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  1. Simple game. Post the first word that comes to mind. (Quoting would help to avoid confusion if 2+ people posted at same time.) Be respectful and try to avoid obscene/vulgar words. I'll start: Devious
  2. bplayak edit: Did you come to XBA looking for some great community members to put on your Xbox 360 friends list? Post your Gamertag here and some relevant information about the type of people you are looking to add to your friends list! Don't forget to mention in those friend requests that you are from XBA
  3. Myself, I have a few. Number 1 on the list would be a toss up between Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman. Also I enjoy Terry Goodkind, Dean Koontz, and Robert Jordan.
  4. As the title says: What was the last DVD/Blu Ray movie you bought? For me, Dexter Season 4 and Plan 9 From Outter Space/She (Double Pack) - both on DVD. ** I do apoligise if this type of thread has been posted before!
  5. Not necessarily for Xbox 360, but on any platform! The only one I can really think of is the Tales of series, or Eternal Sonata, both of which dont appeal to me much. So are there any other anime style games you can name/recommend??
  6. Sports Bar Rules: No Flaming! - Feel free to disagree, be passionate about your favorite team(s), etc., but if you attack another member of the site you may find yourself less than welcome. No Spam! - The key here is to discuss the sport/teams/players in question, not to throw out random comments unrelated to anything. Have Fun! - This is why we are all here, right? Keep it fun. If you see a post that you feel violates the rules, use the report function and that will let the moderation team know. We will address it as quickly as we can.
  7. For me The Office (U.S.) it's one of the funniest things I've seen on tv. How did I go for these past 5-6 years with out seeing it? I need to pick up the season 1-5 DVD set.
  8. 1. Link (Zelda) 2. Amaterasu (Okami) 3. the Prince (Prince of Persia) 4. Blanka (Street Fighter) 5. Balthier (FFXII) Others on my list were the Lone Wanderer, the four from L4D, Spyro, Ratchet, Cammy White, Tidus, and the list goes on and on.
  9. Saints Row Crash Bandicoot Borderlands Dead Space Assassin's Creed
  10. Nintendo 64 Gamecube Playstation 2 Xbox 360 Playstation 3
  11. I am NOT taking requests for signatures, avatars, or guide banners. Personal: [spoiler=personal] http://i.imgur.com/NatiNFh.png For others: [spoiler=forothers] http://i.imgur.com/bdqZ15F.png OLD AOTM
  12. I just took this personality test, and I thought this was pretty neat! It's a pretty quick test, and the results are a few pages long with description of your personality type, but I thought it was interesting! Here is the test if anyone is interested: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test If anyone takes the test, please feel free to share your results! Here is what I got: I read all of the pages about my result, and I found it extremely accurate for me!
  13. Hello! Well, we had some great fun in PvP tournaments on the site back in the day. I still remember my epic stealth moves to sneak up on a sniper that turned out to be a fire hydrant in the Modern Warfare 2 tournament. And people kept wanting to see tournaments like that return. So we had a vote and Halo 3 was selected. So, let's get people going for this! The tournament will run from Jan 9, 2015-Jan 11, 2015. Who can enter? Anyone can enter who has a gamertag linked to XBA and 5 posts can sign up for the tournament providing they are not under active ban. As there is no advantage to having a new tag, being on staff or having been a long term member in a tournament based solely on skill at a single game, these are the only restrictions. How do I enter? Sign up below by posting your interest and your availability between 12pm PST (3pm EST, 8pm GMT) on Jan 9th and 3pm PST (6pm EST, 11pm GMT) on Jan 11th. Sign ups will close on Jan 7th. How does this work? We'll take everyone's availability and try as best we can to match everyone up with a group that they can play with. So, if you are available from 12pm-7pm EST on Saturday and then 8am-2pm on Sunday, we might put you in a group at 2pm on Saturday. The last session will be the finals, which will put the winners of the previous groups against each other (minimum 4). The sessions will be a social solo mode (ie. Lone Wolves) and the maps will be random. If anyone is unsure about how to set up a match, just ask. What do I win? Glory and probably a forum award. Good luck and have fun!
  14. Hey there folks, TV here. It's been a long year for a lot of us, plenty of different experiences. Even General Off Topic saw a new Random Thought thread with "Take 2", showing our community still lives strong on just hanging around talking nonsense for the most part. I believe this year also introduced Dirty to this area...and he's taken to it pretty damn well. Oh and we lost Crazy...;>_> there ya go. Of course, the individual is what matters for this topic - how was your year? What did you do, accomplish...any bad moments you care to share? And of course, you can talk about your gaming too. ---- Mine has been...something else. Last year I officially got divorced and haven't had much luck finding love over the past year. I had one occurrence with a girl I mentioned a few times in Random Thought, the "Bombshell Blonde"...and that went entirely south. Temporarily, like super temporarily, left the job I'm at now to go somewhere else and came back after a couple days. I couldn't do Factory Work...but I still strongly dislike what I'm at now, especially after this last month alone. I got a new Xbox 360 somewhere early in this year and have been gaming steadily on that, while the very start of the year was dedicated to primarily PS3. Completed MGS4, Ratchet & Clanks, Sly Coopers...then around the time MGSV: Grounde Zeroes came out I found myself gravitating back to 360 (especially once I bought a new one, as last year saw me selling one that was victim to the Region Fiasco). I forget when but I've passed 100,000:gsicon: and am over 120K now, went back to complete some unfinished games (Assassin's Creed III being the most notable I'd say) and even bought Resident Evil off the Japanese marketplace, making an Achievement Guide & Roadmap over in the 360 thread. I didn't pick up any of the "current" gen consoles, while the end of last year had me leaning more towards PS4...throughout the year I've felt drawn to the X1 instead. Been buying X1 games to be prepared for when it's time. Earned 4 Tier awards on the site here for Sonic, Horror Games and 2 for Assassin's Creed (waiting for Tier 2 to get verified). As such, my last completion for this year was Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. My first completion? Probably something on PS3, I forget what it could be though. Saw some great movies (Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Winter Soldier), watched through some awesome TV shows (I think this year I finished up Breaking Bad, not sure) and caught up quite a bit in the Walking Dead Comics (though not entirely, I'm on the hardcover book Vol. 10, which is just before "All Out War"). --- As far as bad goes, my experience with work and the girl probably are the worst. Nothing "great" has happened this year at all...no opportunities, no love...just irritation and disappointment. Then getting unwanted attention from those I don't want anything to do with ~__~;... That's the jist of my year, not that exciting I know. I wish it was. How about you guys?
  15. I wonder how many of the awards will be accepted by the person who actually wins? These awards are more exciting than the Golden Globes, unless Ricky Gervais hosts again then I take that back.
  16. spockroxfaces


    My team has been basically stuck in this town for the past day or so. We have a main and side quest that point to a portal with a guard out front. A Japanese player told me that we are basically playing the beta and that that portal leads to the next city and is locked for now. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If this is in fact true then the only thing left to do is grind.
  17. Can I join the 500k Members topic?
  18. This week the DRM Gamecast had the opportunity to interview the head of XboxAchievements.com and PlaystationTrophies.org, Dan Webb. We discuss how x360a first started, competition with other websites, the state of the Xbox One, DLC without achievements, and much more! You can check out the episode on our site, http://www.DRMGamecast.com or watch it on YouTube. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I wasn't sure where to post it.
  19. 11 days later than I was originally intending, but hit my 200K last night. Posted in the proper sign up area, but wanted to say
  20. MartiniKiss

    Quest Info

    I didn't see a thread for sharing information about quests that people had. So far I know the purple haired girl you repair weapons with, has a quest requirement of upgrading a weapon to level 10.
  21. Hey guys! I know it's all in Japanese right now, and that appeals ZERO to me, haha. I was wondering if any of you have heard word of the studio thinking about doing a translation for it to come to the west. It looks interesting enough, but the JP is a huge turn off.
  22. How many of you have got it on 3DS so far and how are you finding it? What is your go to character/s? Personally i love it but i am also terrible, mostly use Sheik as easiest one but i do random pick and try out all characters. I find i can't play very long on 3DS as hand hurts, maybe i should have gotten an XL. Anyone waiting to play on Wii U due to controller? There is a mod on 3DS but seems a bit complicated to get it working
  23. After playing for an hour or so and trying to work out what does what. I thought I'd share what I found, hopefully it helps new people to this game a little bit. http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h201/eastx/Xbox%20One/Onigiri-Xbox-One-controls_zpse42d1ad1.png (Thanks to Eastx for the image) RT - Basic attack (hold for continuous attack) LT - Special move Lb & Rb - cycle through special moves B - Jump A - Talk / pick up loot X - Use item on the hot keys (five blue circles in bottom right) Y - Lock on Click RS - Camera zoom Click LS - Guard Up/Down D-pad - Cycle weapons Right/Left D-pad - Cycle hot key items (not sure how to add items to hk's) Menu button - Menus Double tap left stick - to dodge roll in that direction Wiki Link (Thanks Death 434) - http://onigiri.wikia.com/wiki/Onigiri_Wiki
  24. Affection System You start with three teammates before you leave Onigashima (the starting area) and receive the final one before leaving Kyoto. Raising their Partner Level is accomplished by giving the characters one-of-four Affection Items. To access the required screen, bring up the menu, go to the Story (ストーリ) tab, and then Affection (なかよし). On this screen, you'll see the list of items you can give the characters on the top right. Select the one you want and click the little button on the bottom right with a gift on it to give it to the selected character. These are the Affection Items and the number of EXP they give. There are 30 levels: Common Drop (Any Yokai) Friendship Goldfish Yoshitsune - +20 Lady Shizuka - +20 Ibaraki Douji - +30 Amaterasu - +10 Susanoo - +20 Miroku - +10 Momotarou - +30 Kaguya - +10 Friendship Model Kit Yoshitsune - +10 Lady Shizuka - +20 Ibaraki Douji - +20 Amaterasu - +20 Susanoo - +10 Miroku - +30 Momotarou - +20 Kaguya - +30 Friendship Paperback Yoshitsune - +30 Lady Shizuka - +10 Ibaraki Douji - +10 Amaterasu - +20 Susanoo - +30 Miroku - +20 Momotarou - +10 Kaguya - +20 Friendship Pendant Yoshitsune - +20 Lady Shizuka - +30 Ibaraki Douji - +10 Amaterasu - +30 Susanoo - +10 Miroku - +20 Momotarou - +20 Kaguya - +10 Rare Drop (Lucky Box) Friendship Becoming Cat Yoshitsune - +60 Amaterasu - +90 Momotarou - +60 Lady Shizuka - +90 Susanoo - +60 Miroku - +90 Ibaraki Douji - +90 Kaguya - +60 Friendship Komainu Yoshitsune - +90 Amaterasu - +60 Momotarou - +90 Lady Shizuka - +60 Susanoo - +90 Miroku - +60 Ibaraki Douji - +60 Kaguya - +90 Achievements General Completion: ゴーストバスター - Defeat 1000 Yokai レジェンド・オブ・鬼 - Clear 200 total quests across Main and Sub-Quests Meeting new teammates: 義経が仲間になった! - Yoshitsune has become a friend! 静御前が仲間になった! - Lady Shizuka has become a friend! 茨木童子が仲間になった! - Ibaraki Douji has become a friend! あまてらすが仲間になった! - Amaterasu has become a friend! スサノオが仲間になった! - Susanoo has become a friend! ミロクが仲間になった! - Miroku has become a friend! モモタロウが仲間になった! - Momotaru has become a friend! かぐやが仲間になった! - Kaguya has become a friend! Affection System: 義経との仲が深まった - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Yoshitsune 静御前との仲が深まった - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Lady Shizuka 茨木童子との仲が深まった - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Ibaraki Douji あまてらすとの仲が深まった! - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Amaterasu スサノオとの仲が深まった! - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Susanoo ミロクとの仲が深まった - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Miroku モモタロウとの仲が深まった! - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Momotaro かぐやとの仲が深まった! - Unlocked by reaching Partner Level 20 with Kaguya
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