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  1. ALL-STAR is the last campaign cheev i need, for getting all the stars in campaign. First playthrough I was able to play the area after Mountain Pass, got the cheevs to prove it. Since, it has been locked again with zero stars. I have played Mountain Pass probably close to 20 times trying to get it to unlock again. Played it on each difficulty. Played the entire campaign on each difficulty. Deleted and reinstalled the game. Even deleted my save and replayed it through. After Mountain Pass it moves me straight on to Vikingland. WTF am I to do?
  2. Okay so I have the undead nightmare disc which has all 3 dlc packs included on the disc. When I unlocked the tomahawks, I didn't get the tomahawk challenge. I uninstalled everything from my hard drive of rdr, (Including the original game and APPARENTLY ALL MY SAVE DATA) and retried. I installed the undead nightmare disc to my hard drive and started up the single player just to be meeted with no challenge when I got the tomahawks again. Help?
  3. inSvein


    I have encountered a glitch in the "Pursuit Mode". If I press the Windows button, restart the game and load my previous save, the question-counter resets (it still displays the correct amount of questions). So if you do this trick on top of the last tile and answer it correctly, the result screen will show 1 question to complete the board. Made the "Are you Midas?"-achievement much easier.
  4. I have found a way to dupe items in Minecraft Xbox One Edition. It involves exploiting the autosave feature. I did this by digging a 2x2 hole about 30 blocks deep, or however deep you need to kill yourself. Then take all the items wanted to be dupe into your inventory. Exit the game and let it autosave just to be safe. Reload the save and then jump down the hole. After dying choose to respawn and then wait until the death notification on the left side of the screen has disappeared. Then go to Disable Autosave in the pause menu and disable the autosave. Then I waited about 10 seconds before going to Exit Game and Exit without saving. Then load up the save again. You should start with all of your items in your inventory before you died and in the hole there should be duplicates of your inventory items. This did not work for me every time, but about half of the time it did. Edit: It seems like time is not as much of a factor. I still had to wait for the death notification to disappear before disabling the autosave, but after that it seemed that moving near the hole increased the chances of this glitch working. It is very inconsistent. Out of 50 tries it has work 22 times.
  5. In my game, the dialogue sound frequently stops during cutscenes so that it is just the ambient sounds and subtitles. Is this happening to anyone else and does anyone know how to fix it?
  6. I've just got dead island goty edition and whenever I enter an abandoned building all I get is a black screen and I slowly die. It saves as I enter the house which could break your save fortunately I've found a way to get out without destroying my save however it hasn't solved the initial problem of stopping this glitch as quite a few side quests involve abandoned house. Please any assistance would be grand Bloodfish7223
  7. Finished all levels but did not get the Achievement. Did Level 1 on another day then 2-4. Replayed Level 1 just to be shure they have to be done in one day: nothing. After finishing level 4 I saved the review. Replayed it too, still nothing Any suggestions?
  8. So, there was a glitch I had while playing the game. My friend did the glitch that launches him into the tree near the mansion, and I went through the mansion. When the final ghost dropped, I hadn't TECHNICALLY entered the maze yet, and I didn't get a perk from her. What could be the issue?
  9. From the Xbox terraria... So I've put alot of work into my character on Terraria. I've even gotten pretty decent spots on the leaderboards (18.5k on distance traveled, 4k on resources gathered, 9k on normal bosses, 86th on HM bosses, and 196th on items crafted) But recently I've been having problems opening chests on one of my worlds. The chests become highlighted, but they won't open. This is a problem I've had before on a 1.1 world (whatever the preceding update was.) The world I'm having problems with is my main v1.2 world and the chests are shadow chests in my house. Other than the chests, all of the nights since the world started acting up have been blood moons and the days have been solar eclipses. Also, I don't know if this relates to the previous statement, but none of my Npcs are spawning either! If anyone can help, I really need it. There are alot of expensive items in those chests! And thanks if you help!
  10. I recently got into the Shivering Isles DLC for Oblivion. During the quest "Ritual of Dementia" you are required to infiltrate into Syl's private chambers in order to kill her and take her heart in order to become the new Duke. However, after trying the mission several times, everytime, no matter what I do, when I enter Syl's chamber, she is already lying dead in her bed, and does not have her heart on her. This happens no matter what, whether I sneak past the Dark Seducer Guards undetected, whether I kill the guards, or only get the key. No matter what I do, she is always already dead. What I want to know is has anyone else encountered this glitch and know how to fix it? Is it fixable, or will I have to start a new game to get the achievement for becoming the Duke of Dementia?
  11. I'm not sure what Beer hats have to do with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saving us from an alien invasion: But they are a bitch to get in GTA Online, if you even see a special crate (which I haven't in a very long time) you're going to have to fight over it... But the mighty beer hat gods have seen fit to bless us with a way to gain their holy head gear with the 'minimum' of fuss!!! WHAT YOU NEED: Two Online Character (unsure if one needs to be male and the other female and one of them may have need to have collected a special crate in the past, in order to have the Los Santos Belle Tshirt, not sure it that one has to be the one you want to gain the hat on) HOW TO: Start the game in single player. Pause and go to the Online selection and Select Character. Select the character you do not want to hat on. Then switch character to the online character you want to hat on. Look at the notifications on the bottom right of your screen, it should state that you've unlocked the hat! Go back to story mode. Then quit to the Xbox dash board, and start again! What You Get: One of 4 hats: "Supa Wet", "Benedict", "Patriot" and "Pisswasser" (There's meant to be 6, But I can't fin any mention of the other 2 anywhere!?) Also go to any shop and pic up your FREE Statue of Happiness T-Shirt in the Special Tops section of the Tops menu, not sure if you need to 'buy' it to keep it! Source:[spoiler= Source] (I've not got it working for me everytime, seem like you'll sometime get a message that you unlocked one of the ones you've already unlocked, but after about 10 goes I have all 4 hats, yay!!!)
  12. Played for a few hours, going a bit slowly through the initial train sequence. Had several save points, and a few achievements. Came back a few days later, and the game only allows New Game. No loading or resuming. Going to my system drive, I see a bunch of saved games under the same profile, as well as the new autosave and manual save I created. Given that this game may take hours to complete, especially with the long, slow dialog (thank god for being able to speed through), I'm not keen on having save points that actually don't allow you to resume. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. If you've got a Day One Xbox One like me then you probably haven't messed with your profile since last November. Harmonix is trying to fix it BUT there is a way to work around it and have the game work yourself. Change your Gamerpic. My guess is that the game uses a lot of profile data to run and if you haven't updated it since launch it's running an older version of the profile. Changing the Gamerpic to something and then back will update the profile for Dance Central Spotlight to run.
  14. Among other updates. See below: Source: http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/forums/discussion/66403/star-wars-battlefront-january-2017-patch-notes Below are the patch notes specific to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One for the Star Wars Battlefront January patch update. Bug fixes and tweaks General: General: Various minor UI issues. General: Various lighting fixes General: Various minor art updates on Rogue One: Scarif maps Game Modes: Walker Assault: Fixed a bug where three uplinks could be seen at the same time on Rogue One: Scarif maps Walker Assault: Adjusted all Hero spawn points on Rogue One: Scarif maps Walker Assault: Changed Y-wing timer to 30 seconds on Rogue One: Scarif maps Walker Assault: Adjusted AT-AT health across all maps Walker Assault: Adjusted AT-AT speed on Twilight on Hoth Infiltration: Adjusted playable area during The Approach Infiltration: Fixed an issue where users could not grab another Data tape after using the Jump Pack Hero Hunt: Fixed a bug with the Hero selection screen Heroes vs. Villains: Changed to only 1 set per map Battle Station: R2-D2 ignores benefits from Bacta Bomb and Medical Droid Private Match: Fixed an end of round issue on Infiltration where the U-wing didn't spawn if switching teams in a 1v1 match Weapons & Star Cards: Sonic Imploder: Fixed criteria for Grenadier Hutt contract regarding the Flash requirement Sonic Imploder: Increased blast radius from 2 to 4 meters Sonic Imploder: Increased explosion damage from 90 to 100 TIE Striker: Raised projectile speed from 800 to 1000 meters/second TIE Striker: Increased explosion damage from 5 to 10 A-180: Fixed a rare bug where users could be spawned with their regular Star Card primary hand instead of the A-180 module Heroes: General Most stuns will be prevented for 2 seconds after a Hero has been stunned once. This doesn’t apply to specific stuns like Force Choke and Force Push Bossk Reduced Microgrenades inner radius from 3 to 2.5 meters Reduced Microgrenades radius from 5 to 4 meters Chewbacca Increased Roar recharge time from 28 to 35 seconds Decreased main projectile Explosion damage from 45 to 38 Darth Vader Can now use his Saber Throw and Heavy Strike when Force Choking Increased Trait radius from 10 meters to 15 Trait no longer affect enemies Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 20%, Level 2 50%, Level 3 80% Leia Increased Trait radius from 8 to 13 meters Fixed looping stun animation on Trooper Bane shots Stormtroopers affected by Bacta will now be defeated by Trooper Bane Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 20%, Level 2 40%, Level 3 60% Krennic Increased Trait radius from 10 to 12 meters Armor Breaker is applying the armor reduction after the damage is done Reduced Armor Breaker homing capabilities Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 10%, Level 2 20%, Level 3 40% Luke Decreased speed at Trait level 3 from 80% to 70% Shield Deflection can now block Krennic’s Armor Breaker ability Jyn Increased Pistol End damage from 35 to 69 Increased Pistol start falloff damage from 40 To 50 Increased Pistol end falloff damage from 60 To 70 Decreased Rifle configuration Overheat per bullet from 0.068 to 0.055 Lando Will no longer be damaged from his Power Blast Explosion Power Blast now goes on cooldown properly after deactivation Greedo Stuns Luke out of Block for 2 seconds when shooting him with Slow targeting Boba Fett Increased Flamethrower damage against Chewbacca by 50% Vehicles: U-Wing: Fixed missile warning issues
  15. I don't want to go into detail about much just in case of spoilers but I'm having problems with one, You complete the game under 4 hours and you unlock a item called running /walking shoes it's either one I did the game in 2 hrs and 49 mins and I didn't unlock nothing anyone have the same problem?
  16. When you give someone base clothing, and assign it, it disappears and is replaced by what they were previously wearing, so their current base layer cannot be removed manually, ... However, if you assign the minutemen generals uniform, and then add the skull bandanna, the uniform is removed and they are now standing in their underwear! removing the bandanna makes no difference and you can add armor over the top if you wish. Quite funny watching your companion take out a deathclaw in their skimpys! Just something I stumbled across..Have fun!
  17. So I looked at my time played for Killer and it says I've played it for 5d when I haven't even played it for a day. Does anyone know why it's done this?
  18. When I do the story mission everything works fine until the screen at the end where it adds up all the studs, minikits etc. On the True Avenger part is suddenly stops at 99% even though I got it. Then no minikits collected are counted, no gold bricks either. Then when I go back to the level it just forces me to replay the story. This has happened twice now. And I can't find anyone else having the issue, at least not thats posted about it.
  19. OK, so I fell and died during the escape from the Flooded Archives (while I was in the cave part). But, it reset me back in the Flooded Archives main area and I can not get out or continue. Any ideas how to get out??? Thanks I really, really, really, don't want to start from the beginning....
  20. i was working on an infection level, creating opening doors and traps etc and then i try to load my map that i have been working on for over a week to see it went back to the very first time i saved it. wtf? i dont get it, its not like the items all disappeared, it kept the safehouse i made and all the spawns i set up, but it didnt keep all the items i placed to create opening doors, or to block off the zombie spawns to end the game. i really worked hard on this map and even tested it out to make sure there was no ways of getting around the traps or obstacles i set up, then poof went back to the very first time i saved... just the spawns and safehouse.. a whole week was wasted on this crap, im not very happy what-so-ever...
  21. I ran into a problem with playing split screen on Horde. I ended up dying during the round and when restarting from wave after the match ended I didn't get spawned back into the game. I was viewing the player view screen where it says BUY BACK COST $1500 - Ghost Camera - Overhead Map. Anyone else have this problem or know how to avoid it from happening? Thanks...
  22. Wondering if someone else has encountered this... I've just finished the campaign on single player, on hardcore... but none of the achievements have popped. As soon as the credits screen came up I hit start and it returned me to the main menu and nothing came up.... I thought i needed to watch the credits or something. But when I go into the stats & awards section and look at the achievements section, it's telling me that Act 2 & 3 haven't been completed (even on casual or normal difficulty!) Anyone know of a way that I can fix this? Or if it is even possibly to go back and restart from act 2... playing until it pops? Very annoying! Thanks
  23. So this bug is pretty much stopping me from finishing the civil war questline. I cleared all the forts and go to Legate Rikke to turn in the Regain Eastmarch part of the quest. But I have no speech options to do so, and she just repeats the same line 'We're taking this city. Meet the soldiers gathering for the attack. Move it!'. However I did get the next part of the quest 'Battle for windhelm', so I go there clear out all the soldiers up to the palace of the kings but as soon as I enter the palace I sheath my weapon and I can't move. I can look around but I am frozen I even cleared out the city again to see if the bug happened again and it did. I guess this bug is to do with not being able to turn in Reunification of Skyrim so is there any workaround so I can turn the quest in to Legate Rikke?
  24. Ok so I bought 2,000 Microsoft Points and I went ahead and bought Season Pass Invincible and Shark Attack. Season Pass gave me the outfits, Invincible gave me cheats which I won't use until i've beaten the game because let's face it they'll probably disable achievements. Shark Attack however has given me NOTHING. No popups, and nothing in my wardrobe OR my weapons cache. Can someone help me out or tell me i'm not alone?
  25. Ive beat it twice but still no achievement i have all the achievements for beating all the levels on veteran. Has this happened to anyone else if so if u have any info how to make it unlock let me know. thanks
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