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Found 17 results

  1. So my issue is that in every world I start, my chest items after a period of time will just delete themselves. This is hugely problematic in that most of my projects are not able to be finished. Example is I only play in survival and then when I go to any area really just outside my buildings everything in my chests are gone, my farm animals, as well as all of my item frames, and Golems. I have no idea why this is happening and how I can fix it. I have deleted the game and re-installed it now 3 times and still no luck. Am I the only person with this issue? It is making this game annoying more than fun now sadly.
  2. I've just got dead island goty edition and whenever I enter an abandoned building all I get is a black screen and I slowly die. It saves as I enter the house which could break your save fortunately I've found a way to get out without destroying my save however it hasn't solved the initial problem of stopping this glitch as quite a few side quests involve abandoned house. Please any assistance would be grand Bloodfish7223
  3. Hey, I just started playing Skyrim. And then when I try to move he looks around with the left stick and moves with the right stick. It's supposed to be the other way around. And there's no option to change it. Wtf is this? I cant play like that.. Edit: Fixed under settings guide button.
  4. I think this is the right area being related to the xbox 360. Anyway I've got the Xbox with the 250GB & built in wireless but everynow & then I would just get disconnected from XBL and I'll try to reconnect. I click on the Wireless Network tab & it will come up with "To use a wireless internet connection, connect an xbox 360 wireless networking adapter to your console." Is this is a fault with my actuall console & go get a new one, It's only a few months old & never been moved around or dropped. Just looking for some advice on the matter. Thanks in advance.
  5. Well, is anybody having the following issues? First of all, I started playing in the first slot, so it's all cool and smooth...but I wanted to start another game in the second or third slot and all that happens is Chuck starts the game in the arena...off the bike...and he instantly dies...and that's it. I can't freaking start a different game in the second or third save slot because each time I try, that bizarre thing happens. The second thing is, Each time I enter a co-op game, chuck is lying on the floor dead...my buddy gives me food only to see my character falling down to the floor once again...times infinity... So, any suggestions? what the hell is happening with my game? you think I should erase all data and start all over again? are save slots meant to be used only while you are saving inside the current game??? help!!!
  6. Ok, I am relatively new to the armored core series, I've always been a mech fan. But this game confuses me a tad. What is the Workshops for. Like is there something specific they do? Should i invest in getting all of them or what? any help would be much appriciated Thanks again for any help you can give
  7. i've noticed a number of posts about signing in & saber switching hands. so i took it upon myself to find out the proablem with these. believe it or not it has to do with your lighting. i used 2 3way lamps. one on each side of me. set them both at 50watts & have had no issues since. if you are having controller issues. try speeding up your movements. the top 2 solutions to all kinect games are these. lack of light & need to speed up your movements. think of it in terms of a standard controller. the faster you hit the button. the quicker it responds. kinect is no different. it functions the same way. so increase your lights & speed up your movements well go a long way!
  8. Hello, I have a question and if it's already answered can someone direct me to the thread. Whenever I am playing co-op the 2nd controller always randomly disconnects and it says "press any button to play." When I press the button to log in and choose the 2nd profile it signs in but then it still says "press any button to play." So why does it randomly disconnect that profile and then won't allow me to play with it anymore? Any answers would be great!
  9. I've been connecting to xbox live through the same wired connection for the past 3 years. Today I started up my xbox and it wouldnt connect. When i test my connection, it recognizes my network, but wont connect to the internet :S. When i plug in my wireless router, my computer has no connection problems, and ive also tried several ethernet cables too. Possible that my xbox connection ability is fried? Anybody have feedback?
  10. Is an body else getting booted out of onslaught games? I have been in the middle of hardcore and I'll be about done and then I get booted. Is anyone else having these issues?
  11. ok so ive just moved into my shared house at uni and ive set up live. i connect fine and can find games fine, the connection is fine all through the game (hardly noticeable if any lagg) and i will normaly get disconnected about half way through the game, happens on gears 2 happens on reach ect. my nat type is open and im on 20mbs. no one in my house downloads or owns a console apart from som occasional pc gaming, i can play fine on my pc..... i cant work out why i keep getting disconnected, im in the room next the the router but am wireless. any thoughts??? bear in mind the game connections fine till i disconnect and i dont actualy loose live just get chucked out the game. im too far away to effectively wire up as it would take allot of trailing and im right next to the front door making it likely somone trips up.
  12. Here's my problem, any solutions or why its happening? Happens a lot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh1yeKYRkvs
  13. So I was on my Profile on the dashboard, I had been playing games and whatnot this morning. I decided to quickly shut it off after deleting a bunch of games/content from my hard drive (I'm in a process of trying to speed up my Xbox cause WOW is it slow as *&^%). I try going back on and I can't. My Profile won't sign in. Live is up. Everything is working. All the other Xbox Live profiles on my Xbox connect to Xbox live just fine. So I figure I should redownload it. Maybe something went wrong. I enter my info, redownload. It starts to download and then I get an error saying I can't right now. So now I'm without my profile (since it deletes your profile to redownload the new one) and can't get on live with it. I tried signing into Xbox.com but it won't work. Gives me an error problem. Does anybody know what's going on? It isn't my internet. It's working fine. It's just my ONE profile. Is this happening to others at all? I'm afraid for my Profile. I have over 150,000 gamerscore on that beast.
  14. my next day doesnt kick in till 5 or 6pm. how can i change this to midnight?
  15. Hey guys, I'm having an issue getting a original Xbox game to play on my 360 console. I've connected to Live and updated it, but the game still doesn't load. I have been searching for hours but to find no answer. If you can help, please do. SWBFII worked fine on my old console, but it won't work on this one. Here is so info about my console and the game you might want to help solve my issue: -Xbox360 320 GB HDD Gears of War Limited Edition Console (bought used from GameStop) -Star Wars Battlefront II (original game) Thanks
  16. So this is getting REALLY annoying. I rented the game last night and it was fine that night but after playing for a while I've been having this irritating lag problem in Single Player! It will last for 5 or so minutes then go away and then it will come back. I'm just wondering if there was a fix for this problem. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
  17. I ask this question because the achievement to get 10 assists in a public free roam match will not unlock for me . I selected to search for a public match, me and my friend got into one with about three other players. I got 12 assists on the stats for the ending screen of the gang hideout Gaptooth Breach. It didn't unlock. Then I got into a lobby with 4 people I didn't know but the other 8 people in the game were my friends did the same thing and didn't unlock. Is it possible that a public free roam is only counted when you don't know more that 50% of the players?
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