achievements on. 4) Now change the graphics settings down to a lower resolution and quality and to windowed mode (windowed is a NECESSITY!!!!!! and is time saving when switching from profile to profile). 5) Now minimize (Hit the windows key, then click the minimize button in the window) and click the task bar to put the game in background operation (IMPORTANT!!!), then hit CTRL-ALT-Delete and click SWITCH USER (or through the start menu click SWITCH USER). 6) Log into the next DUMMY user and startup GoW (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Gears of War\Binaries\startup.exe MAKE A DESKTOP SHORTCUT IF NOT PRESENT!!!) sign in with a dummy Live account created in step 2 and repeat steps 4 – 5 until all Live accounts are signed in in the different Users. Make sure 2nd PC is second to join the locust (see step 10 for the reason)!!!!!!! 7) Now you will need a no-cd crack for the 2nd PC (Google it and get one v1.2 BTW) apply it and sign in with the last Dummy Live Account no need to minimize or change video settings as it is only running a single copy of GoW. (UPDATE THE GAME WITH THE DISK IN BEFORE APPLYING THE NO-CD CRACK) 8) On the first PC go back to the Main User profile with the Copy of GoW logged in with the profile that needs achievements and Click Versus then Live Ranked/Versus Player then Host an Assassination in Mausoleum and set the rounds to 3 (NECESSITY) with a 4+ min time limit. 9) Minimize like in step 5 and switch to the next User then Join repeat until all Account have joined in. Make sure the second PC is second to join the opposing team so that you can use him to Incapacitate a team mate of yours (first round Player 1 is Locust Leader) and revive (2nd Round 2nd Player is leader, etc) Pistol and Sniper downs on his team like in the video above so that the 2nd PC is last to die as leader in round 2. Make sure to kill the Leader last in each round BTW as it ends the round. 10) Then go back to the main User and start the match. Below is the effective method for a kill with each weapon over the 3 rounds METHOD OF A KILL EACH WAY In the 3 rounds:uzi:; See video for illustration: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XF4KotR-6E]Gears of War PC Multiplayer Weapons Boosting - YouTube[/ame] In Mausoleum in the first round jump on the second PC and navigate (Keep right) to the COG area as a Locust dude and incapacitate an ally then quickly jump back on the Main PC and revive (1 Point Revive), now chainsaw the Locust dude you just used and go to the locust area by keeping left and going via the Torque Bow and Boom shot in the video Kill the Locust Leader last. In the second round get the sniper (Left and Left as you have swap sides so the same route as above See video if necessary) Incapacitate a locust dude with the sniper, revive with the second PC, same for pistol then Headshot the Leader Last In Third round get the Grenades outside the locust spawn area and stomp and execute the two no-leader players and grenade tag the leader (does not matter which player is which as you do not need to control the 2nd pc in the 3rd round) This method is very effective using the multi-user multi-player bot method described underneath this text. It works extremely well for all the Multi-player Weapon Achievements listed below as all the weapons except HoD are in Mausoleum i.e. Don't You Die On Me - Revive Downed Team Member 100x in 100 Matches Pistolero - Kill with the pistol 100x in 100 Matches The Nuge - Torque Bow kills 100x in 100 Matches I Spy with My Little Eye - Sniper kills 100x in 100 Matches It's a Massacre - Chainsaw kills 100x in 100 Matches Curb Appeal - Curb Stomp kills 100x in 100 Matches Capital Punishment - Execution kills 100x in 100 Matches Is It a Spider? - Grenade kills 100x in 100 Matches The Money Shot – Head Shot kills 100x in 100 Matches EXCEPT for the Hammer of Dawn (Don't Hurt 'Em - HoD kills) as it is not present on this map use Fuel Depot map for it, it is the only weapon not on this map, just use another with it present, unfortunately there is no map with all the weapons all all at once.
  3. Looking for 2 more people to double box gears and/or gears 2. Let me know if youre interested!
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