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  1. Anyone fancy horde? Add me... Hufflehoudini
  2. In an attempt to help cut down the number of threads being started in the Gears of War 3 forum, I'm going to tie all of the important threads together for members to post in by clicking on the links below instead of starting a new thread. This thread doesn't have everything! Use the forum tool on the right side of your screen to "search this forum" before starting a new thread! If you feel a thread needs to be added to this, please post the link. This will be updated regularly and moderated closely, so please keep that in mind. Please report any broken links. The title key for this thread is: Important Guides Useful Threads Other _________________________________ Trading weapon skins, character skins, etc. In a word: DON'T! I want someone to play campaign with... Campaign Partners - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play with that's not campaign... Partners for Versus/Beast/Horde - by:The Pants Party I want someone to help boost medals and ribbons... Partners for Medals and Ribbons - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play Horde Command Pack with... Partners for Horde Command Pack - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play RAAM's Shadow with... Partners for RAAM's Shadow - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play Fenix Rising with... Partners for Fenix Rising - by:The Pants Party I want someone to play Forces of Nature with... Partners for Forces of Nature - by:Grifter Reborn How do I get that one achievement? X360A Achievement Guide and Road Map - by:The Pants Party How do I get those Horde Command Pack DLC achievements? Horde Command Pack Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party How do I get those RAAM's Shadow DLC achievements? RAAM's Shadow Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party How do I get those Fenix Rising DLC achievements? Fenix Rising Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party How do I get those Forces of Nature DLC achievements? Forces of Nature Achievement Guide - by:lifeexpectancy Where do I find that collectible item? X360A Complete Collectibles Guide - by:Nozza x360a Info on DLC Forces of Nature Sub-Forum Fenix Rising Sub-Forum RAAM's Shadow Sub-Forum Horde Command Pack Sub-Forum Complete Info on March DLC - by:Lee Bradley 4th DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Enjie 4th DLC Discussion - by:AdHominem Complete Info on January DLC - by:Lee Bradley 3rd DLC Achievement Discussion - by:The_Iceman2288 3rd DLC Discussion - by:kire350 Complete Info on December DLC - by:Richard Walker 2nd DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Bigmouth84 2nd DLC Discussion - by:XxStuartxX 1990 Complete Info on November DLC - by:Richard Walker 1st DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Mcnichoj 1st DLC Discussion - by:SirMuskrat I'm so angry about this... Official "Bitching" Thread - by:Gamer Relaps3 What does it take to get medals? Onyx Medals Guide - by:Nikke84 How do I unlock mutations? Unlock Mutations Guide - by:Iceman9482 How do I earn ribbons? Ribbon List and Guide - by:Grifter Reborn Question or comment about weapon skins... Complete Weapon Skins Thread - by:Collin232 Let's talk achievements! Achievement Discussion - by:Infernal TONS of Gears info!! Gears of War 3 Information - by:Mass Domination I keep hearing about save data being lost... How to Backup Your Save Files - by:I JiMb0 I General Reset & Backup Info - by:Sabretache The most important one. If none of the threads have helped, post your question to the link below (or in one of the links in post#2). Try reading posts in the link(s), as there are several questions answered in those posts. If you don't have a question, but you have 2 minutes to spare, please read any unanswered questions so that perhaps you may have an answer for them. Thank you. Frequently Asked Questions Gears of War 3 FAQ - by:13ip0lar
  3. I would like an honest opinion about which shooter game is better. I've been out of the gaming loop for a bit since I joined the military and am looking for new games to play. I believe that the Gears of War and Mass Effect series are amazing. They both have awesome stories that captivate and surprise players. Both <<campaign>> modes are very well worth playing over and over again. I have personally found no joy playing the story modes in any of the CoD. I also find the Arcade Story mode is a very unique way to play. The only game I can recall at the time that had a scoring arcade is the Devil May Cry series (or maybe it was DMC4 only). If there have been others please let me know so I may educate myself. I also like how GoW3 adopted the Halo style of the mutations <<skulls>>. It adds a bit of extra fun. The multiplayer mode on GoW has the aspect of ranked and quick matches. Unlike CoD there really isn't a practice against people online. You are instantly tracked on progress no matter how <<ready>> you are. At least in GoW you have the opportunity to get your feet wet then step up. The best part about the multiplayer experience I've had with GoW is the, not being annoyed by 10 year old kids screaming and crying over the headsets. The thing I love most about GoW that separates it from other games (aside from the story the game tells) are the in-game achievement/goal trackers. I like the fact that periodically after doing a certain action like executions, a little blip shows up saying and showing a progress bar of how close you are to attaining the achievement/goal. I like hearing and reading peoples opinion about things and I want a serious answer about your favorite shooter so I may try to like it as well (if I don't/do already). Thank you! -BatThanatos
  4. Wondering if someone else has encountered this... I've just finished the campaign on single player, on hardcore... but none of the achievements have popped. As soon as the credits screen came up I hit start and it returned me to the main menu and nothing came up.... I thought i needed to watch the credits or something. But when I go into the stats & awards section and look at the achievements section, it's telling me that Act 2 & 3 haven't been completed (even on casual or normal difficulty!) Anyone know of a way that I can fix this? Or if it is even possibly to go back and restart from act 2... playing until it pops? Very annoying! Thanks
  5. hi guys, I was wondering, can I use my xbox and my friend's xbox to boost this one? I just need a couple of chapters, but can't find no one to help me... so, i was wondering. Thanks for the replys!
  6. Okay. I had just finished the second adventure stage and I was at the part where you grab the keystone the excavator found and use it to get to the wind tunnel level, or whatever level it is, but anyways, I had the keystone and I got on the minecart. When I got off the minecart, the key was gone. It isn't where I first found it, or at either end of the mine track. No clue. Help? Is my key gone?
  7. hi there, i have noticed that, when i'm playing horde in a private session, the kills i make counts toward the onix medal for each gun... it says like XXXXkills with gnasher on the bottom right of the screen.. dind't they said that horde doesn't count at all toward this? PS sorry for my bad english, i talk way better that when i write...
  8. were boosting gears of war weapons achievements and or any others that can be done quckly xbox gamertag is: avi01
  9. Elux


    I need a partner to get on the platform near the end of the game because I've encountered the glitch where the A.I. won't. Gamertag: Cannibalization
  10. Elux


    I need a partner to get on the platform near the end of the game because I've encountered the glitch where the A.I. won't. Gamertag: Cannibalization
  11. looking for players to do a few ribbons with which require team mates, here is a list of the ribbons and if you need them also then we can all help eachother out. -Team Savior -Team Shaman -I Gotcha -Monkey-Dog - Trick Shot I added trick shot on there as it would be a lot easier to do with couple of friends and i'm not lucky enough to get one in multi-player! i can host a lobby and invite everyone in and we can probs get everyones ribbons in about 30mins if we are quick and work together My tag is 'Charmo Lad' message me if your interested
  12. In the DLC trailer we can see 5 of the 7 new dlc skins. Here the pictures: Commando Dom with a blue lancer. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/821/blueskin.png/[ATTACH]6856[/ATTACH] Mechanic Baird with a orange and purple hammerburst and a purple gnasher? [ATTACH]6857[/ATTACH] Mechanic Baird with a orange liquid metal retro lancer. [ATTACH]6860[/ATTACH] Savage grenadier elite with a white omen lancer. [ATTACH]6861[/ATTACH] Commando Dom LE, Mechanic Baird LE and Savage grenadier elite LE. [ATTACH]6858[/ATTACH] These are the skins that you see in the trailer. Regards Fedeguitar http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/821/blueskin.png/
  13. Sorry if this has already been posted, have been searching and can't find much.. Would anyone be kind enough to post exactly what is needed for a king of the hill boosting session? (something similar to the format below). Have been doing security boosting but I hear KOTH is much faster.. For those who may not know about security boosting, here's my small contribution! -- Needed: Minimum of 2 players, full party is preferred. Game Type: Horde Lobby Type: Custom Difficulty: Insane Starting Wave: 1 Map: Security Method: Simply play through the first round as you usually would. As soon as round 2 starts, everybody runs into the lasers, killing themselves instantly. This then allows the host to restart from the first wave. Rinse and repeat, an average round takes 40-60 seconds, netting each of you 1500xp per round during the 6X week. --
  14. Hey fellow x360a forum users, ive made a mistake and hope one of you can help. When i got the gears of war 2 box, i decided to download the gears of war 2 flashback map pack, now whilst downloading i went to do something else, and i can bvack after an hour and the download was still "pending" which after an hour thought that there was a problem, and i canceled it. Then soon realising my mistake, when i couldnt download it again. Anyone know where i could find another code or am i fucked.
  15. Please submit the amount of kills you got! Personally i have 3600!
  16. I really don't know why EPIC added matchmaking - It's much slower finding opponents. Personally, the other system was much better. You could just join a match in progress... Whats your opinion? http://card.mygamercard.net/nxe/CursedElite147.png
  17. I suck at Gears of War, I know it, and I even admit to it . What im asking, does anyone having any overall hints that will make me successful in this game, but one thing i need the most help with is the shotgun, unless im host of course. Maybe it just takes time to get good, if thats what your advcice would be, how long did it take you to get some what decent at the game.
  18. I hav noticed it would go twice as fast if 2 other mutiple console owners and i team up for the "Seriously" ach. etc i hav played a few games where there are 5 active players and my boost tag standing there, it would be best if 2 other duel console owners and i team up so us 3 can be on a team and keep killing our boost tags, or if theres a better way to kill 3 boost tags with 3 active player tags we'll talk it over... EDIT: Please only leave a post if ur intreasted in boosting or have something positive to bring to the table, im not telling you not to post, but please be curtious to what this threads intended purpose is for, Thank You...:edit end please add me, im ALAWAYS up for boosting in Gears even with non mutiple console owners. gt: Ace 0(zero) Jokers v2
  19. Now i hate when this happens, im the host of a annex game and i get killed. (Happens to everyone ) and the respawn timer goes 1 second, 0 seconds. and after it resets to 15 everyone else on my team respawns, i dont. WTF?! i thought to myself, well the odds of that happening are slim, and after a second downing, and the people on the other team taking there time to kill me, i go to the camera view while the time hits 1 second, and im like yeah get back in there. everyone else respawns, i dont. Now this is the main problem i see with annex, along with other things, i just think that is to poorly proggrammed and if it was tweaked, it would help make the game mode more bearable. I am trying to get this is annex by the way.
  20. IT'S WEAK! The first Gears of War had some "bad.ss" achievements like all of the weapon ones, where you needed to get 100 for each, same goes for headshots, chainsaw kills, executions, curb stomps and so forth. NOW, The weapon achievements have been dramatically lowered to a pathetic 10 or 30 kills. MAYBE 50 if I didn't notice, but I know for damn sure there's no 100 kills. Does anyone else think thats a little sad? I know we're all in the forums to GET the achievements, but I don't think I'll feel like I've "achieved" anything this time around with the second game. Don't get me wrong though, everything (besdies the achievements) in the game looks amazing! The only Achievements I see that look like they'd be a little hard is Seriously 2.0 and Party like it's 1999. THAT'S IT! So, all I'm trying to figure out here is if I'm the only one who noticed this, and if I'm the only one who's a little upset with the outcome of the list. If you aren't then cool, but is it because you like easy achievements? Just wondering. Questions? Responses? Comments? Concerns? Flames (I'm sure...)?
  21. If anyone wants to play horde or submission please hit me up, looking for players who are down, get back at me by sending me a friend request to gamertag- xJGBx Freekshow
  22. OK here's my idea for double exp. I think they should make some sort of "challenge" each week to complete. They would have to make it somewhat challenging and to keep you playing in order to complete it. For example, achieve 750 kills this week. Another one could be revive 100 teamates this week. If you complete this challenge, you would be able to have double exp for the whole following week. If you completed the challenge on an already planned double exp, then you have the opurtunity to earn a rare triple exp. It would make it so the players that are dedicated to getting to level 100 can get their much faster. I know that this will probably never happen, but theres always a small chance that it will haha
  23. i really want a new sig, and i know this has nothing to do about the game itself, but its gears 2 related. i want the sig to just have the gears omen in the background and have my name on the top or bottom, whichever looks better. if anyone is intrested, feel free to pm me and i will give u full credit for doing so. the picture is below. and make it smaller to a medium size. http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/1/17531/876472-pcz191.upten.marcus__article_image_super.jpg
  24. This isn't a complaint - this is just to see if this has happens to anyone else Yesterday I was playing execution on Subway and I down a guy with a sniper when he was at the boomshot whilst I was at the top of the stairs which means that we're about 50m apart, I then pull out my pistol to shoot anyone who tries to revive, however some of my bullets strayed a bit and hit him and It killed him. Then when I was in a game of Warzone on canals, I'm on the sniper bridge and he is near the Boltok pistol area, I down the guy with a sniper and go to finish him off with my pistol, but everytime I shot him, that annoying noise came up and it wouldn't kill him, I then had to run out and execute him which got me killed also. These are just examples that I can think of easily, though it has happened a few times to me, I was just wondering it has happened to anyone else?
  25. Hey guys, I'm looking for people to help trade dlc achievements before Judgment comes out. For RAAM's Shadow, I am looking to do "Zeta Team, Go!" and possibly "Ghosts from the Past" I am also looking to do other 5 player dlc achievements which I will be posting to their respective threads and linking here. My tag is I3orn To Kill (that is an "I", not a "1"), message me any time or send a friend request. I will be on to do these most of this weekend, mainly friday and saturday. Thanks in advance! Fenix Rising Post Horde Command Pack Post Forces of Nature Post
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