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  1. Check out this money exploit that lets you earn tons of money with very little effort: [ame] [/ame] Written guide: http://www.windowscentral.com/farming-simulator-15-guide
  2. I earn money from drifting after completing the challenge and I can't find a guide for this anywhere. I wanted to know if there are other challenges that pay money once you make the max respect for that specific challenge.
  3. This might seem like a strange question, and I think I know the answer, but I figured I'd ask just to make sure. I get bored playing with the same car(s) so I've been buying as many cars as possible to try them out. Basically, when my car reaches level 5, I move to another one. Only problem is I'm running low on money and won't be able to keep doing that at this rate. Is there any option to downgrade a car that I've previously upgraded and make money off the parts? If so, how?
  4. My team is pretty good . Skentleenburg(dont know how to speel it) 85 Rwb Walker 86 Ivanovic 83 cb David Luiz 82 cb Kompany 84 cb Clichy 80 lwb Parker 82 cm Essien 84 cm xavi alonso cm Hernadez 82 st Dzeko 84 st Bench: ozil cam86, Forlan 84 st, Rocardo carvaliho84cb, Pazinni 83 st, Reyes 85 St, Ganso Cam 83. Sorry if there is any speling mistakes :/. but ya know . I think this is a very good team with 4000 msp points . What is your teams?
  5. Just tried a searching but it kept saying there was a fatal error, so i hope this question hasn't already been asked but; Is a demo really worth 400 points? Even if it is a stand alone game!
  6. I spent all my gil in serendipity trying to get that god forsaken Lucky Coin fragment! I was wondering if anyone found any glitches or farming spots?
  7. 1 million in gold, 2 shops @ the start & main city. where else can i find shops? buy stuff, get equiptment from? i'm a level 40 soccerer. is there a faster way to travel?
  8. I can't get Show Me the Money or Ace! to pop. These should be the first two you get. Is it possible it glitched because I played the demo first and earned em there? Any suggestions?
  9. I think alot of us used that little glitch to get alot of money in pub games, but I shall not be transferring that data into the final Fable 2 game as I believe it will totally ruin the experience. Millions of gold at the start of the game? YAWN. I want to earn that elusive castle to live in. What will everyone else be doing?
  10. which is the easy way to get money in the game ? pls help me
  11. I've gotten EVERY SINGLE achievement other than "I Will Destroy All of You!, Curse You!!!, Money Talks, and Home Sweet Pineapple". I really need a way to get money for the money talks achievement. PHM!!! (Please help me)
  12. DORIAN GLITCH for the dorian glitch all you need a paralize spell then go to dorians house in talos district then shut all the doors behind you, paralize dorian then search him whilst hes down then you can keep taking his money you only get charged about 120 gold then you can keep doing it when you need money. (DO NOT KILL HIM IF YOU DO THE BODY DISSAPEARS THEN YOU CANT KEEP TAKEING MONEY:mad:)
  13. A thread for those who are stingy with dollars. Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena $40 new @ Newegg.com, with free shipping http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16874119017
  14. some of the best songs,levels and instruments to get some major $$$
  15. Hi guys I am upgrading all my guns and the guide says you need 1M is is that much exactly or do I need more because me and a friend are egg glitching and want to see how many times we need. I think the guide said it was around 50K for each gun.? Anyone have an exact number?
  16. So I've finished the main story and am just wondering how to earn more money? All my characters have around $18 Million each yet the golf club is $150 million to buy, any tips?
  17. could any one tell me if you cancel a pre order do you get the money back?
  18. Is There A Money Cheat For Gta 4 Cause I Need Paper Holla Back If U Know Sumin For Ya Boy!
  19. Once you open up the ability to use "Bruski's Scrapyard", oh boy, it's big time MONEY!!! And unlike other "Get Rich Quick" scheme's, this one works! Travel to Bruski's Scrapyard (at the top of the map, big "B"). Once you're there, drive the car you drove there in, into the car compactor. BaM! $400 something dollars. YOu'll notice some model car sitting there to the left of the compactor. Grab it, drive the track around the whole scrapyard, and when you see the compactor again, voila!!! a new car has taken the place of the one you just broke into and drove around the scrapyard in!!!! This absolutely works every time, and you will see different models of cars show up after you drive around the track. That route was the shortest I could find, but technically you may not even have to drive that far. I used to drive farther and steal other cars, until I figured this out and then felt dumb and like I had wasted a bunch of time. Sure you can get other cars which pay more, but this way last easily under a minute. In no time you'll have many thousands of dollars. I'm at $50,000 something right now. HOPE YOU ENJOY! :Bounce: p.s. forgot to add you can't compact cars that came with your garage, it won't except them, that and I can't get huge cars to fit into the compactor either .
  20. Personally i feel a bit eh, im not sure if i like the game or not. Had some random joining my game and all of a sudden my biggest fear about this game was answered, the fucking camera is awful :/ Demo was quite long and it looked alright in alot of other areas, gameplay wise i found it alright. Not really impressed by the fucking talking, if i wanted a game with a good story id go play Bioshock or any other rpg, not a A-rpg. But yea coop is basically Fable 2, i expected it to be somewhat fun in 4 player but basically being annoying as a motherfucker due to the camera
  21. I've done all the cups now, the only thing i gotta do is like 20 more event missions, but they don't really pay much. I have the casino but I don't know how to play poker, so i can't make money through that, and the slot mchines pay some, but not much. Any help anybody?? How have you made money after the cups????
  22. I cant' check the DLC: "Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack" in the achievment list! Does anyone else got the same problem and how do you fix it? Thx
  23. If you complete your 1'st playthrough will your levels, combo cards, zombrex and money be transfered to your 2'nd playthrough? Right now i'm going to give Katey her last Zombrex before i start 6-1, but so far i'm in level 14, miss like 30 combo cars, got 5 zombrex, and i only got 3 millions. And if my money doesn't get transfered, will i could reach the 6 millions and spend them within my 1'st playthrough is done? I've read that my SUV will be in my next playthrough, however i couln't find any information about combo cars and money. And then the last question; what happens if you don't give Katey her Zombrex and if you don't do the case files? I'm thinking about killing the 72k zombies in my 2'nd playthrough.
  24. Ok...... So i just bought a Gold Players pack with the new In-Forms and stuff, and it said "Transaction failed, Please try again later" So I went back, and it worked. I thought nothing of it, and went on to buy a Gold premium pack. As it said "Please Wait....", as soon as it downloaded i got disconnected from the EA servers. I go back onto Ultimate Team immediately after, and the NEW ITEMS menu didn't come up? I've been disconnected before and they came up the next time i went on FUT. I've checked and it's taken my points too. What can I do? Is there anything I can do?? Can I get the contents of the pack or my points back?? EDIT: Ahhh i just went back on to the store again and it gave me my pack.
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