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  1. So....I've been using DFME for a low-impact cardio workout. It's actually been pretty good for that, but I'm left with two questions: The first one is that I have a few songs in the Song Library/List that have Goals which have a requirement of STARTING in the Pink or Green color mix. How in the heck do you start in a different colored mix? The game has never shown me this and I can't seem to find out how anywhere online! And my second question....I'm a relatively big guy. I'm 6'1" and around 225 lbs. (I say around because I'm loosing weight - yay!) But it seems that the Kinect "loses" me quite often while playing this game. Does this happen to anyone else? I've done practically everything except set a light behind the Kinect to face me. (I have a light on above me, not behind me.)
  2. Perky Nana

    Worth it?

    Not certain whether to get a Kinect. Is it really as good as they claim?
  3. is this just challenges or does it have games too? like in KS2 for example. thanks
  4. Going to get my copy today. has anyone tried it yet? if so how is it?
  5. This game will give you a good workout. lots of jumping,leaning & so forth. not for big people. theres some unique events. my favorite is kayak U mountain climbing. the rest are pretty good too. this is a 100% better than last years game. the graphics,control,extra is very well done. i dont recoment it for big people though. lots of gear to unlock as well. i give this a 8/10. no real online play & a short list of events. everything is done well though dont get me wrong. just feels like it needed more depth. rent it & see if you like it. i'm not into extreame sports. i did enjoy this game overall though any questions feel free to ask me. this game reminds me of kinect adventures, as you gather coins. if you have a uplay account you can play the mode " you against the world ". which is beating other peoples times & such.
  6. WOW where did this come from, seriously! i'm a 2nd degree blackbelt in karate. been doing this for almost 40yrs. so here's what i think of this. first off my score, easily a 10+/10. yes its that good! EVERYTHING i would teach you is in here! damn i cant believe how well done this is! the lady is a true blackbelt & teaches you real moves! after you do a class/event. goto the vids & watch as you unlock them. great advice like how to make a proper fist. stances & so much more. now go back to same event. do what you learned in the video. huge difference & improvements to strikes,blocks,extra. you unlock reflex mode,cardio & so forth as you do the classes. even balancing is in here! this is the best fitness/ self defense vid/game i've ever seen. it even beats out billy banks taibo boxing cardio workout series! this is a must buy if you seriously want to defend yourself & stay in shape! the advice given is sound. everything about this is accurate. just remember to watch the vids often! i urge everyone to at least rent this & see for yourself. awesome job ubisoft! better than the yourshape series too. even beats ufc! message me if you need to know more
  7. With the Xbox becoming more and more focused on implementing the Kinect into every aspect of using the console such as gaming, watching films and searching the marketplace, we have to ask ourselves: Where do we draw the line? With yet another new dashboard just around the corner, those of you who have seen the previews and own a Windows Phone 7 will know what i'm talking about when I say that it has been reduced to looking like an expanded app. All for the sake of making it easier to navigate for the minority of Xbox users who own a Kinect. Not only is the Dashboard suffering from losing it's identity, but our games as well. The most dramatic example of which is Fable: the Journey. Fable, a series which has always been known for being a massive open world RPG, has succumbed to the curse of the Kinect. It has been reduced to a linear joke, all for the sake of trying to use technology which is adequately suited for fitness and sports games, but should never be used for core games. For all who enjoy using the Kinect, i just want to say that I find the technology it uses amazing, but I just feel that it is currently doing the Xbox more harm than good. Since the Kinect has come out, everything about the xbox has been made to focus on using it and I think it's ruining the the charm of what the Xbox used to be.
  8. When i saw hockey listed, my jaw dropped! just hope they do it justice. also hope its not all mini games. i hope they put the full games in to. so which sport are you most looking forward to?
  9. i was playing this & noticed i got a bunch of uplay points pop up. however i had no account & just created one as i got powerup heroes too. so do i get those points i missed back? is there a way to get them again? ie dance all 45 songs in one sitting. thanks for any help
  10. me, i cant get enough of the kinect mode. it has everything but the seasons. now if they had that. this would get a 10. i just cant stop playing this on kinect. best looking, use of kinect yet. love the fact you actually drive all cars & venues! so what mode is your favorite?
  11. Before I invest, is the Kinect a good tool to play this with or do you just look like one using it. Does it track your head from inside the car?
  12. ok so i just got this. i am a HUGE grease fan. so i had high expectations for this one! heres what i think. well i'm a HUGE grease fan! the game has TONS to unlock & game modes. one of my favorites is the mini games. where, while playing the grease lightin scene, you have to fix & paint the car. also you can play upto 8 people @ once! but no online sadly. hey i cant fit 8 people in a 1 bedroom apt, lmao. this game has you dancing & singing. doing just one or the other. it follows the movie & captures the energy perfectly. graphics are cartoon style & are easly overlooked. every song & venue is in this game. also the characters are all here too. this game encourages you to have the high energy in your performance. just like the movie! the demo doesnt do it justice! TONS to unlock & plenty of replay value. plenty of game modes. 1:1 ratio, you can even unlock the movie scenes. so if you enjoy the movie, then you'll love this game. otherwise try the demo & watch the movie. had an absolute blast playing this. its by far the best of its genre out there. yes it even beats out MJ:TE. i give this a 9.5/10 would have gotten a 10 if it had online. i'd like to see 8 people playing this at once! fantastic job at recapturing the energy & excitment of the movie. i highly recomend this game. if you're a grease fan. this IS a must buy! hats off to 505 studios. i was skeptical. man am i glad i bought this. it friggin rocks! if you have a hard time finding this in canada. goto toys R us store. thats the only place i could find it. ebgames doesnt even have it listed. hope this helps & thanks for reading. now go dance & sing. play cool mini games. heck just have a blast!
  13. Hey Guys, I know there is already a post for Kinect... But i recently watched E3 and i saw some good games that are gonna come out for the Kinect I saw that Mass Effect 3 is coming out.. is Fable 3 already out for Kinect? i was just wondering what everybody thinks and what other games are coming out that i missed (by games, i mean hardcore gamers and such)
  14. By the way, this is my first Guide... Be kind:woop: Made by MadCor. With help from TheMasta7. Overview: -Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 -Offline: 50 -Online: Few Offline ones you can do. -Approximate amount of time to 1000:gsicon:: 15-20 Hours -Minimum number of playthroughs needed:UNKOWN -Number of missable achievements: None -Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats -Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes -Glitchy achievements: No -Unobtainable achievements: No -Extra equipment needed?: Kinect, A second human being Introduction: Welcome to Kinect Sports. For the best experience, you should have 6-10 ft. of space between you and your TV for absolute accuracy. It could be the difference between Winning against a Champion. You may also want to stretch out, because you're going to have to jump around and move a lot. Don't be surprised if you sore the next day! There are 6 different activities which include(Soccer, Boxing, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, and Table Tennis. Each sport has three different Computer Difficulties. Beginner, Amateur, Professional, and Champion. This will likely be your first experience with the Kinect sensor so you'll be able to look past some of the repetitiveness of the game. Oh and, Take a Break if you feel tired or sore. [ATTACH]5437[/ATTACH]In Training - 10:gsicon: Reach level 10 and earn the Amateur badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5438[/ATTACH]Turned Pro - 20:gsicon: Reach level 20 and earn the Professional badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5440[/ATTACH]People's Champion - 30:gsicon: Reach level 30 and earn the Champion badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5439[/ATTACH]Master Class - 40:gsicon: Reach level 40 and earn the Master badge See "Sports Star" [ATTACH]5441[/ATTACH]Sports Star - 50:gsicon: Reach level 50 and earn the Legendary badge When you play the game a level bar pops up after each game showing your level. All you have to do is Win. Champion gives you more while Beginner gives less. But there is a Technique that takes sometime but effective, Well untill around level 30. Play the mini games such as Paddle Panic, Score 1 point and then just hold your hands up until the end, then play again and get 2 and so-on and so-on. This does get boring but if your a Hardcore Achievement getter... Should be no Problem.
  15. Hi All, Anyone know where I can get the soft toys in the UK? I have had a look around and can't find anything:-( Yes I am a man BUT the toys for the wife haha....honest.....:-S
  16. http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2011/02/iisu530px23512.jpg What's an "iisu," you ask? It's an acronym for "The Interface Is You," of course! It's also the name of SoftKinetic's "3D gesture recognition" software development kit, available now for "qualified developers" to license for free. The iisu SDK is said to work with "all major 3D depth-sensing devices," which we're told includes support for Microsoft's Kinect. The free version of iisu is strictly a "non-commercial" SDK, though a full, commercial version can be purchased. The dev kit offers tools for building both games and applications, and includes Unity 3D and Flash support. Interested parties can get the ball rolling by applying for a free license on SoftKinetic's application page. Between SoftKinetic's SDK and those from Evoluce, PrimeSense and even Microsoft itself, there will soon be, like, so many SDKs available for Kinect. We're gonna start stretching right now in preparation for the eventual results. Source: SoftKinetic
  17. since playing this game i have come to love it to bits, okay there may not be much to do, but it sure is great fun to play and very interesting especially if you got friends as you can challenge your friends and try to get the best scores. i suppose playin the fifa games was fun playing with your friends all nite long with beers and everything and well i still feel kinect sports is better. what does everybody else think wat sports game do you prefer? If other say what game it is that you enjoy so we can share and discuss together.
  18. For those who are interested to post your scores, i've made a scoreboard here : 123kinect.com
  19. Will probably pick this up during Christmas and it will be a family thing. My question is: for multi-player games, how well does the technology cope with say one tall person (me = 6'1") and a shorter person (my youngest is 6 years old) for example? Anyone got any experience of this or similar issues?
  20. Haya peeps I having a little trouble setting up my room to play this game!! basicaly im having the same problem the old xbox vision had, so everytimg i move everything gets destorted and then you can see my room! there is a part in the game where its a video feedback of your room with the little pet playing in the shot but everytime he moves or i move he goes invisible. i had the same trouble with "in the movies" But i havent has this trouble with any other kinect game :S is it just me??? I have tried putting all the lights in the room on eliminating all shadows and i have tried going through the kinect set up over and over again with no luck All sugestions are welcome Thanks
  21. I was going to suggest some quick and easy achievements HERE, but that thread was closed for some reason. I have the Kinect and over the weekend visited the FUN LABS again to find some new gadgets in there. They have 3-4 games in there that have 50GS each. That isn't much but 200GS if you get them all completed it good for me. Especially when it take almost the amount of time that it takes to download to get the achievements. I would say each one you could do in under 1-2 hrs. Googly Eyes Kinect Me Bobble Head Build A Buddy
  22. hey guys want some opinions from you lot. like so many others i got kinnect when it came out. but now starting to think should i have waited. sure dance central and kinnect sports are lots of fun. but looking at the future release schedule has left me wondering. a brain trainning clone hmmmm not sure. then we got a game that looks truly awful and has been done before in be in the movies or whatever there calling it. star wars could be ok!! but come on dance games and keep fit games surely there's more to it than that
  23. well this is a nice change of pace. i really enjoyed this game from start to finish. the free DLC & fruit ninja really helped kick it over the top! awesome stuff! well you control a pupet. ya i know sounds gay but it isnt. in fact i thought this game was so well done. it felt to short! awesome story with live actors/audience too. nice naration, awesome controls,can sit or stand,graphics fit the game.nice asortment of guns. love the boss battles which are very unique. set as a western. wavvy tubeman DLC is the lightgun game from the 90s. they just changed the title is all. it was that McGEE one. which was awesome & still is for free! you can play the DLC anytime. as it has nothing to do with the story or game for that matter. this is a very unique & well recieved title for kinect. its something everyone can play. try the demo as thats the 1st stage of the game. everything in this game just screams awesome! anyone can play it too. i give this a 10/10 short but comes with free DLC & fruit ninja kinect. an awesome bargain at this price. which is extreamely rare that MS would allow it. free DLC & fruit ninja kinect could have net them a pretty penny. controls,graphics,sounds,effects, everything done just right! a must buy as you can play sitting down too.
  24. well this has mixed feelings from me. so heres what i think. you do a fitness test at start of game. this cannot be avoided! it puts you in a class per say. then based off of how you did & your age,extra. it gives you a workout suggestion. you get 30 or 60 day workouts. you can even create your own. each trainer has their specialty. you can send challenges to online friends list only. hit the mitts is a good start. also heavy bag,tire flips extra are all here. workouts have a great balance of cardio, stregth extra. you can just focus on one too. the only 2 things i have to say negative sbout this are. you MUST be in shape! dont even try this unless you are! the other thing is the amount of space needed is rediculous. i cant do pushups as it forces you to face the kinect. so i can do everything but the pushups. its a shame they did it that way. as some pushups need to be done sideways <T-pushups>. it would have been better if they kept it sideways. like the situps. as it is you'd need 15 ft or more. depending on how tall you are. this takes a great workout game & makes it a decent one. space is important to consider as not everyone lives in manssions! now that out of the way. this is in fact an incrediable workout. warmups & cooldowns are intense! the mountain clmbers will get ya if not in shape! i was really looking forward to this. sadly, due to lack of space, i cannot gain the full benefit from this awesome game. devs take note, we all dont live in mansions! though this is one of the best workouts on the market. it suffers from space issues that the others dont. smart use of space here would hsve been a nice touch. the cal counter is off too. so just know you had a good workout from how you feel. so you have programs, 30,60 days & custom. plus you can send challenges like hit the mitts. which is a nice touch. also the use of weights & rewarding you for extra effort is a nice touch too. great, well put together programs. that suffers from space issues. that being said i'm giving this a 9/10 due to space issues & need to be in shape. instead of helping you get in shape. so rent it & see if its for you. i enjoy it. but not as much if i owned a massion lol. yes i'm in great shape & 45yrs. hope this helps
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