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  1. I would like to open this thread for those who need help with online play, add me cause Im ready for any game type, especially or Insane Horde and Beast modes, also I tried the other setting, "Sessions", never worked for me, so this is the only other way
  2. Hi guys, new to the website and to the ghost buster game. Went to get the multiplayer achievements but no one is on it. If any one wants to boost to get them give me a shout.
  3. Hello all. Apologies for another one of these in the forum but I could not access any of the current posts about this as they appear closed. I was wondering if anyone is looking to get this achievement or is willing to help me get this achievement. I was looking to do as this site suggests and attempt the Special Stage as it states it is arguably the quickest to do this under (http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/sonic-the-hedgehog-2-arcade/achievement/8513-Xbox-Live-Racer.html). I am happy to do the others if you wish. I am willing to take turns at the win so if you have not gained this achievement we can both get it. Reply to this post if you are able to help. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone still play multiplayer on these games? There are achievements (all the multiplayer ones) I need and could do with some help, hmu😜
  5. im looking someone who also needs te doom online achiefments i kill you till pop up and then you me or the other way around if waited for 4 hours and no1 started playing so if you want achiefments to just pm me or add me knikkerpikker hope to hear from you greatz jp
  6. Just like the title says, able to go on any time every day, happy to help out with your achievements.
  7. Anyone fancy horde? Add me... Hufflehoudini
  8. Does anyone have details on this? Is the non-Story-Mode North Hall map available for purchase/download/barter, or do you just need to be lucky enough to end up in the room of the guy who created it to play it? I've only seen it once (my game guru was playing, not me) and it looked fantastic! Any info greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Is anyone else having lag issues with the multiplayer? Both the versus and the co-op will stutter every couple seconds. Sure hope there is a way to fix this issue but I'm not sure if I'm the only one.
  10. To anyone interested, I am looking for someone to do the online achievements for Buku Sudoku with, since there is never anyone on its multiplayer. Add me on Xbox Live and send me a message letting me know you are looking to do this. Thanks in advance to anyone interested, and I look forward to getting this done with you. NCF7
  11. I Preordered it i personally cannot wait til it comes out.Even though i will be in school,I will be the first one out of that parking lot on the way to gamestop!
  12. Hey guys, sorry if this has been posted already, but I'm looking specifically for Aussie's to boost, it seems impossible to connect properly, and that's if I even find a match. If you're interested, hit me up --> GT: LegendIsReal Thanks chums =)
  13. is driving me INSANE! Anyone who wants to play properly and actually help each other get the achievement add me up. Ryeangle.
  14. Any peeves or excitement about the new AC game coming out?
  15. I just finished a Wanted Multiplayer game where with less than 10 seconds left to go, I was 3rd - about 200 points behind 1st. I then got a 400 point kill with about 4 seconds left and the game ended straight away after the kill. I realized I was now 1st - get in there I thought, waiting for the "Stronger Closer" achievement to pop ... but it didn't - WHAT THE HELL!! Why no cheevo?!?! I fulfilled the requirements!!! Has this happened to anyone else? The achievement says: Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of a session and go on to win (Multiplayer Only). The guide says that you take to lead WITHIN the last 10 seconds.
  16. When I'm in a menu, like when you press a to respawn, sometimes it just doesn't seem to register, and I end up pressing a about ten times to respawn. And same when I'm sprinting, or at least trying to, I just end up stopping and starting meaning I can't get anywhere fast and end up being sniped. Anybody else have these problems or is it time I replace my controller? (after only 4 days of use)
  17. This will be constantly updated. -Hi everybody. VERY glad you made it. - It's been a challenging day but the payoff is here. I hope you like what you hear. I will do my best to keep everything up to date. If you miss anything, do not worry -- there are TONS of media here and they will all report every detail. - If you're new to the site, it's usually not as crazy as it was today, but thanks for coming Right now, the press is outside and being led toward the theater. They've been given some...liquid refreshments. - The drink of the evening is a Brown Derby -- bourbon, grapefruit juice, and honey. Never heard of it before, but I will want one again - Feel free to RT whatever URL you got that worked for you! The server is top-notch now -- we went through some very major upgrades to make this happen. So let's take advantage of it - I am getting reports that the site has crashed. but I think it's just slow. - The press is coming in. We're in the IMAX theater at the California Science Center. Jeff Gertsmann is sitting in front of me - Folks are being reminded that there is no video in this portion of the evening. Plenty later, though. The camera crews have been taping the entire reception and the presentation will be more of a dissemination of information - [Comment From gabbas82] Are you going to have any video footage dan? - No video at this presentation does not mean no video, so do not worry - Dan Amrich/OneOfSwords: "Ladies and gentlemen, there is NO VIDEO RECORDING of the presentation. Thank you." There's the official word - Right now there's a giant image of the COD Black Ops poster, the guy sitting with the pistols, on the IMAX screen. HUGE - Back in Black by AC/DC kicks it off when the lights dim - Daniel Suarez, Exec Producer of the game for Activision, is going over the ground rules - No questions during the presentation, but they will do Q&A later, he says - Media have specific appointments, and they are packed, so everybody will be fine...as long as they go in time! - No embargo in effect! That means I can report everything as it happens - We want you to see it all." - gain a reminder not to video record in this theater, and there WILL BE an official video on callofduty.com in the coming days - Mark Lamia, studio head of Treyarch, takes the stage - "What an honor is to have people come from all over the world to be here tonight." - They refocused the entire studio to do this game. "We basically went all in." - "Let's get right down to it. We've never been more fired up than we are this year. This team, since the beginning of development, has poured their heart and souls into making the best damn game we've ever done." - The Black Ops guys “were the best of the best, they had the freedom to choose their weapons and gadgetry that they took on their missions. They could customize their loadouts for each mission, and it couldn’t have been a better fit for what we wanted to do for multiplayer.” - What you're going to see tonight is entirely new altogether for Call of Duty multiplayer." - Vahn: "What the f***'s goin' on! They told me not to say that." - Compete, Customize and Create -- the three pillars, says Bunting - Starting with Competition -- "it's fierce, it's rugged -- but ultimate very satisfying. And we are bringing tons of new weapons, killstreaks, perks to give them what they need on the battlefield." - Dan is playing a live unrehearsed game. "Hopefully I don't suck." - Choosing an SMG class - Snow level with radar dish -- I believe it's called Summit - Dan has not died yet. That's good. - Promoted to level 2! LOL - Bunting just DOVE THROUGH A WINDOW. Like, I mean, dove. - He's playing a live game in Combat Training, a new mode with bots - WiFi is flaky - Create a Class -- you see your character on this screen because Park 1 has an impact on how your look in the game. If you are Ghost, you wear a ghillie. If you take flak jacket, it's shown and you take less explosive damage. - Lethal, Tactical, Equipment -- you choose. All things you throw that are lethal go on right bumper, all things that are tactical go into your left bumper. - Equipment: Camera Spike, C4, Tactical Insertion, Motion Sensor, Claymore - Killstreaks - "You cannot make a COD game without bringing a bunch of crazy awesome new killstreaks." -Bunting - Many of the new Killstreaks have some layer of player interaction -- they wanted them to be more interactive - Video of Death Machine and Grim Reaper killstreaks. Death Machine is an epuc gatlight. Grim Reaper is a rocket launcher - Napalam Strike and our friend the RC-XD are up now - Gunship (death from above), Mortar Team, and SAM Turret -- set it up, take out the airborne attacks automatically - Vahn: "Something you don't know about me -- I love money. I like to buy what I want when I want." - Bunting: "That's bs, you usually gamble your money away in vegas." - Vahn: Every time you play, you ear COD Points -- CP. What you used to unlock by level is now purchasable with the in-game currency. Unlock what you want when you want - Contracts are time-limited challenges you buy and get more CP if you finish them. "Using any combination of stats, we can make any kind of Contracts we want, and can change them at any time." Mercenary, Operations, and Specialist contracts - "Make the investment in your own play style and then get paid for doing so" - Wager Match - a new game type. Put your COD Points against other players and the top three people get paid in the match - 4 FFA game types for Wage - Seperate from standard progression - Top three are "in the money" - One in the Chamber: everybody has one bullet. If you kill someone, you get their bullet. If you miss, you have to knife them. You have 3 lives - Pistols only for that one bullet BTW - Sticks and Stones - Crossbow, tomahawk and ballistic knife. If you hit witht he tomahawk, you bankrupt them - Gun Game -- straight from the community. Series of progressive weapons. Every kill moves you one in level of weapon -- pistol, two pistols, shotty, etc - Sharp Shooter is the 4th type. All players start with the same random weapon, and then the weapons all change at intervals. Everybody is always equal with the weapons - Wager Matches “create natural tension…and it’s really fun to take someone’s money.” -Vahn - CUSTOMIZE. Pillar 2. "This is my weapon, this is my gun." You can customize your weapon so it looks the way you want it to look -- new camo patterns, and you place your emblem on it, customize your red dot sight - Killcams reflect this so you will know exactly who shot you just by seeing their weapon. Video showing different gun customizations - Medley/montage of different levels and different guns - Change the color of the reticle -- red dot doesn't have to be red or a dot - Snow levels, jungle levels, urban areas...it is COD after all - Guided missile launcher - CREATE, pillar three. The emblem editor and the theater are two large examples - Emblem editor – images, layers, and a background. You change the scale, move, color, rotate, all that stuff. Create layers, then purchase the option with COD points to put it on your gun - A funny internal bug -- passing around the funny video -- led to the creation of theater. One engineer said "that's impossible" and they did it anyway -- and that engineer is a huge fan of theater - Xbox Live - Inside Xbox will have a video tomorrow that features theater mode. We are seeing the final edited Inside Xbox clip right now - See? Video! - All Live games can be played back, searched, tagged, everything. The footage is yours - "Now it's your turn." I think we are adjourning to play MP - Yes, we are, because Vahn just cursed again -- "Let's go play some effing multiplayer!" This place is gonna clear out FAST. - The rest of the night will apparently be interviews, Twitters, blogs, and multiplayer sessions. - [Comment From Jonathan Osti] LOL GUN GAME? So they copied it from the Mod games? - No, the community came up with it and said "we want this" and they listened. - That's it. No word about zombies, no word about a beta. All the chatter I've heard about beta has come from outside Treyarch anyway, so I'd temper your expectations accordingly. - I do not know many of the things you are asking -- what is the highest killstreak, etc -- because that's what the face to face interviews are for. These details will likely come out in all the media reports over the next day or so - [Comment From Kevin Porter] gun game is really popular in Counter Strike: Source.. a game tailored to fanboys. no wonder its coming to CoD - Yeah, well, it sounds fun, guys. Stop with the hating. The FPS community came up with it, and if it's fun here, I don't see the problem. - They've been very open about where Gun Game came from. - Everything else will come out from the media outlets and screenshots and videos -- Activision will be releasing some new footage and several crews are here to get direct feed as well - Also there are several community representatives from fansites, and they will be covering it as well. - So...I guess now it's a matter of watching callofduty.com as well as like every other gaming site in the world. Details will follow. - BTW, someone got caught taping and they are forcing him to dump his footage. They were not kidding. - I'm heading over to the multiplayer area now. I doubt I'll get to play but, really, I'm last in line at an event like this! - Thank you for attending and thank you for putting up with all the tech hassles I had today -- this blog should be viewable after it's concluded, once the server works itself out. - Oh bye there
  18. Hey, im in my final final before the achievement unlocks and everyone keeps quitting when i win, so if anyone has a spare minute, could they join my game and let me win? Obviously then i'll help you...Cheers, hope to hear off someone aha.
  19. is there a way to find out if older games have or are about to have their servers shut down? I hate having a game on my profile that just cannot be completed, achievement-wise because online support has been shut down. I'm all about my completion percentage. TA has an icon on 5 Tiger Woods 08 cheeves saying "discontinued because of server shutdown" but I didn't see that until after I bought it on the cheap at GS. For instance, I have Army of Two on my shelf, never played. I don't even want to put it in my machine because I've heard rumors servers are shutting down Jan 1. Other rumors say april. Same with Condemned2: Bloodshot. I'd rather trade em than play without even a chance to get 100%. any help would be appreciated.
  20. So, as we are seeing more and more today, games have multiplayer achievements, usually dealing with "Ranked" matches and wins or following an experiance system within the game. I have a few general questions about "ranked" matches as I don't play online super often... these are just general broad range questions, so different games may have different answers ... if you are going to reply to my questions, please specify which game you are talking about and what question it coincides with. Thanks, and hopefully this will help other people (like me) who are in the dark. Ok, now here are the questions: -How is experiance generally earned? Winning? Kills? Playing online often? -If you gain levels from this experiance, can you lose your levels? -Do games put you into games with people near your rank? Or is it simply something that shows you play often? -Do ranks degrade with time or consequentive loses? IE. You lose a lot, you go down ranks...? Those are the questions I have, but if you have any specific questions or others you want to ask ... feel free to post them here and hopefully this gets popular enough for it to be answered.
  21. I have been playing the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer a lot recently because it is fantastic. But after playing one match and the next starting up, my HUD had gone (the picture of your target and other things in the top right corner), my compass is still there, but my points and stuff don't show up, neither does the stuff I mentioned in the brackets. Have I pressed something I shouldn't? Help? I have tried the HUD section in the Options but nothing solved my problem. Cheers, Joe.
  22. Just obtained a copy of Undead Nightmare...anyone especially feel like showing a young neophyte the ropes in co-op/multiplayer? ; )
  23. Will probably pick this up during Christmas and it will be a family thing. My question is: for multi-player games, how well does the technology cope with say one tall person (me = 6'1") and a shorter person (my youngest is 6 years old) for example? Anyone got any experience of this or similar issues?
  24. see title. will there be multiplayer, maybe not for the campaign, but how about arcade/fight till dawn? that would be so great! i dont like playing firefight-type games alone... but ya, any type of multiplayer would be accepted!
  25. Almost all in the title. I wanted to create a list/thread of games with 'reasonable'* multiplayer achievements--because there's already ones for 1k offline and impossible games. It's for people like me (and probably the rest of the community) who don't mind spending time online for a complete achievements but don't want to get bogged down by all the GRAWs out there. When you add a game to the thread please describe or list the achievements. *By 'reasonable', I'm leaving it up to your own interpretation. Somethings are easier for some people. If a game requires an online pass please say so. My own contributions: Rage: There's two multiplayer achievements (not counting their version of Spec-Op). One for playing a game online, and another for winning a game online. It took me two matches. It's pretty easy once you get a hang of it. Dead Rising 2: Win an Event, Win an Episode, Win all Events. Just takes practice, luck, maybe acouple tips, and a good group. Took me a day or two.
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