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  1. I've been playing red dead redemption and I noticed a lot of achievements require you to play online. Usually when I try to play online however I get an annoying (Cannot connect to other players* message and it just keeps popping up. I read this is a problem for many players, but I want to see what other people say about the topic.
  2. hwy guys picked up this game as its on offer this week (13/01/15) I was wondering if anyone would help get the online achievements with me? Leave your gamer tag or add me :naffantait
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought the Sonic 3 game and I can not play while I'm online... I don't care about online record board, but when I unlock an achievement is not registering the date when I obtain it because the game think Im offline, But I'm Online and my internet is fine... And when I try to get back online on the Xbox menu while the game playing the game, it think it is an connection error... Is this a problem because Sega close its servers or something like that? Is any way to fix this?... Thanks for you time.
  4. Recently picked up Gears of War 3 & of course love it but I also hate the online, Let me explain below I hate it that your "Team mates" are rambos & get them selfs killed more then anything, I always stick with someone because it's smarter to stay in twos because of revivals & such. When I'm playing against random people they never seem to pick team mates up when they're standing right next to them =.=. So my first point/question is that is anyone looking to start a good based team that use team work to get ahead? The game is much better that way. Incase people think I suck alone I don't, I used to but I've gotten myself smart tactics that give me more kills then death 95% of the time. Second question being what's been your worst moment on any Gears o war online, Mines slowly become the shawn off shot gun, people use it way too much. I apologize if this is a lot to read.
  5. hey everyone, i am a casual gamer, but love it like the hardcores lol! I dont have very many games for my 360 right now (gears, gears 2, and gears 3) but I am looking to find new friends online to play with, kinda get my online skills goin, since I dont play too much online (but really want too). If you wanna know anything about me, feel free to ask, and I would love some new xbox friends, since right now I really only have a few family members.... Well I better tell u a little about myself, since this is an intro to me....I am 24, a single mother, a full time business manager, and I live on the west coast. I love to play my video games when I have time, playing basketball, snowboarding, and just playing with my daughter are some of my favorite things to do. I collect Jordan shoes, movies and shotglasses, and am lucky enough to have a great paying, full time job in todays economy. I would love to meet some new people on here, and hopefully get some new gamer friends too!
  6. Will the servers for NCAA football 10 ever come back? Like will it come back for a weekend or something? And is it possable to get the season showdown achievements with the servers down?
  7. Yo, I need 3 players to play through campaign on Insane difficulty. Gamertag -- T Br33zy F Baby, message me
  8. I want to get summoned to reduce the faith requirement for the sunlight covenant but like many others I wait for hours with my white sign on the ground and nothing happens. I am on NG+ and my soullevel is 86. I can easily level up but I don't know if my sl is too low or too high... What do you guys think? I placed my sign in front of Ornstein & smough, nito, gaping dragon and wolf sif and at each place I waited at least half an hour. I was summoned ONCE to fight nito... That's it :/
  9. when i start a pro club game i recieve lag for about 40 mins game time lag its a really slow lag and you cant control your men . Has anyone else recieved this ?
  10. hey I was wondering, is it possible for the online titles to glitch? I only need 7 more titles for them all ( absolute perfection = 501 wins? and the 6 'ace' titles = endings with X% hp left) the thing is, i'm on 1600 wins about now, what should meet the requirements. So is it possible for these titles to glitch? I dont know if this has someting to do with it, but i only have 1 time over victory. I would really apreciate the help if someone could shed some light on this.
  11. Is there any way for me and a friend to play online using edited players? We have both just edited teams that were already in the game (changed the players names, attributes, the teams name and kit etc) But when we play all of the players names and likenesses are just reset to default (but we can see our own teams edited name and badge but not eachothers) also when in the team selection screen we scroll all the way right and cannot select user data*, please help!!
  12. Ohhh how i wish i could get 1000G of a Guitar hero Game, ive come so close too many times, and i desperately wanted to get 1000G off of The Newest One, Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. But, as usual there are not enough players playing in online quickplay or competitive matches, and because of these People, i and many others are being denied our achievements that we all worked hard for.
  13. is there a way to find out if older games have or are about to have their servers shut down? I hate having a game on my profile that just cannot be completed, achievement-wise because online support has been shut down. I'm all about my completion percentage. TA has an icon on 5 Tiger Woods 08 cheeves saying "discontinued because of server shutdown" but I didn't see that until after I bought it on the cheap at GS. For instance, I have Army of Two on my shelf, never played. I don't even want to put it in my machine because I've heard rumors servers are shutting down Jan 1. Other rumors say april. Same with Condemned2: Bloodshot. I'd rather trade em than play without even a chance to get 100%. any help would be appreciated.
  14. So, as we are seeing more and more today, games have multiplayer achievements, usually dealing with "Ranked" matches and wins or following an experiance system within the game. I have a few general questions about "ranked" matches as I don't play online super often... these are just general broad range questions, so different games may have different answers ... if you are going to reply to my questions, please specify which game you are talking about and what question it coincides with. Thanks, and hopefully this will help other people (like me) who are in the dark. Ok, now here are the questions: -How is experiance generally earned? Winning? Kills? Playing online often? -If you gain levels from this experiance, can you lose your levels? -Do games put you into games with people near your rank? Or is it simply something that shows you play often? -Do ranks degrade with time or consequentive loses? IE. You lose a lot, you go down ranks...? Those are the questions I have, but if you have any specific questions or others you want to ask ... feel free to post them here and hopefully this gets popular enough for it to be answered.
  15. how do i pause the game when i need to get/do something while online? thanks for any help
  16. edit - please remove
  17. Congratulations, proud owner of WFC. If you are reading this then you probably play this game. Are you stuck on an achievement? Need to unlock prime mode? Never fear friends, because on the 28th, Transformers War for Cybertron is released to the masses on Games on Demand on Xbox 360. Say hello to more multiplayer buddies.
  18. I really don't know how to describe this, but while going for the 75 online wins I had a boosting partner and we did over 20 games where we would get to half time and quit. A few games later we go to quick match ranked and try to select a team with the other person in the menu with me and the game stalls and closes the session. If anyone knows anything about this, it would be helpful, since we cannot boost with each other
  19. It's bad enough she's the most uninteresting character in the game, and just a female clone of Goro IMO, but when scrubs online spam her stupid telestomp, it drives me insane. I play online ranked tag matches mostly and once in a while I come across these kids. This one guy actually had the balls to give me shit for picking Scorpion and Sub-Zero and was like "ohh an all-star cast here, I wonder what you're gunna' do, teleport with Scorpion?" Meanwhile he picks Sheeva and Raiden and does NOTHING but teleport the entire match both of them. Keep in mind he picked his characters before me so he wasn't doing it to bust balls, he was just being a typical spammer. For one, I pick characters I like and know how to use, regardless of how popular and overused they are by other people. And two, I don't spam moves. I can usually handle these bad kids online who think they can just spam their way to a win, but once in a while you get that kid who uses Sheeva AND has horrible laggy connection, and that combo is just too much for me. It fucks up my timing when I'm trying to jump kick that bitch out of the air. The last match I had was exactly this. Complete bullshit, and it fucks up my streak. They should just take Sheeva out of the game, she's broken and no one likes her, ever. No one who picks knows ANY other special moves or combos with her, I've yet to face someone who didn't just spam her telestomp. On a side note, I've never backed out or dashboarded a ranked match, but someone did it to me once and it counted as a disconnection but not a loss. So even though I won by default, the disconnection stopped my streak. Really?! These online achievements will be the death of me I swear. I love you NRS, but why do you have to put these bullshit achievements in the game?!
  20. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this damned issue, but I have only been able to play ONE XBOX Live game online of Mortal Kombat so far. Every single match has disconnected me or dropped since, most of the time, it doesn't even get past the player select screen. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me? I've got a very superior internet connection and have absolutely ZERO problem playing any of my other games online. I tried multiple times today at different times for at least an hour, and I have the same problem every time. Hell, I can't even get a single solitary ranked match to load. Anyone have any suggestions? Please give me a shout if you can help!!
  21. Terriah

    Girl Gamers

    Okay, so this seems to be a popular topic, regarding girls that play games. Most users don't seem to care what gender the other players are, however, some players (most likely a minority) can just be plain arses when it comes to dealing with females online. Since the topic in the Welcome Section has had so much attention, I thought it might be an idea to open up a topic where other women and men can fairly discuss their experiences of playing online, the opinion towards stereotypes and the 'girl gamer' name, as well as any other connected topics. So, discuss!
  22. so that i may look at the move list as i play, has anybody found an online move list or know of any online guides that are more than the bare basics?
  23. Hey, I just purchased and completed Bioshock 1 and 2 so I could get into the series in time for "Infinite". I was ready to start playing Bioshock 2 online to get the last achievements but I got a message saying something along the lines of: "Your gamer-profile wont allow you to play online" I've still got 14 months left of my Xbox Live Gold and I'm able to go online with every other game I have except this one. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? Is Bioshock 2 still played by an active community?
  24. Almost all in the title. I wanted to create a list/thread of games with 'reasonable'* multiplayer achievements--because there's already ones for 1k offline and impossible games. It's for people like me (and probably the rest of the community) who don't mind spending time online for a complete achievements but don't want to get bogged down by all the GRAWs out there. When you add a game to the thread please describe or list the achievements. *By 'reasonable', I'm leaving it up to your own interpretation. Somethings are easier for some people. If a game requires an online pass please say so. My own contributions: Rage: There's two multiplayer achievements (not counting their version of Spec-Op). One for playing a game online, and another for winning a game online. It took me two matches. It's pretty easy once you get a hang of it. Dead Rising 2: Win an Event, Win an Episode, Win all Events. Just takes practice, luck, maybe acouple tips, and a good group. Took me a day or two.
  25. I've been Wanting this game for quite some time now and just recently I found out that it has co-op, but I was wondering what do you do in co-op online and offline?
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