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Found 1 result

  1. http://www.powerpyx.com/Assets/Miscellaneous/resident_evil_operation_raccoon_city_great_success_walkthrough-powerpyx.png I do not own a strategy guide for this game. No third party content was used. All information is based on my personal experience. Please do not steal this guide. Index: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Basics The Walkthrough Enemies http://powerpyx.com/Assets/Miscellaneous/resident_evil_operation_raccoon_city_great_success_walkthrough_02-powerpyx.png Is S+ possible on Co-Op? Yes! I recommend to do this with 2 human players only. The more human players you have, the harder it is to get S+. Only one single player can get S+ per playthrough. This is based on the fact that the Collectibles will only count for the one player who is collecting them. Unfortunately, there are not enough for both players. Player 1 (who wants S+) plays as Spectre to find the collectibles faster. Player 2 (the helper) plays as Bertha - The Medic. Choose her active ability called 'Neutralize Infection' to cure your teammate from turning into a zombie. Player 1 (who wants S+) has to get all collectibles. This includes the intel and cameras. You should also access all computer terminals at least once. You should play on professional difficulty. This will greatly improve your chances to get S+. Playing with a headset is a good idea, but not neccessary. Tip: Bertha - The Medic always spawns with 1 health spray. Kill and revive her if you want to get healed. Is S+ possible on Co-Op Veteran? Yes! However, your chances to get S+ are very low and I do not recommend trying this. You would need to beat all the targets with ~150% of their displayed scores and you would have to find absolutely every single collectible. Check out the above mentioned points for more details. Is S+ possible on Solo Veteran? Yes! However, your chances to get S+ are very low, even if you get S/S/S/S. You would have to find every single collectible and exceed all target scores with such a perfect score that it is more difficult than playing on professional. I do not recommend trying it on veteran! It is much harder than playing on professional right away. Do I have to get S/S/S/S in order to get S+? No! At least not when playing solo on professional difficulty. However, you should beat some requirements with a really good score (much better score than the minimum requirements). You can still get S+ when you have B/S/S/S (doesn't matter in which category you get B). Example: Kills: 90 of 110 - B Deaths: 0 of 3 - S+ Collectibles: All from this mission (cams, intel, pc's) - S+ Clearing Time: 25:00 of 35:00 - S+ Note: The game does not display S+ in in any categories, but it still realizes if you barely got S in a category or if you beat the requirements with a much better score. This won't work if you get a C or D in any category. Does the timer stop if I access the pause menu? Yes! You can stay in the pause menu as long as you want. It won't affect your score for the clearing time in any negative way. Do the deaths of teammates matter? No! Kill them whenever you want. Sometimes it can give you a tactical advantage to take out your allies. Does the use of green herbs and health sprays matter? No! It has absolutely no effect on your final score. Make sure you always pick up all health items before moving on to the next area. What's the easiest way to get S+? Well, that's probably the most important question if you are planning on getting 1000G in this game. It depends on your gameplay style. I recommend to do it Solo on Professional difficulty. The game recognizes that you chose the technical hardest challenge and is more likely to reward you with S+. In Co-Op you would need to do everything at least twice if you want to help each other out. This is a lot more time consuming and on some mission it's actually counter productive. In the beginning you might think it is impossible and so did I. Truth is, that it's getting easier with each mission as you understand how the game works. Since you have to get tons of XP for several other achievements I would also recommend to do 3 complete playthroughs before going for S+. Maybe one on casual, one on professional co-op and one on professional solo. Believe me, it won't hurt!
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