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Found 18 results

  1. My xbox 360 won't allow me to join my friends games or for them to join mine but we can still be in a party together. I'm not sure if this is a common occurence but I've searched most places for an answer but I can't find one. HELP!
  2. Hey guys, so i turned on the box, grabbed 2 paddles and 2 guitars and played a game of destruction derby on blur to get the Party Trick achievement. Here is the problem tho, in the sticker menu there is a big ass "?" and an "incomplete" for Party Trick. Im thinking this will affect completionist type achievements like Legend or something (im not fully informed about the chieves as i write this). Anyone else have this problem? I will of course try it again to get the sticker as im sure it may have just buggered out.
  3. Use this thread in order to trade online achievements with other forum members.
  4. On Live I cannot connect to a few of my friends party and vice versa. All of our NATs are open but we still have conflicting network issues. It is not game related because it happens on the xbox live party system. Basically, when I try to join my friends party, or he tries to join mine, we get a message that says "Unable to connect to Xbox Live Party, there may be network issues. Your NAT is OPEN which is the most flexible." That is the gist of the message we all get. Any ideas?
  5. [ame= ] [/ame] around 1:10 the guy cycles through the playlists and the party chat option is highlighted in gold underneath the players name. the matches are not worth watching but this info is. sorry tactile people, but now i can let go of this issue. and i'm sorry if this was already known. i didn't.
  6. Hey, Is anyone up for some plasma pistol only games in Matchmaking evenings this week, PDT? I'm trying to max out the commendation which is pretty difficult when everyone uses DMR/melee. The setup would be: get a full party, play normally, anyone who starts using heavier weapons gets booted. I posted this on Waypoint and got the result you'd expect - pedantry, hall monitor bs, and a waste of time.
  7. This game could and WILL take SOME (a lot of) time to get most of the chevo's as most of the time the "Host (Cookie Masterson)" will talk ALOT and you can NOT fast forward him (most of the time). There is a total of 1000G in this Game You will need to FINISH ALL EPISODES, to SAVE[] your “Wrong answers of the game” Before you begin, disconnect your xbox from XBOX LIVE ( disconnect the xbox from your router, or modem ) and (DO NOT RECONNECT UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED THE FIRST EPISODE) change the date to JULY 4th To get: "Turncoat" :Play on July4th instead of celebrating America, 10G I also suggest that you play this game on a friday or saturday night as one of the chevo’s is: “Social Outcast” : Finish 5 single-player games on Friday or Saturday nights. ( The easiest way, is to play episode 1 over and over again, BUT between each play – you can exit to the dashboard and start again OR- change the date on you console to the next Friday or Saturday ) You can get your First chevo just for creating a player: “Birth Certificate” : Create a contestant 5G Here you play the first episode and follow the answer sheet to get ALL the CORRECT answers as quickly as you can, ignoring the "WRONG answer of the game" (just for this episode). If you are able to correctly answer ALL the questions, the DisOrDat , and the Jack Attack (as fast as you can) you should get a :eek:TOTAL OF 170 - 185G in the first episode alone. “DisOrDat Participation Award” : Complete DisOrDat in 30 seconds, 5G “DisorDat Destroyer” : Answer all 7 DisOrDat items correctly,15G “DisOrDash” : Ace a DisOrDat in under 10 seconds, 30G “Button Banger” : Get a multiple choice question right in the first 2 seconds, 15G “Genius for a Day” : Score at least $30,000 over your average, 30G “Vidiot Savant” : Get every question right in an episode, 50G & “It's Just More of This” : Finish an episode, 5G & ”Overconsumer” : Listen to all the commercials during the credits, 20G NOTE:If you ARE NOT in a DisOrDat, or a JACK ATTACK waste a bit of time and let the clock run down to UNDER 00:59 (less than a second left) and pick the correct answer to get : “Smelt the Roses” : Get a multiple choice question right in the last 1 second. 15G -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play the first episode AGAIN, just like the first time you played BUT this time you want to get ALL the incorrect answers (ignore “The WRONG ANSWER of THE GAME” as fast as you can to get “Quick-Draw McDumbass”: Choose wrong answer within the first 3 seconds 10 times. (this may need to be done in a combo with two(2) questions). NOTE : EXAMPLE: if you were to PLAY EPISODE 1 of the disc, and get to Question 8, you can only answer [A], or [X] ( because , is the correct answer, and [Y] is “the Wrong answer of the Game” UNTIL you get to the JACK ATTACK (round 3), here you will need to ignore everything – JUST PRESS “[A]” as fast as you can, if you’re fast enough you MAY reach the -$1.000.000 (yes that’s MINUS) to get you will need to press it FAST and TONNES of times, because each incorrect answer is only worth -$4000, and you need to reach -$1.000.000) : “Slack Attack” : Get -$1 million on a Jack Attack 37G -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is where you, save the game and EXIT to dashboard and change your clock settings back to the correct date - and RECONNECT to Xbox LIVE, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You should now create a NEW CONTESTANT, as your old one is in the (minus) -$1.000.000 area. Just following the answer sheet(s) will net you most of the chevo’s ,including the Jack Pack DLC’s , if you have All four (4) you can get 20 chevo’s (five for each DLC pack – please see the bottom of the page for DLC content) :eek:NOTE : XBOX LIVE can NOT be paused, even if you remove the batteries from the controllers. Achievements you can get either single player, or multiplayer(including xbox live): “Discover Gauntlet of Fire “ : find the very important gauntlet of fire, “100,000aire!” : Earn $100,000 lifetime “500,000aire!” : Earn $500,000 lifetime, “Unicorn” : Achieve the highest gamer rating, “One Teat Short of an Udder” :Achieve the second-highest rating, “Mouth-Breather”: Achieve the third-highest rating, “Perfect Attendance” : Play episodes 1-73, “Consolation Achievement” : Play 5 hours without getting a single achievement, (you maybe able to just leave for system on and leave it for those five hours, it worked for me( i had to run out for a bit in the middle of a game, and when i got home THERE it was) “Film in Your Brain”: Get 10 movie questions correct (excluding downloadable content), “The Game's Half Full” : Play episodes 1-36, “The Game's Half Empty” : Play episodes 1-37, “Phatty” : Get 10 food questions correct (excluding downloadable content), “The Regis” : Earn $1,000,000 lifetime point, “Beast Master” : Get 10 animal questions correct (excluding downloadable content), “Living in the Past” : Get 10 history questions correct (excluding downloadable content), “Great Crowd” : Laugh at an easy joke, BUT you also need to pick the “WRONG ANSWER OF THE GAME” (the red letter) for every episode to get : “Back Taxes” : Win all prizes in Episodes 1-73. (this is quite easy as well, all you really have to do, is play the game getting all the correct answers EXCEPT - when you reach the question WITH the "wrong answer of the game"you press that one instead) Multiplayer/XBOX LIVE Achievements : “Jack Attack Dog”: Get all 7 Jack Attack questions correct in a multiplayer game without messing up, “Taking It from Behind” : Come from behind to win during the Jack Attack, (best way, - make sure "YOUR" score is lower BUT close to the other players, when you get to the "JACK ATTACK" make sure you get more if not all answers correct then the other player,OR other player can just get incorrect answers on purpose) “Menage-a-Quatre” : Complete a 4-player match on Xbox LIVE, “Always a Bridesmaid” : Come in second place 5 times in multiplayer games, (if playing 2 players, just always come in second for 5 episodes – 3 and four player games are a bit harder, but can be done), “My First Time” : Screw someone for the first time, “Virtual Virgin” : Answer correctly after being screwed 5 times (you get screwed by another player, BUT all 5 times you answer correctly) “Enscrewsiast” : Screw 50 times, “Lose to a Loser” : Lose an Xbox LIVE match to someone with a rating at or below Dullard, “Beat a Winner” : Beat someone with a rating of Unicorn in an Xbox LIVE Match. Those LAST two you have to watch your CONTESTANTS STANDINGS, pay attention to when you or someone else is at the “DULLARD” & “UNICORN” levels. I had it set up with someone, they were even lower then a Dullard, I was Near Unicorn – I beat them, and I reached “UNICORN” they beat me. IT WORKED, they got “beat the Winner” and I got the “Lose to a loser”.
  8. We formed a lil boosting party to clean this up and none of us could unlock anything. Besides the usual sacrifizzle and slippery pull, we coulnd't get tank stumble, jumping jack smash, smash hit, barrel rolled, chaos generator...nothing. I know i got many of these in social situations before. What gives now?
  9. Nazi Zombie Triple Birthday So myself and two friends decided to have a themed birthday party to share since all of our birthdays fall in February. The theme: Call of Duty's Zombie mode. We went all out of decorations, games, drinks, etc. Black Ops playing on the big screen all night (with drinking rules below) Mystery box with my roommate's embarassing teddy bear (see pictures) Playlist of metal, rock, or horror-related music Turned a trash barrel into a radioactive keg with a smoke machine inside, pouring out the top Blacklight paint (red) for various blood effects on the walls Blacklight paint (yellow for gun and equipment outlines on walls "Brain Juice" served out of a punch bowl via food syringes (see pictures) T-Virus shots courtesy of Dorkly.com Turned our refrigerator into a Juggernog machine (see pictures) Turned our toilet into a Quick Revive machine Boarded up the windows with cardboard made to look like wood All guests were asked to dress as zombies while the three of us were dressed as survivors. Black Ops Drinking Rules We didn't want to get people too trashed by taking a drink for every kill or headshot, so we came up with what we thought we be best: When you and your partner die, you both lose the controllers One sip for each round finished One sip for buying a weapon One sip for buying ammo / explosives One sip for buying perks / Pack-a-Punch One sip for using the mystery box Teddy bear - finish your drink! Nuke, Carpenter, Insta-Kill, Double Points, Max Ammo, and Firesale are all social drinks (everyone drinks, even spectators) Pictures [spoiler=666] Juggernog Refrigerator / Boarded Windows Mystery Box Blacklights / Gun Purchases "Blood Juice" and Food Syringes ...And down it goes!
  10. If so, please message me. The ONLY achievements I don't have are those for the map pack, and I have never seen a match with them available, so I'm guessing not many people that do are on anymore. My trial ends in a day and a half, so if it's possible to set up a boosting party before then, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you. Gamertag: Haven Regene
  11. http://i.imgur.com/GKIFAuW.png Thanks to Mr Chaotix for the awesome banner. Roadmap Overview Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 2/10 Offline: 0 (0:gsicon:) Online: 20 (1000:gsicon:) Approximate Amount of Time to 1000: 5-10 hours Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 60 (50 of YDKJ 2015, 1 of Fibbage XL, 1 of Drawful, 3 of Lie Swatter, 3 of Word Spud) Number of Missable Achievements: None Glitchy Achievements: None Unobtainable Achievements: None Extra Equipment Needed?: PC, Tablet or Phone DLC Achievements?:None
  12. For those complaining about the party chat function please look in to this. [/url] https://voxli.com/ No downloads. Nothing. Just browser voice chat. I haven't used it yet, but its something instead of whining. Of course there is always. http://www.skype.com/intl/en/
  13. I've tried as many different ways as I can, and I can not store the Battle Bus at an Air Drop. It just keeps saying "Vehicle Not Stored -Battle Bus: Turreted Vehicle-" Any other vehicle stores just fine. Anybody try this and have the same problems? Also, the Battle Bus IS in the List of Vehicles if you request a Vehicle Drop. But in order to request it, you have to store it first. Which seems to be impossible.
  14. My husband and I have been playing this game together on our own accounts. We both ended up getting the all event achievement so that means we both played all mini games. For some reason when we both played online with other players, I ended up getting the share achievement but for some reason it will not give it to my husband? Is anyone else having issues (or solutions) to this problem? He even played a friend alone online (on different systems) who didn't have ANY events unlocked at the time and he still didn't get it? Glitch maybe?
  15. Ok, Here's the problem: When I attempt to connect to a party on Xbox Live it reads a message "Can't connect to Party" At the moment I'm using a Century Link standard modem with open NAT, and a Belkin router, also with open NAT. So.. When I hook my 360 directly to the modem, it connects just fine. Hook it back up to the router... Can't connect. I've added the IP address of my system as well as my friends to both the router and the modem, and still its the same: I can connect directly through the modem, but not through the router. I'm now lost.. Any ideas?
  16. I have 5 (including myself) ppl that want to play this game, some have just bought it while some have played quite a bit, I am looking for a few more ppl that want to play this game as a team for fun while also aiming to get the achievements so it's like 50% fun as a group & 50% achievement grabbing. Doing this due to playing this game w/ a team of randoms sucks. If you're interested then contact my xbox live GT. Some requirements to join in though: People that value team work No crazy timezones (GMT+0 here, anything within' -/+8 is fine unless you're online when most ppl are working your time. Don't want ppl just coming on at 1am England time. Microphone needed.
  17. My boyfriend and I share a console so it would be nice to get some of the achievements out of the way playing together. We both have our own Gold accounts. Has anyone been able to get any of the online achievements playing with someone on the same console (who also has a Gold XBLive account)?
  18. Post here to find partners to play with. Make sure you include your gamertag and achievements you want to boost. Please come back and remove your post when you are done with the game.
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